Well design in the country: six unusual design ideas

Well design in the country: six unusual design ideas

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In suburban areas, where the central water supply system is very rare, the main source of water is an ordinary well. And since it is usually built in plain sight, becoming a noticeable element in the country landscape, I want the structure to look harmonious against the general background. It is not difficult to decorate and give the structure an aesthetic look. The main thing is to decide on the style and materials, because the design of the well in the country should be based on the design of the rest of the buildings and the site itself.

What types of well structures are there?

In Russian dachas, two types of wells are most often found: Russian and shaduf.

You can learn more about how to make a well with your own hands from the material:

Russian well

This type is a shaft from which water is raised to the surface using a drum fixed on the posts. A chain with a bucket is tied to it, and on the side there is a handle for winding and untwisting the chain.

In a Russian well, they get water from the mine by winding a chain on a drum

Shaduf design

Shaduf is a less common type of well, although in past centuries it was found in almost every Russian courtyard. It is used in summer cottages where groundwater is close to the ground. It is a shallow shaft, from which water is obtained using a crane. Abyssinian wells are very rare in dachas.

More information about the device of the Abyssinian well can be found in the material:

In shaduf, water is obtained using a well crane.

Rustic well design

Before you arrange a well in the country, think about what you will complete it with: with the design of the house or the style of the site. It happens that the owners will build a dacha wooden, in the Russian style, and the landscape will be created in Japanese. In this case, start from the location of the well: if it is close to the house, create a design similar to the main structure. If hidden in the garden, then fit it into the overall landscape picture.

In rustic styles, wood and stone are traditional materials, so it is logical to add them to the design of the well. So, the head (the part of the well that is above ground level) can be made from a solid log in the form of a canopy or a house. A rectangular or hexagonal structure is well suited to imitate a log house. In canopies, only the lower part and racks can be wooden, and on the roof it is better to use the material that covers the summer cottage.

The head of a well in the form of a log house is most conveniently made in a quadrangular shape.

If the country house is made in the form of a Russian tower or a hut with carved shutters, then the well can be given a fabulous look by making racks of dried and barked trunks, and next to it on a bench, seating a cat, a bear and even Baba Yaga carved from wood.

The figures give the well a mysterious look, and they can not only be placed on the head, but also seated near the structure.

Around the head, you can lay out a cobblestone platform and plant village flowers in a circle: petunias, marigolds, zinnias.

If the cottage is built in the style of a chalet, then there should be more stone in the decoration. In this case, the head is decorated with a round cobblestone, pouring it in a circle with concrete mortar.

Alpine-style chalets are characterized by buildings in two tiers: the lower one is made of stone, the upper one is made of wood.

Design of a well in an oriental (Japanese-Chinese) style

Oriental styles are often found in summer cottages, because the harmony and minimalism of landscapes are very impressed with outdoor recreation. A rock garden, a dry stream, fountains and waterfalls, Chinese lanterns ... Is there a place for a well in such an environment? There is, moreover, a well in Eastern cultures plays an important role as a keeper of an energy source that feeds human strength with its purity and transparency.

Dragons and a peculiar roof are distinctive features of Chinese culture

The Japanese are very sensitive to water, so a Japanese-style well necessarily provides for a canopy that protects life-giving moisture from dust, foliage and the evil eye. In the Chinese style, figures of mythical creatures are welcomed to guard the well.

Materials in oriental styles are only natural: wood, large stones. The roof has a peculiar shape, lifted at the edges, and most often it is finished with soft tiles, repeating the bends of the roof structure.

Minimalism and the presence of large stones are mandatory attributes of the Japanese style.

Include plants in the design of a country well in an oriental way. They should be evergreen and mostly conifers. A very good option is mountain pine, juniper, different varieties of tui.

The material on the use of coniferous compositions in garden landscaping will also be useful:

The use of modern materials in decoration

If the cottage is decorated with siding, decorative plaster and other modern materials, then there is no point in creating an old well, because it will not fit into the overall landscape. In this case, bring modernity here too, tiling the concrete ring of the head with tiles, and making the roof from a sheet of polycarbonate. Racks are suitable iron, with hand-forged elements, and if there is no blacksmith nearby, then they can be laid out of red brick.

The polycarbonate roof will look harmonious against the background of a visor or carport made of the same material

Wells-images for any landscape

Very often, in summer cottages, you can see wells-images that do not have a pronounced style, therefore they are suitable for any landscapes.

Sea well

Such a well is very appropriate next to the bathhouse. The base for the posts and the roof can be wood, but it must be braided with twine or a thin rope. The head is made of wood, which is artificially aged to give the appearance of the remains of a ship battered by the seas. Anchors, figures of sea animals are nailed on top of the boards, shells are hung. The bucket is replaced with a beer barrel, and the handle is turned into a steering wheel.

The shape of a beer barrel is a good option for a well located near a bathhouse

Mill well

It is usually made of wood, in the form of a windmill with four blades. Some craftsmen manage to make the blades move in a strong wind. The window inside the head, where the bucket is hiding, is placed on the back side, and the structure itself is turned with the blades to the central path of the summer cottage.

A mill-shaped well is usually turned to face the busiest part of the site.


