How to make raisins from grapes at home

How to make raisins from grapes at home

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Raisins are dried grapes that taste good. Just like a fresh product, it has benefits for human health. In cooking, such dried fruit is added not only to sweet salads and desserts, but is also used to prepare meat dishes. But can you do it at home? Let's talk about this further.

Can you make raisins from grapes at home?

For those who have never come across homemade preparations, the grape drying technology seems to be a complex process that requires special equipment and professionalism. In fact, you can make raisins from fresh fruits yourself at home. There are various recipes, following which anyone can master the technique.

The best grape varieties to dry are sweet varieties such as black, white, or pink Kishmish. Another advantage of this grape is the small size of the grapes, which allows them to speed up the drying process. The dried product loses up to eighty-five percent of moisture, while retaining sugar in full.

All grape varieties are suitable for drying, including seeds with seeds. Compotes are cooked from them, and fruit drinks are made.

Ways to get raisins

First, you need to harvest and prepare it for the harvesting process. The berries should be ripe, free from various damages. You can dry grapes in different ways. It is worth familiarizing yourself with the various methods in order to choose the most convenient one for yourself. The main methods include:

  • Natural drying;
  • In the oven;
  • In an electric dryer;
  • With the use of alkali.

Correctly performed drying allows you to save up to eighty percent of the nutrients contained in grapes.

Manufacturing in direct sunlight

This method is not the fastest, but it is economical and affordable. The entire crop should be examined, removed from the rotten, spoiled berries, and then spread out on a dry surface in the sun. There is no need to remove the grapes from the brushes. Periodically, once every few days, the fruits are turned over to the other side. The method involves drying up to three weeks.

Oven application

This method requires removing the fruit from the branches after the bunches have been thoroughly washed with cool water. Excess moisture is shaken off the brushes, after which healthy ripe berries are selected for cooking. Fruit to be removed:

  • Dry;
  • Rotten;
  • Affected by diseases and pests;
  • Frozen.

Selected grapes are dipped in a boiling soda solution for 5 seconds. This technique is needed to crack the skin, as a result of which the moisture will evaporate faster.

After drying the grapes with a waffle towel, they are laid out on a baking sheet covered with baking paper. You need to dry the product with the oven door open, setting the temperature to 50-60 degrees. The duration of the procedure is 10 hours in total. Periodically it is necessary to take breaks, allowing the berries to cool.

Drying in an electric dryer

Washed grapes in one layer are laid out on trays of an electric dryer... The first drying phase lasts eight hours. Moreover, it is necessary to change the pallets every hour. After turning off the device, you need to let it cool down and start the process again for eight hours. For large grapes, two stages are not enough, you will need one more.

Some people use a different method: they increase the number of approaches, reducing the drying time to four hours. The break for this option is 2 hours. The total drying time varies from twenty to twenty-five hours, depending on the size of the berries.

Alkaline method

The method consists in the use of alkali. Grape bunches, if possible, are fumigated with sulfur or immersed in a boiling alkaline solution for 10 seconds. For 10 liters of water, 40 grams of baking soda is used. Then you need to quickly remove them, rinse with cool water and dry. Processed twigs with berries are hung in the room. Boxes are installed under them so that the finished raisins, falling from the brushes, fall into them. When drying by this method, do not allow direct sunlight.

This method, in comparison with natural drying in the sun, reduces the cooking time by 3-4 times. After 5 or 10 days, the fruits are ready to eat.

How to determine the readiness of grapes

It is impossible to understand that the raisins are cooked, focusing only on the time indicator. The drying time varies depending on the variety, size, and method used.

The output product has parameters that determine its readiness:

  • The berries should not be sticky;
  • The total weight and volume of the products obtained are several times less than the original characteristics;
  • When squeezing raisins with your fingers, it does not release liquid.

In this form, the grapes can be stored for a long time. It can be used as an independent dish or added to baked goods, salads and more.

For better preservation, dried fruits are kept at a temperature of 5-6 degrees and a relative humidity of 60 or 70%.

Which drying method is the best?

The choice of method is influenced by many factors. For those who have their own vineyard, it is best to turn to sun drying or alkaline drying. In the limited space of a city apartment, it is more efficient to get raisins using an electric dryer or oven.

The method used in Asia allows you to keep dried fruits as useful as possible. Winegrowers build special ventilated earthen houses in which grapes are dried in the shade. But before drying begins, such buildings are also treated with sulfur, therefore it can be called a kind of alkaline method.

Raisins prepared using Asian technology retain their natural color.

Self-drying grapes has advantages over buying them in the store. The raisins obtained by this method meet the taste requirements of the person who prepares them, and is also an environmentally friendly, clean product.

In theory, raisins can be successfully made from any variety of cultivated grapes. But sweet varieties with small grapes are best suited for this purpose.

The high sugar content makes it possible to obtain a product with excellent taste and a long shelf life. And small berries are more convenient - they dry out faster and more evenly. The presence of seeds is also unimportant for making raisins, although, of course, it is easier to eat the product without them.

