Master class: children's wooden playground for children with a slide made of plastic and a swing

Master class: children's wooden playground for children with a slide made of plastic and a swing

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A children's corner at their summer cottage is trying to equip all families with kids. What could be better for a child than outdoor games with friends? A children's town for a summer cottage today can be made on your own, assembled from purchased items, or you can combine ready-made elements and scrap materials. Today there is no shortage of ready-made playgrounds - you can buy a colorful inflatable playground, a trampoline, a pool, make it yourself or buy a wooden playground. Older children really like sports towns with rings, wall bars, rope and other devices. You can also build a playground yourself or buy it from manufacturers.

The playground can be purchased ready-made or made independently, based on the layout of the finished one. Additional parts - seats for swings, slides, you can buy today in specialized stores

Step-by-step description of the technological process

Preparation of construction materials

Consider an example of creating a playground made of wood with a plastic slide. There can be many options for organizing it, every summer resident will certainly create it in accordance with his abilities and design capabilities according to the general scheme.

The material on the safe zoning of a summer cottage for families with small children will also be useful:

So, you will need: a hacksaw, a large drill, drills for ordinary and thick wood, wrenches for tightening bolts, a machine for cutting an angle, boards 10/10, 5/10, 5/15, and another size if necessary, screws for wood (5 cm), screws 8/20 cm galvanized square head, washers, stain, paint, embankment gravel (or sand), nuts, lock washers, galvanized washers 2.5 / 2 cm, galvanized square head bolts (length 25 cm, diameter 2.5 / 5 cm), as well as equipment for the town - slides, swings, sports equipment at your discretion.

General design description

The town has three levels. The dimensions of the upper floor are 1.5 / 3 m, the upper level should be located two meters from the ground. You can make a roof on top, or you can leave the site open. A slide is fixed on the upper level, if you decide to install it.

The dimensions of the second floor are 1.2 / 1.2, this is a small area, the first level is the sum of the areas of the first and second. The levels are connected by ladders. A swing is held on a beam attached to the main structure. Several swings can be made by placing them at the same distance from each other.

View of the town - three levels, a fence made of vertical beams performs a protective function, a plank floor, a slide is mounted on the upper level

The vertical bars on the sections play an important role - they provide safety and are a decoration. The structure is erected on the ground, then bolted to the beams. It's hard to build a town alone - the sections weigh a lot, it is better to do it together or three. If you make a drilling template for 5/15 and 5/10 cm planks, the holes will be much easier to drill, and they will be aligned evenly on the beams.

Installation of the floor and railing of the site

The plank floor is made after the sections are attached to the main structure. If you do not want grass to grow through the boards in the lower part, you can cover the soil with boards and sprinkle it with rubble. Another option is to nail an anti-weed material to the structure.

The railing on the site must be strong at all levels. The handrail posts are pre-fabricated and then screwed between the support beams and the handrail. All children like slides, therefore, in order for the playground to be more attractive for kids, you need to install one or two plastic slides. In this version of the site, a winding slide is used, but you can also use a straight one. First, all the components of the slide are fastened together, and then it rises up. Ideally, the height of the slide and the top floor should be the same for ease of installation.

Installation of a swing and a plastic slide

The swing is mounted last. The main beam, attached to the play structure, is supported at the other end by a triangular support.

Side view of the town - you can attach a swing (one or more) to the cross beam, as well as hang sports equipment - a rope ladder, rope, rings

A triangular support that supports the structure of the campus on the other side. It is reinforced with inclined beams. For strength, all supports are recommended to be concreted

If you use pressure treated wood to create such a play complex, it can eventually become stained. In this case, it can be painted in any color. Using similar methods, you can build a playground of any size with your own hands, choosing different slides and swings. Next to the swing, you can hang a rope, rings, make horizontal bars and a Swedish wall - this is both a children's playground and a sports town. The main thing is to build the structure after a carefully drawn up plan, and the use of drilling templates will help to achieve accuracy of execution.

You can find out what else you can build for the playground yourself from the material:

Slide slopes and swing seats are made of durable plastic. It is convenient to purchase these elements of the town ready-made, as well as rope fasteners.

What else can you do yourself?

An inflatable town for children today can be chosen for every taste - for the little ones, for older children, with a pool, trampoline, etc. Such a town is convenient because it can be located anywhere, it is lightweight, mobile, painted very brightly and positively, and will bring the little ones no less joy than any other. An inflatable town, the pool bowl is recommended to be located on a paved place. It so happens that the lawn grass breaks through the thin bottom of the inflatable structure.

