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What are

Inflatable pools are above ground pools that require simple assembly and find perfect placement in any garden. The market allows you to direct your choice between models of different sizes.


There inflatable pool it has a single feature that all models have in common, made with a rather resistant plastic that makes it suitable even to withstand winter weather. Obviously, each model will have elements that will differentiate it from the others. Often this type of swimming pool is associated with that for children, but in reality the market guarantees a wide choice of swimming pools designed and built for adults.

Children's pools

Children's pools are usually round in shape and consist of a series of inflatable rings. The bottom is also made of plastic and to prevent it from being damaged easily, it is advisable to always place the pool on a flat ground without stones, possibly using a plastic sheet. Of course, with such small pools it is not necessary to have a filter in place to recycle the water, just empty it in the evening and refill it in the morning. The child can safely play inside his pool because it is built following all the necessary standards. Of course, the presence of a parent is always recommended. Since these are pools exclusively designed for children, they also show a rather particular aesthetic aspect that reproduces the images of cartoons or animals. It is important that the child in the garden can have a space dedicated to his games also because when it is a very small child, it is not recommended that he bathe in a rather deep pool. In this way he will gradually begin to familiarize himself with the water in a spontaneous way.

Swimming pools for adults

In the category of swimming pools for adults, we find those above ground inflatable. The customer has the possibility to choose between different models and shapes because they are proposed both in the rectangular version and in the square version. The size will also determine the amount of water that will be needed to be able to fill it. The structure that supports a swimming pool varies according to the amount of water that must be introduced into it. Small and medium-sized pools are composed only of an inflatable ring that keeps the entire pool in balance, while larger structures also need external supports to make them stable. However, since it is a plastic material, even if it is specially made to be very resistant even to very sharp objects, it is always preferable that the pool is placed on a flat and safe structure.


An inflatable pool requires particular care in fixing the support structure, since, by not fixing each single pole correctly, you risk a failure which could then lead to the collapse of the entire pool. The small and medium-sized pools are sold in packages including their instructions, usually also accompanied by an illustrative CD. In the case of very large pools, the assembly is carried out directly by the specialized workers sent by the shop where we will have purchased it. In the case of medium and large swimming pools, a filter must always be associated for cleaning the water. It is included in the cost of the pool and for each model a filter of different capacity is inserted. Only proper maintenance of the latter can guarantee constant cleaning of the water.


The inflatable pool, like other pools, can be equipped with a series of accessories such as the ladder that facilitates entry and exit, or a series of games that can be used directly in the water. It is possible to purchase all of this at the store where the pool is purchased, and here it is also possible to request the necessary maintenance and all the specific products that will be used to keep the water clean. You should never underestimate the cleanliness of the inflatable swimming pools compared to traditional ones, otherwise you risk damaging the plastic and therefore not being able to use the same pool for the following season.


The cost of an inflatable pool varies according to the size and model chosen, the size must always be adequate for the space in the garden to allow those who use it to move freely around the green space. By going to a specialized shop you have the opportunity to compare the characteristics of the different models to check the value for money.

Inflatable pools: pools: The inflatable pools

Not necessarily in your garden to enjoy some special and refreshing moments you will have to install an inground pool.

Inground pools are very expensive projects both in economic terms and in terms of construction times.

Moreover, they require a fairly large space in the garden to be installed as they also require the construction of water cleaning and maintenance systems.

To fulfill a desire, however, above ground pools have been created on the market that are installed directly on the ground, so that it is smooth and leveled.

There are really many models of above ground pools, from rigid plastic to fiberglass to inflatables.

The inflatables are among all the least resistant, but they fulfill the function of making you enjoy a swimming pool where and when you want.

They can in fact be deflated and stored as needed.

Taking advantage of our very extensive selection of light and durable furniture and garden furniture, built by the best industries in the sector, you will be like on vacation and you can enjoy a deliciously cold drink, lazing comfortably on a sofa, while watching the children play, organize a nice outdoor barbecue with friends, read a newspaper lying on a deckchair, protected by an umbrella, or see your child having fun in the garden pool.

