Lemon Problems: The cold has damaged my lemon

Lemon Problems: The cold has damaged my lemon

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Egr. Dr. Davoli,

I'm back to you again. As you can see, I want to keep you updated on the situation of my lemon tree.

As per your indications, now that the temperature has stabilized, last week I proceeded to prune some branches (maybe I could have done better, anyway you will find attached photos of everything I am telling you).

I also bought a "probe" that inserted into the soil of the pot, indicates the relative humidity, thus avoiding making mistakes in watering (at least I hope) ...

On the branches that I pruned, I then applied some mastic to heal the wound.

In the meantime, as you can see from the photos, the plant has completely lost all its leaves, sparing none and even some branches that seemed to still be green, have slowly dried up.

Maybe I could still prune some branches, what do you think Doctor?

Now even if very "embryonic" some shoots, especially on the main trunk, seem to be sprouting ...

This is the current situation: what do you think is best that I do now?

Also with regard to any fertilization during watering, what do you recommend to do?

Thanking you in advance, I look forward to your kind reply.

Alessandro (April 22)


Hi Alessandro,

thank you for keeping me updated on the health of your lemon.

If with the pruning you have eliminated all the dry parts, that's enough and from the photos you sent me it seems to me that it did a good job so my advice is now not to cut anything anymore.

Those little shoots are a delight, the plant is reacting well and developing. Don't worry if the buds are few and small, the temperatures are still low. You will see that as the temperature increases (20-26 ° C), the shoots will also increase and will be much longer and thicker than these first ones that are emerging.

It doesn't matter if the leaves have all fallen off, he will make new ones. Your only concern now is: regular watering (without exaggerating); start fertilizing, giving less than half the doses indicated in the package (I recommend you no more) because the plant has no leaves and has new soil so it has a good supply of mineral elements. Get a fertilizer that has besides nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium also zinc, copper and boron which are microelements necessary for the growing tissues and also magnesium, iron, molybdenum, manganese (if you can't find it from your nurseryman, go to an agricultural consortium and read the label with the composition yourself, trust only what you read). Fertilize only once a month, for the moment no more.

I remember that from the photos you sent me the previous times, the plant had a considerable white patina due to the limestone of the water. I would advise you to do this: fill a bucket of tap water and let it settle for at least 24-48 hours, after which with a stir (or other container) remove the surface water, without shaking it because the limestone settles. it settles on the bottom or on the edge of the container and then if you stir the water, it mixes. This is an inexpensive and easy way to get around water that is too hard. Another system is to collect rainwater (in periods of rain) which you then store in bins that you will use in periods when it does not rain.

One last piece of advice, do not pay too much attention to it, just enough if there is to be watered. I tell you this because very often we are too apprehensive and in our desire to do something, we do too much and risk doing damage.

Keep me informed of developments. Good day.

Dr. M. G. Davoli

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