You can also equip the playground for children with things from scrap materials, read about this:

Inflatable towns are a simple solution to the problem of a playground for children. a huge selection allows you to choose a place for games for very young, older children, choose the type of town - a trampoline, a pool, a fortress with slides, etc.

Anyway, here are some safety rules:

  • Keep the equipment free of cracks, sharp corners, protruding nails and bolts. All playing and sports equipment must have rounded corners to avoid injury. Check all fasteners periodically.
  • There should be a safety zone around swings, carousels - at least two meters.

In the playground, you can arrange carousels, swings, a sandbox, a climbing wall, a climbing frame, horizontal bars, a rope, rings, cars, ships, rope ladders, web nets.

Such a simple playground is easy to build from logs. From shells used rings and a rope ladder, swing. You can also use a rope, a swing with a tire seat, a climbing net, make a climbing wall - and there will be enough shells on the site

If the above option is difficult for you, you can create a simple town using logs and tires. Thoroughly fix the tires, paint - and the place for children's games is ready

That's all for today. If you have any questions or wishes - write in the comments.

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Children's town for a summer residence: how to do it yourself

Everyone knows about the benefits of fresh air and bright sun for children. This is especially important for small city dwellers. Therefore, caring grandparents try to take their grandchildren to the country as soon as possible. In addition, this is a good alternative to spending time at the computer. But what can be done to make children interesting outside the city? The answer is simple: place a playground on the site of a country house!

Today, dachas with a bright playground for children are not so common. And many summer residents simply do not realize that it is not so difficult to create it. There are two options to ennoble your site with a playground: buy it or do it yourself.

We will consider both options, but first you need to decide what your playground will be like and where you will place it.

So, choose an area that will be visible from all sides and receive sufficient sun exposure. It is better if you can see the playground from the window in order to keep your children, especially small ones, in sight at all times. And in order for children to really enjoy spending time outdoors, do not be too lazy to ask your little ones what they want and what outdoor games they like. Depending on their interests, you can make a choice aside sports complexes or playgrounds with a house, children's slide or sandbox.

Paradise for children in the country - video

The final stage of marking will be cleaning or searching for the most accurate area, which will not be, or will be as few dangerous and uncomfortable stones, bumps, snags, and similar items that can interfere with the construction of the playground or the game of your children.

After the place is selected, it is necessary to proceed with the cleaning itself. To begin with, completely level the territory, remove all kinds of mounds and bumps. Then, rid the site of large stones, cobblestones sticking out of the ground with sharp roots, and other small debris that can also interfere or do harm in every way.

Clean up and pay attention to:

  • large and medium stones and cobblestones
  • roots and driftwood
  • mounds and bumps
  • other small debris.

Installation of structures

After the scheme is drawn up, they proceed to the immediate implementation of the work. Next, we will talk about how to build these structures with your own hands. Do not forget to take the future small owners of the site as assistants.


The main attribute in the play corner is the sandbox. Both very young children and older children play in it with the same enthusiasm.

It is not difficult to build it and the material costs are not high.

  • Start by preparing the site for the sandbox
  • To begin with, break the markup according to the ready-made scheme.
  • Then remove the ball of fertile soil
  • Deeper should be approximately 30 cm
  • Further, a slight depression is provided in the center.
  • First, fill the prepared mini-pit with drainage: pebbles or gravel

For the installation of the ground part of the sandbox, you need to stock up on material. You will need up to 12 boards 20 mm thick, 100 cm wide and 1800 mm long.

The sides of the sandbox will consist of two boards. To connect them, it is necessary to provide grooves. They are arranged in the following way.

  • Offset from the edge 150 mm
  • The depth is equal to half of the board
  • The groove width corresponds to the board thickness - 20 mm
  • Along the mark, a cut is made along the depth of the groove, and then the excess is removed using a chisel

After all the boards are ready, they start assembling them. Planks are alternately inserted into the grooves until the structure is completely assembled. For the rigidity of the structure, the corners are additionally reinforced with bars with a section of 30 × 30 mm. They are placed in the inside of the sandbox and fastened with self-tapping screws.

After the sides of the sandbox are ready, they begin to create amenities. Seating needs to be built. To do this, the remaining boards are attached to the edges of the sides in a horizontal position. Here you can show your imagination in terms of the location of the benches.

The sandbox must be painted with bright colors.

This is one of the simpler options for sandboxing. This model can be improved. Let's say you can make benches with backs or make a closing sandbox.


It is impossible to imagine a playground without a swing. It is difficult to find a child who would not like to climb to the sky on a swing with a sinking heart. During planning, a place must be allocated for the swing, at least 2 × 3 m.