You know with your children, joining their outdoor games, guaranteeing them a healthy fun, even with their friends, without straying from the well-being and tranquility of your home. Help them improve their motor skills, and foster their reveries and their desire to know, by venturing between bouncy castles and plastic houses, venting their energies on trampolines or swings.

Other information and details:

Best inflatable pools in 2021 for children and adults: best brands, ratings, rankings, reviews, opinions

Summer and heat are coming and it's time to take a nice bath. Maybe this year will be a bit more difficult, given the viruses that run, but don't give up. There is a (inflatable) solution for you! Today we are going to find out what the best inflatable pools to be mounted in the garden or on the terrace. A benefit for the whole family.

Nowadays, there are many options in fact to enjoy the fun and the Relax that only a swimming pool can give you without having to move from home. So let's go see what are the best inflatable pools you can buy on Amazon. You will find lots of them, of every size, and of every price (there are also from 38 euros).

What is an inflatable pool

Although many believe they know what an inflatable pool is, we have seen too many people trying to sell things that are definitely not inflatable pools and are more appropriately suited to the category of pool games.

By our definition, an inflatable pool is an above-ground pool made with polyvinyl chloride or natural rubber. Why are they made with one of these two materials? This is because these materials are flexible and strong. Pools made with some types of plastic are not inflatable pools and should be avoided.

Why choose an inflatable pool

The next question we are frequently asked is why a person should buy an inflatable pool in the first place. Our first answer to this question is almost always the cost. Let's face it, inflatable pools are much cheaper than any other type of pool that the consumer can buy.

Another advantage of inflatable pools is that they are usually not very deep, so they are Safer for families with small children. Also, keep in mind the ease of installation and maintenance when searching for an inflatable pool. Will you need additional materials to install your pool? Or does your kit come with all materials? In some cases, the installation may be complicated and the help of a professional may be required. You should also consider the amount of maintenance required for the pool you choose.

What to consider when buying an inflatable pool

Now that we have properly defined what an inflatable pool is and why it is useful, I want to tell you what to consider when buying one.

Pay attention to the material from which the pool was made.

We have already dealt with this point in the section that talks about the definition of an inflatable pool, but now let's go a little deeper. Avoid choosing from those cheap plastic pools that you can find in stores for a few euros or in the mega discount section, and instead choose one made of a durable PVC material. It will offer you more comfort and durability.

Take into account the size of the pool.

The next thing to think about is the size of the pool. We recommend that you make sure the pool is large enough for your needs. If the pool is only for a child of a few months or years, obviously it shouldn't be as big as an Olympic size pool either… Therefore, it is important to choose a model that is not too big but not too small.

The pool repair kit.

  • Dimensions: 7 x 7 cm. You can cut the curtain tape repair according to.
  • Material: TPU material curtain repair patches with viscosity and elasticity.
  • Ultra Durable: Aggressive Adhesive Repair Patches Fix Tears, Holes & Tears.

  • Dimensions: 6.35 x 6.35 cm. You can cut the curtain tape repair according to.
  • Material: TPU material curtain repair patches with viscosity and elasticity.
  • Ultra Durable: Aggressive Adhesive Repair Patches Fix Tears, Holes & Tears.

  • Eight-shaped pool and underwater world.
  • With drain screw, it can make it easier to drain.
  • Size: about 175cm x 109cm x 46cm.

Each quality inflatable pool will come with a repair kit which makes it much easier to repair the pool from holes or tears. Sometimes this is just a PVC patch that can be easily applied to a hole that is formed and sometimes the kit is a little richer. Always choose an inflatable pool that has the repair kit.

Other things to consider

The points above are really all that you might need to buy the best inflatable pool possible, but there are a couple more points that some people may want to consider. So, for your convenience, we've listed them below.

