Autochthonous: definition and meaning

Autochthonous: definition and meaning

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Autochthonous refers to an animal, plant or mineral species that was born and developed in the place where it is found, in the country where it lives.

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2 The achievements of the sciences (before the Enlightenment)

Portrait of Jean-Baptiste d'Alembert, one of the protagonists of the French Enlightenment - Source: ansa

At the base ofEnlightenment there is one historical stimulus which comes from the previous century: the company of Ancient Regime , with its old privileges, the Church with its censures that failed to stop the scientific progress of Galileo and Newton, are now anachronistic and there is a strong need for cultural change. Intellectuals have been able to understand that direct observation of natural phenomena, and the rejection of very old philosophical authorities such as Aristotle and Ptolemy, can lead to a true knowledge of reality and the world. The point is therefore this: to reject any previous dogma in order to directly observe the surrounding world in order to understand, manage and improve it. Man must be freed from everything that hinders the happiness and free expression of the individual in today's society.

Concept map on the Enlightenment

There is a need to observe the mechanisms of the current world in order to recognize and overcome them, to progress towards one condition of well-being. How can this be done? Only and exclusively through the use of reason and observation. Enlightenment it means just that: the reason enlightens the darkness of the past, and the eighteenth century is known as the "century of reason”.

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