How to create a cozy garden. Contest "Envy, Neighbor!"

How to create a cozy garden. Contest

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We will multiply the beauty

Our gardening is located near the village of Sinyavino, it is located along the old Ladoga Canal, built by order of Peter I for navigation on Lake Ladoga. Carrying out the usual work for every gardener, we still try every summer to do something that will make our site special, not like others. After all, living next to beauty is both easier and more fun. So in the past season, we found time for such things.

It all started back in the spring, when there is still little greenery on the site. For In order to make the eye happy, highlighting bright green spots in the garden, I specially grow wheat in candy boxes of any size and get wonderful wigs for decorating stones. Other parts of the garden can be decorated in the same way. Or, for example, my husband cut flowers out of plywood, I painted them, nailed sticks to them, and they "grow" in my pots or just in the ground - a trifle, but nice.

From the remnants of the timber after the construction, the husband made furniture for the garden - it turned out very convenient, and most importantly, everything was done by hand, it seems, and it is more comfortable to sit there.

The turn came to small ponds, of which we have two - although they are purchased, but the decoration of the banks with stones and ornamental plants is already the work of my hands. We have a swing in our garden, already old, they were welded from pipes 20 years ago by grandfather, then the daughters were still small, they really liked swinging on them: what a childhood without a swing! Now the children have grown up, but last year I paid attention to them and put them in order - now the cat Fox loves to swing on the swing.

I myself have long dreamed of a hammock, although, of course, there is especially no time to rest in it, but at least five to ten minutes can be carved out. And now the dream came true: the water pipes were changed in the house, we did not throw them away, my husband used them for a rack under a hammock - now you can relax in the fresh air, relieve work fatigue. Our Petya-rooster decorates the chicken coop and the garden, when he gets there, he loves to pose and among the flowers he gets very organic, especially since this year is his Rooster.

We are not isolated in our summer cottage life, we often communicate with friends, share ideas and planting material with each other. Our gardens are becoming more beautiful from this, and dacha life is more interesting. I believe that let the neighbor envy, but only in a kind way, and then he himself will multiply the beauty on our land.

N. Denisova, gardener, winner of the competition

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