For a safe stroke, it is necessary to provide that, even with the maximum swing, there are no foreign objects on the swing path.

A dream swing for every child

  • material for racks and crossbars, it is better if these are metal pipes
  • wooden planks for seating
  • strong ropes, carabiners
  • Work begins with securely digging in the racks.
  • It is necessary to deepen by at least 0.5 m with the obligatory fixing with concrete

In the event that the parent has even the slightest skill in performing carpentry work, then the seat can be made for convenience with a back

Racks must be treated with a protective agent before digging in. If metal pipes are used, then they are treated with bitumen. The processing of wooden structures is performed with antiseptics.

A crossbar is attached to the racks. In the case of working with metal elements, the crossbar is mounted by means of welding.

The seating board is well sanded and varnished.

Two ropes are securely fastened on both sides of the seat, the opposite ends of the ropes are fastened to the crossbar using carabiners.


Every child's dream is to have a real slide on the playground. Of course, you will have to show skill in making it. But the game is worth the candle.

First, you need to prepare the material. The boards are carefully sanded, getting rid of splinters and roughness. After that, the cut is performed and the parts are prepared for assembly according to the diagram. After the blanks are ready, they are assembled according to the drawing.

Example of a finished slide scheme

When performing work, we control the reliability and strength of the fasteners. The safety of the little owners of the slide depends on this.

After installation work, the structure must be covered with paints and varnishes. The brighter the colors are used, the more attractive the slide will be.

When constructing a slide for kids over 6 years old, you can additionally equip ladders and horizontal bars of different levels.

Swing and ladder combination

Next, we provide the space that is located directly in front of the slide. The descent should end with a "soft landing". Therefore, a safe coating is being thought out.

This capacity can be: lawn grass, well sifted sand or a special synthetic material that has recently been used to cover sports fields.

Children's house options

Houses are very popular with children, in which you can hide from the all-seeing eye of their parents. Moreover, from what it was built, it is not of particular importance. This can be a tent, a hut or a wooden house. And if children were directly involved in the construction, then there will be no limit to delight.

The most common way of arranging a summer house, known since childhood by the parents themselves, is a hut. Many names have been invented for such a structure: headquarters, "chalabuda" and so on.

A hut for children is very quickly built from scrap materials.

Here are some examples of building a hut:

  • Several poles are prepared, which are installed in a conical shape
  • A reliable connection is made at the top of the formed figure.
  • Climbing plants are planted around the structure to make it look natural and closer to nature.
  • In a few weeks, they will braid the structure completely
  • But you don't have to wait for the plants. You can build a cover out of fabric and pull it over the frame of the hut

A quick way to build a hut is with a cloth and a sports hoop. It is necessary to sew a tent from the fabric, the upper part of which has the dimensions of the circumference of the hoop. The lower part is widened. Attach the fabric to the hoop and hang the structure from the tree.

If the goal is to build a real house, then the choice of material is large. The structure itself is erected according to the frame type. The houses can be arranged both at ground level and on a raised one.

Children's house - personal space for a child

First, the frame is mounted

Blocks are laid on the ground, which are the basis of the house.

A timber with a section of 80 × 80 mm is laid on them and connected so that in the end a rectangle is obtained

Racks are installed in each corner of the structure. They are a support for walls and roofs

These elements can be built from boards or used OSB slabs, chipboard, etc.

It is much easier to work with plates, and their cost is lower.

Some interesting ideas

It is better to arrange an area for children's outdoor games in accordance with the interests of the child. In addition to the provided complexes, you can add a few more elements.

Here are some photos:

The device of the mini pool will delight the kids. This can be achieved thanks to inflatable pools.

Many kids love to draw or sculpt from plasticine. To do this, you need to install a table and chairs.

Fidgets can equip a rope maze

Construction of sports equipment using stumps and logs

An outdoor shower in hot weather is just a great idea.

The decor of the site should be bright and attractive

Decorating the site is an important point. The more colorful it will be, the more it will attract kids.

  • birds
  • mushrooms
  • flowers
  • cartoon characters
  • garden figurines

And the complexes themselves can be made non-standard. For example, a sandbox can be played in the form of a piece.

For example, a model of a car or boat

For additional decor, plantings are thought out. In general, there are almost no restrictions. The main thing is to show imagination.

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How to make a paradise for children in the country?

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We have tried to collect all the necessary information for you and give some interesting, fresh ideas for equipping our little ones with their cozy corner. If you disagree with these ratings, leave your rating in the comments with the reasoning for your choice. Your opinion will be useful to other users.

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