The shape of a miniature house, laid out of stone and covered with cheerful bright tiles, looks good in the barbecue area. It complements the composition created by the stove, barbecue, tandoor and other attributes of a good rest. In addition, it is convenient to have drinking water near the place of preparation.

You can “settle” cheerful gnomes near the stone well-house

Thinking about how to decorate a well beautifully, you should not rush in search of expensive materials. Use what's left of the main building.

  • A bag of cement is preserved - plaster the concrete ring and cut out the brick pattern using the wet mortar. When everything is dry, paint it with red-brown paint, and you will have an antique medieval well.
  • There is a ceramic tile left - break it into pieces and decorate the head with a mosaic in a circle, and the area around the well with broken brick or flat sharp-angled stone. It will turn out to be an interesting eclecticism.

If some side of the well did not come out very well for you, cover it with flowering shrubs or tall plants (cannes, climbing roses, etc.). Do not be afraid to fantasize, because each well is beautiful because it is individual.

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The correct design of the country well will allow you to harmoniously fit the design into the existing style, but before starting you need to understand several important points for yourself:

  • Functionality. What is the purpose of the well design on the site? Hide communications, protect from rain and debris, or is it just a decor?
  • Style. In what style is the entire summer cottage decorated? The same direction should be followed when refining a decorative well.
  • Construction. Depends on the type of your well and the functional purpose - there is a gable, with a crane, a column.
  • Operating conditions . The more severe the conditions in the region of residence, the more durable the materials should be: high resistance to humidity and temperature extremes are mandatory characteristics for finishing.

Features of the

The design of the well must meet some requirements. Firstly, it must be in harmony with the surrounding landscape and the style of the exterior of the residential building, and secondly, if it is used for its intended purpose, as a source of water, it must be protected from possible ingress of sewage, precipitation and other contaminants. Finishing can be done with stone, wood, brick, flowers. After all, the well can be simply plastered or painted.

If you plan to decorate the well with wood, then it is better to choose hard rocks.that are not afraid of the negative effects of the environment. In any case, the selected material must be durable, insensitive to temperature extremes and precipitation. If, after finishing, it is plastered or painted, then the service life will increase and it will retain its attractive appearance longer. You can build a house above the well itself - this will additionally decorate it and protect it from precipitation.

The location of the well must also be chosen in accordance with some rules. First of all, it is necessary to determine how high-quality the soil is in this area, what is its composition, since all kinds of pollution sources should be located no closer than 30 m from the future well.

You can make a key, shaft or tube well.

  • First type, key, is the simplest and most economical option. It is possible if the site has a natural source of drinking water - a spring. The structure is installed above it. In this case, you need to remove the top layer of soil - soil (10-20 cm).
  • The second option is a mine well - suitable if the water does not come out to the surface of the earth, but lies shallow - up to 25 meters. When building such a well, it is necessary to take into account the volume of incoming water and correlate them with the needs of the family. This is to avoid stagnant water.
  • Tubular well resembles an artesian version. In its construction, a pipe with a diameter of 25-45 mm is used, which has a sieve-shaped tip for filtering water.

Well canopy with lid - open house

Structurally, the device is simple: there are two racks located one opposite the other. They serve as a support for the canopy, and also a gate is attached to them - a device for lifting buckets of water. See the drawing of an open house with dimensions in the photo below.

Drawing of a well shed with a cover and a gate

Note that the racks can be dug in after the well ring has been finished. Depending on this, the order of work changes, but the design in any case remains the same.

The uprights supporting the canopy can be inside the well ring plating or outside.

How to make a canopy

First, the canopy is assembled. Make two side triangles according to the required dimensions. In the drawing above, only an approximate spread of the two extreme points is given. You can make more of it if necessary. The length of the canopy depends on where the racks will stand - close to the well ring or behind the casing. The approximate dimensions of the canopy with a ring diameter of 100 cm are shown in the photo below.

Well shed dimensions for a diameter of 100 cm

You can assemble the structure from a galvanized profile, a metal profile pipe or a wooden bar. To prevent the profile from bending, it is reinforced at the points of attachment of the door - you can put a wooden block or a metal corner inside.

To ensure that the rain does not fall inside, the scatter must be made much larger than the ring size - at least 20 cm on each side.

The roof above the well should be much larger than its diameter

If the racks are to be attached directly to the concrete ring, the order of work is slightly different. First, a frame is assembled that covers the ring. In the photo, it is made of a 30 mm thick board. The racks are also made of the same board, the place of attachment to concrete is reinforced with overlays. They also play a decorative role.

If the canopy turns out to be heavy, it is advisable to use a bar of greater thickness, otherwise it will not withstand the load.

Well head frame

After that, the previously assembled roof is attached to the racks. You can make triangles immediately on the spot, but it is more convenient to prepare them in advance, assemble the rafter system, and put them on the racks in finished form.

Assembled but not finished

Next is the finish. Sew up with a board, clapboard, roofing material. Just keep in mind that the boards, if you use raw, will dry out after a while, gaps up to 5 mm thick will form between them. Then we are not talking about any hygiene: both rain and dust will fall ... Using a dry board is also not very good - in wet weather it will swell, the flooring will "go in a wave". In general, if you want to have clean water, build a house with doors - closed. There are more chances to protect moisture from pollution.

Do-it-yourself roof for a well: drawings and dimensions



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