The condition of the grape variety is much more important. For drying on raisins, you can use only whole, healthy and ripe berries. We remove all damaged, rotten and unripe fruits.

How to remove seeds from berries?

If you do not know how to remove seeds from berries, then you can use a simple method, which is described below.

Take one grape and insert a hairpin into it in the place where the berry was attached to the brush. It is necessary to insert the hairpin with a blunt end and it is advisable to use a small one so that it does not damage the berry.

Grab the bone with a hairpin. Do not press too hard, because if the grape bursts, you cannot use it to make raisins.

Gently pull the bone out through the hole. If there are several grains in the grapes, you can repeat the procedure.

If you take your time, you can get such beautiful and whole berries without seeds, as in the photo.

Removing seeds with your own hands is a laborious process. It is time consuming but doable. © production, the seeds are rarely removed, therefore raisins are often found, when biting through which a slight crunch is heard. This is the bone. After drying, it becomes less hard, but it is still unpleasant when something crunches on the teeth.

How to cook raisins at home?

Grapes are used to make raisins useful for the body.

There are two main ways: in the sun and in the shade. The grapes are dried in the sun, after having treated the berries with an alkaline solution. Drying in the shade is practiced in Central Asia, while the berries are not separated, drying the whole bunch. At home, an oven and an electric dryer are suitable for drying. If the house has a dark, well-ventilated room, then you can try the Central Asian way. And if the forecast promises dry hot weather, then you can dry the grapes in the sun.

Before drying grapes, they must be properly prepared.

  1. When choosing grapes, you need to make sure that the berries in the bunch are intact: no damage, cracks or dents. It should be noted that small spots on the berries are not a sign of illness, but a white bloom is a sign of freshness.
  2. The grapes need to be washed and peeled. Separate large berries from small ones.
  3. Small berries can be blanched, dipped in boiling water and removed immediately. Let the water drain and dry.
  4. Large berries are cut in half. The bones can be removed if desired.

How to store raisins correctly?

Raisins are not a perishable product, but if stored incorrectly, then very soon it can lose its properties. Make sure that the container is closed at all times. This will protect the product from moths, kitchen weevils, moisture and fungal parasites.

If purchased raisins are stored in plastic bags, we still recommend using glass jars. They can be sealed with ordinary nylon lids, or with special vacuum lids, which preserve the freshness of products, smell and taste for the longest possible period.

After spending a few hours preparing, you will very soon feel the enormous difference between a purchased product and a homemade one. Just a handful of homemade raisins will satisfy hunger, give energy, vigor, freshness to your body. And on cold winter evenings, what if not raisins can dilute the usual boring dishes with light notes of summer smells? Don't stop there! With the advent of a dryer in the kitchen, you will find new possibilities!

The widest use of raisins is in baked goods and desserts. A variety of rolls, muffins, casseroles, puddings, pies, ice cream and many other types of desserts have enriched their taste with raisins. Raisins are very actively used in the preparation of Easter cakes and curd puddings. In some cases, there are even bread recipes with this unique product in the composition. Homemade sweets made from a mixture of nuts and raisins are no less popular - they are quite sweet and tasty treats. The most successful combination of the taste of this dried fruit with chocolate, cottage cheese, citrus zest, ginger and baked apples. And so that it does not settle to the bottom of the baking, you can roll it in flour or starch before adding it to the dough. However, raisins can be used not only in baked goods and desserts, they are an excellent addition to the first and second courses. Its most popular use is with milk porridge or in pilaf. This also includes many types of vegetable and fruit salads, meat and fish dishes. You can add it to minced meat when preparing meatballs and rolls, or stew or bake with meat. Poultry and game are best combined with raisins. Due to its taste, it is able to give dishes a special flavor and flavor. And do not ignore the not the most joyful, but very healthy dish - kutya. It is customary to cook it for not the happiest feasts, but it is perfect for breakfast, because it is unique in its composition and at the same time very, very tasty. Homemade raisins are all the more valuable because you can be sure of their quality, since they were made independently from grapes, personally selected. And the Isidri dryer is ideal for this purpose. And therefore, the benefits can be several times higher than that of the one bought in the store. In addition, there is no need to face such a problem as special flushing. Store-bought raisins are sometimes very dirty and running water is not enough for cleaning. In such cases, dairy products are usually advised as they are excellent natural cleansers.

Note to the hostess

2. Raisins promote the fermentation of liquids. So, for example, in a three-liter jar of birch sap it is enough to put only 80–120 g of these dried fruits, leave in a dark place (not in the cold), and a month later the container will contain healthy kvass, saturated with vitamins and similar to sweet and sour soda. Since the fermentation reaction took place without yeast, it has a minimum calorie content.

3. Fresh grapes, juice from them and even natural grape wines cause allergies in some people. However, it occurs much less frequently on raisins. And yet, before you eat it in handfuls, you need to monitor how the skin and the body as a whole react to the product.



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