  • Double wall construction.
  • Padded pool bottom.
  • Easy to use drain valves.
  • Easy to use pneumatic valves.

Final considerations on the structures of inflatable pools

There are different types of structures to act as skeletons for inflatable pools. In fact, there are steel pools, resin pools and aluminum pools on the market.

The inflatable pools in steel they represent the most resistant type, but are more sensitive to corrosion and rust. If you prefer a steel pool, choose one with a galvanized coating to prevent this from happening over time.

The pools in aluminumunlike steel pools, they do not corrode or rust. A downside to aluminum swimming pools is that they can oxidize over time.

And finally, there are swimming pools in resin, which typically have steel walls. These have become popular and do not oxidize or rust, but are susceptible to cracking and fading. It is important to keep the pros and cons of each type of pool in mind when researching. Also because the larger inflatable pools that have a rigid structure to support them are very expensive, on Amazon you can find different models, excellent, starting at 430 euros.

Best inflatable pools by brand


You can never go wrong with an inflatable pool Intex as it is very easy to install, just connect the pipes and enjoy the clean and refreshing water. It also comes with a 110-120 volt filter pump and is more suitable for children from 6 years upward. It is ready for swimming in 10 minutes, you just have to place it still deflated at ground level, inflate the upper ring, fill the pool with water and ... Have fun!

It also has a convenient drain plug that connects to a garden hose so that the water can be drained away from the pool or the house. The new fittings a double suction they improve water circulation ensuring better hygiene and clarity. It is not recommended to place it on sand, mud or any soft ground and it can fit 2-4 people.

In conclusion you can easily inflate and deflate this pool without any problems. And with the double suction technology, you can make sure that the water is always clean and clear.

Intex inflatable pools for the whole family

Another Index pool that I would like to recommend is a model for families which you definitely want to have if you have babies or toddlers in your home. It is extraordinarily large for a "small" inflatable pool, offering nearly 300 liters of water capacity with only 60% filling.

The bottom coating it is quite resistant. However, I recommend that you place it on a platform rather than on bare ground to avoid damage. When fully inflated, it is long 10 foot, 2 meters wide, and about 60 centimeters high, so everyone has room to have fun.

Also at Intex we find another model of inflatable pool that I absolutely must point out. For buyers willing to lose a decent amount of money, we have the set rectangular swimming pool Intex. With its galvanized steel frame, this structure is expected to last for many years.

The outside of the pool has a coating which will maximize its rust resistance. To ensure the efficiency of the pool, it is also supplied with a filter High-end Intex to keep impurities out and a two-year warranty to protect against unexpected problems.

The disadvantage? This inflatable pool is one of the more expensive options on our list, but for your money you get generous dimensions and components quality. The assembly of the swimming pool will be a challenge because it will require qualified assistance or even professional help.

BigMouth Inc

With a width of 1.5 meters and a depth of about 12 cm, the inflatable pool BigMouth Inc for little ones is designed for children from 3 years upward. It is made of durable nylon, so it can hold up to several seasons of use.

This inflatable pool also has a lively design rainbow which will surely make it the main attraction in any courtyard. However, this pool is not only suitable for use as a children's pool. It can also be used around the house as a ball pit by filling it with your kids' favorite balls.

And once your kids are done using this high quality swimming pool, can be easily deflated and stored for the next year.

Large Sable Inflatable Pools

The large inflatable pools Sablefamily, it is appropriate to say, they are large enough to accommodate 2 adults and 3 children to spend hours of fun in the garden, on the terrace or in the courtyard.

This product is made with a resistant material free of lead and phthalate and is 50% thicker than most other inflatable pools. Could be easily inflated in less than 5 minutes using an electric pump (you can find excellent ones on Amazon) and has two separate water valves, twice the speed with which the water is discharged from it.

This pool is approx 2.30 meters by 1.5 meters and is suitable for children aged 3 and over with adult supervision. All of which makes it a great pool for great summer fun.


