4 easy ways to quickly remove fridge odors after the holidays

4 easy ways to quickly remove fridge odors after the holidays

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An abundance of food on New Year's Eve can lead to unpleasant odors in the refrigerator. This problem can be solved with both folk and professional cleaning products.

Wash the refrigerator with a vinegar and water solution

This tool will not only solve the problem of unpleasant odor, but also disinfect all surfaces. To prepare the solution, mix equal proportions of vinegar and water. Next, moisten a soft cloth with the resulting liquid and wipe the walls, shelves, pallet and seals with it. After that, the refrigerator should be left open for several hours to dissipate the vinegar aroma.

Lemon juice has a similar effect to vinegar. It should be added to warm water at the rate of 3-4 drops per glass of liquid.

Wipe the refrigerator shelves with ammonia

The advantages of this product are that it does not leave streaks and at the same time effectively fights against fatty deposits and microbes. In addition, ammonia is able to remove an unpleasant odor even in the most severe cases, which the vinegar solution did not cope with. Remember that when working with this product, you need to follow safety measures, namely, use a medical mask and rubber gloves.

For processing, add a few drops of alcohol to one glass of water. Moisten a cloth with this liquid and treat all surfaces. Before turning on the refrigerator, all plastic parts must be dried, for which it is better to take paper towels. It is also recommended to ventilate the chamber itself, as ammonia has a strong odor.

Refrigerate rye bread or soda

Before the advent of various chemical cleaners, rye bread and soda were used to eliminate unpleasant odors. This method will only be effective if the smell is not too strong. To do this, place a piece of rye bread or an open container of baking soda on each shelf. These sorbents need to be changed daily.

Clean the refrigerator with modern cleaning products

Specialized cleaning products are also sold in hardware stores: ionizers, sprays, wet wipes or containers with sorbents. The latter can be in the form of plastic eggs, gel granules or balls, sticky tape. Such funds are enough for several months of continuous use, but the instructions must be strictly followed. They are highly effective in removing unpleasant odors, but they contain chemical additives that may remain on the surface of food. Therefore, it is not recommended to leave food items open.

It is easier to prevent an unpleasant smell in the refrigerator than to get rid of it later. It is recommended to regularly inspect the contents of the shelves and dispose of spoiled food in time. Also, food that smells like smoked meats or garlic is best kept in airtight containers.

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How to remove the smell from the refrigerator: means and methods

It happens to everyone that when opening the refrigerator, there is a desire to immediately lock it because of the terrible smell. Some people do not think about how to remove the smell from the refrigerator without doing a general cleaning of the shelves of an important item in the house. Of course, you can completely wash the refrigerator and dry it. However, routine washing does not always help to eliminate the odor in the refrigerator.

Step 1. Empty the refrigerator / freezer

Even if you've identified the source of the odor and got rid of it, you still need to empty the entire refrigerator / freezer. Where to put perishable or frozen food during cleaning? You can take them out onto the balcony (in winter), put the food in a saucepan and then place it in a basin filled with cold water and ice, or put the supplies in a thermal bag along with ice packs.

  • If the refrigerator smells due to an unexpected power outage, do not risk saving food that may have deteriorated during the downtime. The refrigerator and freezer maintain a safe climate for about 4 hours after being shut down (closed).
  • If your the refrigerator has a no frost system, then you do not need to defrost it. Otherwise, the refrigerator should be defrosted. How to do it as quickly as possible read here.

What funds will come to the rescue

Safe remedies can be found at home. The first thing to do is to sort out the products, remove the spoiled and stored for a long time on the shelves. Then wash all the shelves and containers with detergent, you can use the dishes.

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Odor absorbers

There are special products that will help remove nasty aromas.

  1. Indesite for refrigerators with a spray. Just spray on the washing liquid, wait 30 seconds, rinse with water.
  2. TOP HOUSE will also remove unpleasant odors in a few seconds.
  3. Odorgon is able to remove the most persistent fragrances.

Folk remedies

How can you clean the refrigerator without using chemicals? Soda, of course. Soda will remove various fungi that can lurk in the vastness of the unit. How to wash with soda: 1 tbsp. l. dissolve in a glass of water. Moisten a sponge, rinse thoroughly the entire surface. Leave it on for a while, then rinse with water.

Many housewives pour 1 tbsp for 1 liter of water. vinegar and wash the surface of the refrigerator.

How to remove a rotten smell

A special aroma leaves a foul product. As soon as you open the refrigerator, this smell rushes into the room like a whirlwind. If the unit is in the kitchen, then the whole family must smell the nasty aroma.

Rotten amber must be removed as soon as possible. It is especially dangerous to keep rotten meat on the shelves. Microbes from it will settle on all food bags and parts of the household appliance.

The smell of meat if it has gone bad it is very difficult to remove... Most often, housewives use laundry soap. Lather a sponge with soap and wipe the parts of the refrigerator, do not forget to wash all the corners, small parts, the rubber band on the door. This simple remedy will help get rid of bacteria, fungi, putrefactive elements.

How to remove the smell of fish

The smell of the fish will help remove the lemon. You can make a lemon solution, and then rinse the entire surface: squeeze the juice of half a citrus into a glass of water. After surface treatment with solution, rinse with clean water, wipe dry.

With a persistent fish aroma, wipe the entire inside with lemon.

  • Take a whole lemon, cut into 2 halves and rub the entire surface with half a citrus. Especially the place where the fish lay.
  • Then leave it on for half an hour so that the lemon is absorbed.
  • Then rinse with water, wipe dry, leave the doors open.

To eliminate different aromas, put lemon wedges inside the appliance. Let them lie there for a few days.

First in efficiency fish odor liquidator considered beer. Flush the inside of the unit with beer and the problem will be solved.

How to remove the smell from the refrigerator at home: reasons for failure

If the refrigerator compartment is washed, the freezer is defrosted, and the unpleasant smell has not gone anywhere, you will have to look for its cause not in the products, but in the device itself. If you don't have the skill to work with technology, you don't need to try to find the truth yourself. This is both dangerous and fraught with the risk of accidentally damaging the device. Instead of one problem, two will mature, you will have to call a master in any case or even buy a new refrigerator.

But for those who are familiar with household appliances, it will be quite easy to eliminate the cause of the persistent odor. In fact, there can be three such reasons:

• blockage in the auto defrosting system

• clogged drain for moisture removal

• penetration of decay products into the seams of parts, under rubber seals, etc.

An experienced craftsman can easily cope with the first two problems. So that you do not have to rack your brains in the future over how to remove the smell from the refrigerator at home, you should be more careful about household appliances. For the sake of prevention, the drain for water must be rinsed with warm clean water when washing, and the defrosting system must be carefully inspected for clogging.

If the smell is caused by damage to the casing and body parts, the device is to be disassembled, to change seals, heat-insulating materials. It is very difficult and financially impractical. It's easier to throw away the damaged appliance and buy a new refrigerator.

That is why prevention is the best way to make friends with household appliances, especially those as useful and reliable as refrigerators. Attention, a soft cloth, a little warm water and a drop of love for your home - and you won't have to throw away refrigerators.

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