Outdoor umbrellas

Outdoor umbrellas

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The garden and its importance

With the arrival of spring, you begin to feel the desire to spend your days outdoors; being tired of the winter numbness, we are eager to savor the first days of warm heat. The garden today represents a space that is designed, whenever possible, also for the houses that are in the city; it is a space in front of the house, which can also become very important if you have pets at home. The need to spend time outdoors is increasingly felt above all to break away from the hectic working life, and in this case the garden offers a small oasis of relaxation and nature close at hand.

The outdoor umbrella

The organization of a garden includes several elements, but an indispensable accessory is undoubtedly the outdoor umbrella, which represents something fundamental, especially if there are no tall trees in the garden that can create shaded areas. The size must be chosen in relation to the available space, even if the outdoor umbrellas for private spaces are always smaller than the umbrellas for public places.

Evolution over time

The first models of outdoor umbrellas were designed to recreate an environment where you can safely eat. Subsequently, with the evolution of the garden and the introduction of new elements, the umbrella also became the refreshment space after a swim in the pool, or where children can be sheltered from the sun.

Structure and variety of models

The structure is made in such a way that its square shape has proved to be the best to cover more space, its ease of use and resistance also makes it suitable for any garden. Each manufacturing company produces different lines, in terms of fabric quality and details or finishes because the market is increasingly demanding just as it happens for interior furnishings.

Value for money

The choice must be based on a classic model if a low cost is taken as a reference, but this certainly does not mean lower quality. Often the higher cost for outdoor umbrellas derives from a particular design or from the use of trendy material on the market. The supporting structure is made of wood, treated with solutions that give it greater resistance.

Correct use

The opening takes place with a lever located on the side of the axis, by reversing the movement the umbrella closes. It is an operation that must be carried out very slowly otherwise you risk breaking the tie rods and the lever loses its functionality. To ensure greater safety and stability of the opening, a small rod is also used to be inserted horizontally to lock it permanently. The wind, if very strong, could damage it, which is why closing it is an excellent habit. The support base is sold together with the outdoor umbrella or you can choose to buy it separately. It is necessary to check the coupling method between the umbrella and the base, otherwise you risk not keeping the umbrella in the right position.


Wrought iron, concrete but also plastic are shaped in such a way as to be able to support the outdoor umbrella. Wrought iron is worked in such a way as to create a square or round support, the same process is done with concrete. Plastic, on the other hand, is used to model a sort of container to be filled with sand or water, to give the umbrella greater stability. The choice of support is entirely personal since all three have been designed to allow the umbrella to be placed comfortably. The outdoor umbrella can have the entire axis or only the upper part adjustable, to orient the shaded area, thus avoiding having to move the entire structure.

Aesthetics and functionality

The choice of color, in addition to one's personal taste, must be oriented on a reasonable preference that takes into account dark colors as more protective from the sun's rays unlike very light colors. Obviously then everyone is free to make the choice they deem most suitable.

Parasol and parking space

The garden umbrella is also often used in the area where the car is parked, for the summer period. It is not recommended to use the same for the winter period, because, even if the fabric is made of a fairly resistant material, it could stain and with time even wear out. For this specific need, we choose another type of outdoor umbrella, which forms a sort of gazebo completely made of very rigid plastic. This is the same umbrella structure that is often used to take advantage of the outdoor spaces of a public place. In summer it could also turn into an area where you can have lunch, even if it is certainly not one of the most elegant models.

The points of sale

The shops that sell outdoor umbrellas usually exhibit the classic models and some innovative models. Obviously, if the chosen one is not included among these, it is better to order it in order to have the model that reflects your tastes and desires. The outdoor umbrella, at the point of sale, can also be repaired, although not all retailers offer this type of service. The function is to avoid buying a new outdoor umbrella, offering the possibility to have only the cloth replaced.

Outdoor umbrellas: garden furniture: outdoor umbrellas

Outdoor umbrellas allow you to create a shaded area in the garden when needed.

When you do not need it, you can easily close the umbrellas, without excessive bulk.

For choosing the right umbrella there are some features that you will have to take into consideration such as the material with which they are built.

There are usually three materials most used for the construction of umbrellas: wood, steel and aluminum for supports and structure

The cloth, on the other hand, can be in polyester fabrics or washable acrylic fabrics, with treatments that make them resistant to mold.

Finally, the base which is normally made of stone, concrete or steel.

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