Comfortably accommodates up to 4 adults in the inflatable pool extra large for families OlarHike. Its design is round and is made of high quality food grade PVC which promises zero skin irritation for the safety of your family.

These spacious pools also feature a comfortable bubble bottom to keep your feet and butt comfortable and one non-slip surface which puts your children's safety front and center.

With three different air chambers, the OlarHike inflatable pools offer one solid and stable structure, capable of efficiently holding up to 400 liters of water without losing its shape or bending. Of course, it may take a little longer to inflate, but once inflated, it will last for a long time.

Finally, it is worth mentioning that an OlarHike inflatable pool usually comes with a 2 year return and refund commitment and a lifetime warranty. Therefore, if problems such as breakdowns, damaged material, leaks, etc. occur, you can obtain a replacement for free at any time after purchase. I would say it is an excellent opportunity. Or not?


If you have a small courtyard or terrace not very spacious and are you really looking for a pool where you and your friend, or even two, can sit and hang out, the Jilong Family Inflatable Pool might be a good choice.

These relatively smaller pools can accommodate two to three adults or four children and have a fairly small footprint, making them ideal for homes where the "save space”Is a commandment (as well as a necessity).

Made with very thick plastic, the robust Jilong pool is quite resistant to puncture damage and folds up nicely for storage. With a water capacity of 450 liters, it is also a good choice for those buyers who particularly care about respect for nature who do not want to overdo their water consumption.

Other than that, a Jilong pool includes pretty much all of the accessories you would expect to find in an inflatable pool: a drainage hole, two air chambers and a quick setup make it easy to inflate and deflate and affordable to buy.


With a water capacity of 6,700 liters, the Bestway inflatable pools they are also equipped with a 1300 liter filter pump.

As a competitor of Intex, Bestway offers an inflatable pool with a diameter of 3 and a half meters and a depth of 80cm, perfect for large families or parties with your friends. This large pool allows users to actually to swim rather than just relaxing, making it the ideal choice if you want to maximize the value of your money.

To facilitate the inflation An upper ring was positioned with a standard pump for filling the pool with water and there is also a slot for installing the filter to ensure maximum clarity and maintain excellent water quality.

Bestway inflatable pools are made of Tritech material which gives it maximum durability and resistance to damage. In addition to that, the swimming pool is equipped with a flow control valve which simplifies filling and draining. For those off-season periods of the year, simply empty the pool and fold it into a small size for easy storage. It is really very simple to use.

Two-in-one Bestway inflatable pools

In addition to the previous model of inflatable pool, Bestway offers one that struck me a lot for its absolutely original shape. We all know how boisterous children can be in an inflatable pool, and here is Bestway introducing a large (about 450 liters) inflatable family pool to the market. two in one.

These inflatable pools feature two pool areas separate:

  • A pool for children lower, more spacious, with a built-in slide and plenty of splash room.
  • And a second lounge with pool Cup holder is seats integrated for adults.

With this clever design, you can sit back, relax and enjoy a drink with a friend while the kids splash around in the pool right in front of you, allowing you to supervise and relax - and all at once!

This comfortable two-in-one pool uses one very resistant plastic pre-tested to give you incredible durability. But in case those rowdy kids manage to make a hole, the pool also comes with a heavy-duty repair patch that you can use very easily to get it back to peak condition.

Summer Waves

Best Inflatable Terrace and Garden Pools | Offers and Reviews

Inflatable pools have the task of creating safe and meeting spaces in which stay in company for any age. They are swimming pools cheaper than those sunken in the ground, but in the end the fun is the same and insured, especially for children.

Inflatable pools are ideal in the summer season, especially for those who do not have the opportunity to go to the beach and consequently take a nice bath. In any case, the human being needs to unplug and indulge in moments of pure relaxation. In fact, there is no better way to forget a tiring and stressful day with a nice swim, but it is not just relaxation, taking a bath in an inflatable pool is also having fun with your family or friends.

