Sowing calendar for 23.03 - gardeners and gardeners

Sowing calendar for 23.03 - gardeners and gardeners

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March 2021

March 23, Tuesday, 10-11th lunar day. The waxing moon is in Cancer


Prepare seeds for sowing: soak them in a stimulating solution or germinate in a damp cloth.

Sow, plant and transplant any crops, including decorative and medicinal. You will harvest a good harvest, but the quality of the seed and keeping quality of the fruit will be mediocre.

Loosen the soil after abundant watering, apply mineral fertilizers to it.

Thin seedlings and huddle plants.

Compost organic waste.

Remove stepchildren, root shoots, diseased, dry and thickening shoots, cut off excess strawberry whiskers.

Pinch the tops of the shoots

Get vaccinated.


Plant seedlings and sow seeds of white cabbage, red cabbage and Brussels sprouts, sow onions on feathers - chives, batun and shallots. You can plant lagenaria, potatoes, tomatoes and bell peppers. From pumpkin plants, it is possible to plant cucumbers and zucchini, and from legumes - peas, beans and peanuts.

Sow greens:

  • coriander;
  • lemon balm;
  • savory;
  • chicory;
  • asparagus.

Plant currant, rowan and gooseberry seedlings. From garden flowers, sow calendula, Turkish carnation and levkoy, plant lilies from Oriental hybrids, forget-me-nots and viola. In some regions it is not too late to plant crocuses.

Indoor plants can be cut, cut, planted and transplanted:

  • American agave;
  • rejuvenated roofing;
  • stonecrop thick-leaved;
  • Echeveria Derenberg;
  • haworthy chess.

Not recommended

Do not plant or replant tuberous, climbing, or creeping plants.

Do not treat plantings with harmful chemicals.

Do not prune fruit trees.

Don't budge.


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Sowing calendar for 23.03 - gardeners and gardeners - garden and vegetable garden

April - one of the most stressful months for the gardener and gardener, because the work at the summer cottage is only being added. The weather is still changeable, and it is necessary to prepare the site for planting and sowing, to process fruit trees and shrubs from diseases and pests.

Gardener's lunar sowing calendar for April 2021 will help to plan work on the site correctly, will tell you favorable and unfavorable days.

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