Pearl creek - nursery of ornamental and fruit plants, landscape studio

Pearl creek - nursery of ornamental and fruit plants, landscape studio

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The plant nursery and landscape bureau "Pearl Ruchey" offers a large selection of planting material for fruit and ornamental plants, zoned for the North-West, services for landscape design and landscaping.
Zhemchuzhny Ruchey has been operating since 1996. Over the years, we have grown a huge amount of planting material, gained rich experience and acquired some principles. Here they are:

- We sell only planting material grown by us or received by exchange from nurseries of the Leningrad region
- All our material is grown from cuttings, or seeds of local reproduction, and wintered at least 2 winters in open field conditions.
- We grow plants in containers, they have a compact root ball, this makes it possible to plant our plants during the entire period from early spring to late autumn.
- We are constantly updating and expanding the range.
- We use our material ourselves in our own landscaping projects and we know perfectly well how our material takes root in different conditions.
- People come to us to do a good deed - to plant a tree, a flowering bush or flowers, and therefore we always greet them with a good mood.
- Our employees are always ready to give advice on the cultivation of any kind.
- We work seven days a week, from early May to late October.

Fruit crops

Our nursery offers a wide range of productive plants. These are seedlings of fruit trees and berry bushes, as well as strawberries and gingerbread plants. Within each group of fruit seedlings there is a huge variety of varieties, although we only offer zoned varieties.

We guarantee that the seedling you bought is really of the declared variety, for more than 20 years of the nursery's history we have never had complaints about re-grading

We sell fruit and berry plants with a closed root system, which prevents the roots from drying out, which significantly reduces the survival rate. This allows us to give a guarantee for the survival rate of our seedlings, and we can say that cases of return are extremely rare.

Ornamental shrubs

The choice of shrubs is wide enough for us, you can choose for every taste, and for a site with almost any conditions (soil composition, illumination, humidity, etc.). Our assortment includes most of the types of ornamental shrubs introduced into cultivation in our climatic zone. And, of course, we are constantly expanding the assortment due to the reproduction of new interesting species, but we sell only those that have passed the test for 2 or more winters.
Ornamental shrubs are beauty, durability, fairly modest care requirements, fairly affordable prices and an extensive selection. We can admire their flowering from mid-April, when the daphne blooms, until November, when the hydrangea with preserved inflorescences leaves under the snow. Ornamental deciduous shrubs with purple or golden foliage delight us throughout the season. In addition, let's not forget about the autumn color of the foliage and the bright fruits!

You can draw up a planting plan by looking at the range of our seedlings on the website, or simply come to us and we will tell you what will grow better on your site.


"Pearl Ruchei" offers a wide range of perennials. You can choose plants for all growing conditions - for shade and sun, for clay or sandy soils, for wet or dry locations.

By using perennial flowers, you can create a continuous flowering garden that will delight us from April thawed patches to October snow.

Since our plants are grown in containers, they can be planted in a flower garden in an already flowering state, they practically do not "get sick" after transplanting and immediately give the desired effect.

Often the perennials that we sell were grown in the nursery for not two, but three years. This means that the buyer can independently divide a large bush and receive several units of planting material. Thanks to the developed root system, perennials planted from containers, within a short time, fill the space allotted to them and do not allow weeds to develop intensively.


Even if our garden is constantly blooming at the expense of shrubs and perennials, there are cases when it is impossible to do without summer plants. For example, if you want our garden to look different every year. Or you need to plant flowers in a vase or balcony box. Or we want to arrange a flower garden in such a way that flowering continues throughout the summer, and perennials fade in 2-3 weeks. Or it is necessary to replace faded bulbs in mixborders ... Yes, just buy 10 seedlings - the money is relatively small, but we are happy all summer!

We offer a large assortment of annual plants, which includes more than 30 items, and we try to update and supplement this assortment every year.

Green, bulbous and gingerbread plants, vegetable seedlings

A well-groomed and carefully thought-out vegetable garden can beautify any site. And do not neglect the opportunity to plant various spices, onions, strawberries and medicinal herbs on the site. "Useful" plants can be planted both in the vegetable garden and in mixborders, ridges and other flower beds as an interesting addition to the traditional range of flower crops.

Our nursery offers a significant assortment of various perennial gingerbread plants, perennial onions, strawberries, and medicinal herbs. Also, every year we grow seedlings of annual green and vegetable crops - parsley, basil, celery, cucumbers, zucchini, peppers, eggplants, tomatoes and others.


We grow all vines that grow well in the North-West and do not freeze over. For illuminated locations, we recommend honeysuckle honeysuckle, for growing in shady places, maiden grapes, woodworm, actinidia are suitable. All these vines are distinguished by active growth and quickly fill the space provided to them on the support.

Landscape design

"Pearl Creek" performs all the work of creating a garden from design to maintenance. We employ employees who understand the specifics of our profession, both its architectural component and agrotechnical. When creating a garden, we try to take into account all the wishes of the customer and at the same time emphasize the individuality of the territory - the garden must be in harmony with the architecture and the surrounding landscape.

We create a project taking into account the wishes of the owner and the characteristics of the site

Landscape construction
We carry out any work related to landscape construction - including drainage, land improvement, demolition of dead or threatening trees, paving, and, of course, planting work.

Green space maintenance services
Your garden is constantly changing. Every year he grows up, with the transition from one season to another - he looks in a new way. And we are ready to guide these changes so that your garden becomes more and more beautiful from year to year.

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