The inflatable garden and terrace pools on offer

1 Intex 56475 - 4 Seater Pool, 229 x 229 x 66 cm 11,933 Reviews 56,52 € See Offer on Amazon
2 Bestway 54006 Family Rectangular Inflatable Pool, 262 x 175 x 51 cm, Blue / White 4,501 Reviews 44,90 € 32,69 € See Offer on Amazon
3 Bestway, Inflatable Pool, Blue (Blau / Weiß) 2,431 Reviews 24,99 € See Offer on Amazon
4 Intex 57135NP - Dinosaurs Playcenter, 333 x 229 x 112 cm, max. 81 kg, assorted model. 3,642 Reviews 75,11 € 40,64 € See Offer on Amazon
5 Intex 58448 Watermelon Pool 168X38 Cm 666 Reviews 24,33 € 15,60 € See Offer on Amazon

Children are true water lovers, in fact many parents tend to give them these inflatable pools to keep in garden or in terrace. Obviously the water inside this pool is considerably reduced compared to a pool set in the ground but it is still sufficient to entertain the child. The sizes of these pools are varied, from the smallest to the largest.

There are many types of inflatable pools and now we are going to see some of them.

Above ground pools in wood

The wooden swimming pools I'm a design solution that leave you breathless. From the cost point of view, however, let's talk about the least economical solutions.

There wood maintenance, in fact, it must not be limited to pool protection against winter weather phenomena, but we must also consider the pesticide treatment.

The above ground swimming pools in wood you can find them on the market in the size and shapes you prefer. It is a refined solution that can be installed on any type of terrain. In case you don't want to install it directly on the ground, a solid concrete or brick base is the one for you.

If you don't want to opt for one wooden swimming pool, without, however, giving up wood entirely, you can think of covering the PVC pool with wood panels. You will get one solid structure and with greater stability and resistance.


You will be able to install metal ladders also with regard to these models of above ground swimming pools in wood. Despite the cost of the wooden swimming pool is greater than other solutions, it will always be cheaper than basement or inground pools.

Lay-Z-Spa Miami Bestway

Bestway is a brand that only a few years ago appeared in Italy, with distribution mainly through Amazon, but in the United States it has been a guarantee for a long time, and is well known and appreciated as well as its products.
Bestway's whirlpool pools often have vacation resort names, places to relax and take a break. A bit like an inflatable whirlpool ...

Features of the Lay-Z Spa Miami

The Lay-Z-Spa model Miami is an inflatable jacuzzi that is comfortable for two people, but even four can fit in (albeit a little cramped).
It seems that the concept that those of Bestway thought of when they created this pool is to obtain the maximum of practicality while containing the costs of the structure. In this way they were able to supply the Miami with excellent accessories (above all the float for the controlled release of chlorine for sanitization) and with a powerful engine that guarantees good performance.
This whirlpool tub also easily reaches a water temperature of 40 ° C, and does so quickly. The assembly, on the other hand, is very quick: in less than 5 minutes it inflates and is ready to welcome you.
The gem, one of the aspects that make us think that this is a whirlpool designed by its builders to last, is the DVD for maintenance and assembly included in the package: it is quite well done, and follows and deepens (with the addition of a good visual illustration, which never hurts) the instructions that we have also given in another section of the site.

LAY-Z-SPA MIAMI: opinions

Less famous than the colleague mentioned above, Lay-Z Spa Miami has nevertheless received a very good reception in Italy. This is demonstrated in particular by the reviews that it has begun to collect on Amazon. Just to name one:

When I bought this pool I had high expectations but the doubt of being disappointed was always lurking and instead: tadàn! The pool is solid enough to be inflatable, it can be set up really in an instant thanks to the automatic inflation (5 minutes on the clock), the connection prepared for coupling the pump (another 5 minutes) and the ease of use.

for the moment an excellent product, I just hope that the structure will last over time, simple assembly, very easy and intuitive daily use

The only really negative review, which we mention for clarity, concerns the loss of color of the background. Indeed it is a shame to miss this decoration, but from the information we can read on the review, the person who bought this inflatable spa did not use it correctly. Remember: it is better to cover it (also to avoid heat loss) and empty it if it is not used for long periods.

13 inflatable pools that will make your children happy in the summer

Comfortable and light, the inflatable swimming pool for children that we propose below is a good choice even for small gardens. The small size compared to one inflatable pool normal, increase the possibility of insertion even in hidden corners of the garden and move it to your liking.

© Amazon

If you think it's time to add color to your garden, the inflatable swimming pool for children that Amazon makes available to the price of 71 € is a bargain to take on the fly. The cheerful theme, in fact, will increase the aesthetics and the desire to have it in the garden!

© Amazon © Amazon

When we think of inflatable swimming pools for children, let's not imagine all the fun solutions that are on the market. The product that we present to you, more than a swimming pool, is a fun mat with splashes to keep children cool both in the garden and on the terrace. An excellent alternative also for small spaces.

© Amazon

Worthy of a water park, the inflatable pool dinosaur-themed that we present below, is cheerful and fun. Equipped with waterfall, mini slide and water games, it allows even the little ones to enjoy one in complete safety outdoor swimming pool

© Amazon

Colors increase the desire to play and the creativity of our little ones! This inflatable pool in the shape of a castle, it is suitable for the smallest of the house and is a real jewel for the aesthetics of the garden. Also suitable for terraces, the inflatable pool for children he proposes to us Amazon it is an economic idea that should not be underestimated.

© Amazon

The family grows, the desire to play together increases! This is why it is important to use a space for games also outside. This inflatable swimming pool for children with armchair and backrest is absolutely recommended in order to increase the pleasure of sharing good times together.

© Amazon

A inflatable pool multicolored with ball and lifebuoy increases the joy of your garden and beyond. In fact, if you have more children at home, it will be possible to please everyone, while maintaining safety. Remember, however, to always watch them during use.

You can confess this inflatable pool it is so original that you would like to go back to being small to be able to play with it too! In the shape of a port, it also features an inflatable slide that will increase your little one's desire to enjoy and have fun in the garden!

© Amazon © Amazon

If you have a lot of space available, building a real inflatable playground is the right option to consider. What Amazon proposes is a truly noteworthy product! To the price of 400 €, you will also have a toy spray cannon! What are you waiting for?

© Amazon

There inflatable pool snail-shaped baby is really adorable! A soli 14,82€ potrete installarla e spostarla come vi è più comodo. Un’ottima soluzione per chi ha a disposizione poco budget, ma molta voglia di far vivere al proprio bambini il giardino nel migliore dei modi!

© Amazon

Ancora più economico rispetto al parco giochi visto in precedenza, il prodotto ce segue è un’alternativa economica e piacevolmente colorata. Al prezzo di 154,58 €, avrete nel vostro giardino uno scivolo, un arco a spruzzo, canestro e il gioco del lancio degli anelli gonfiabili! Una vera e propria occasione da non perdere!

© Amazon © Amazon

A piscina gonfiabile per bambini non può non essere colorata. Il prodotto che segue lo potete trovare su Amazon to the prezzo di 99,90€. A piscina da esterno a forma di arcobaleno aumenterà l’estetica del vostro giardino e, grazie alla vivacità delle tonalità, anche l’allegria della famiglia!

© Amazon © Amazon

Voglia di mare e poco tempo per raggiungerlo? Nessun problema! I vostri piccoli non ne sentiranno la mancanza con questa piscina gonfiabile disponibile su Amazon a soli 72,42 €. Un prodotto resistente, ma allo stesso tempo, leggero da trasportare in qualunque angolo del giardino. Dotato di mini scivolo, permetterà ai vostri bambini di giocare in una piscina gonfiabile comoda e piacevole.

© Amazon

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