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Garden umbrellas

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The utility

The garden is for many the space where they spend most of their time during the summer: it is precisely for this reason that they prefer to accessorize it in such a way as to make the outdoor space as comfortable as the indoor one. The garden umbrella, in all its versions, represents something fundamental even for those who have a pergola where they can eat, because they need an additional shaded space, perhaps next to the swimming pool, which can only be achieved by making use of the an umbrella. The definition itself often associates it by similarity to the classic beach umbrella, although they are not exactly the same size.


Manufacturing companies have evolved the product to make it today an element that combines easily and also gives an extra touch of class, whatever the model chosen. The umbrella that is associated with the classic model has a very simple structure in itself; other models, on the other hand, are more elaborate both in the structure and in the use of materials. The standard model is made up of a wooden plank at the top of which opens an umbrella; the opening takes place by means of a lever that also allows you to close it very easily.

  • Garden umbrella

    With the arrival of summer it becomes more and more pleasant to spend time outside and, if we have a garden, we know how pleasant it is, in moments free from commitments, ...


The umbrella structure is made of different materials: wood for the plank, cotton for the awning, aluminum for the structure that supports the awning. The curtain can be chosen in any color, with a linear or slightly wavy edge. The fabric is made in such a way that it is weatherproof enough and therefore it is not necessary to cover it in case of some summer rain. The fabric is unlikely to tear but could get stained. Therefore, to avoid damaging it with aggressive substances, it is good to ask the seller, at the time of purchase, how to clean it. As a support base, for models of a certain quality, an iron support or a concrete base is used: both have a hole that allows the axis of the umbrella to be arranged.

Features and variants

The structure of the garden umbrella can be fixed and this allows you to create a shadow space only in a certain place unless it moves with the whole base, or, the axis can be adjustable, only in this case by moving the the axis of the umbrella moves the shadow area. The size can vary; for very spacious gardens there is also a fairly particular model consisting of a single rod from which, however, two umbrellas branch off, one to the right and the other to the left. It is a garden umbrella often used also in public places, for its extreme comfort.


Sometimes it can happen that, after many years, the fabric begins to wear out, but in some cases it is possible to replace it, thus avoiding having to buy a new umbrella. Careful use certainly contributes to a longer life of the garden umbrella; it is advisable never to leave it open if it is not used: a sudden wind could break it. Repairing it during the winter allows you to prevent the umbrella from getting wet and unnecessarily left outside.

The "gazebo"

The garden umbrella sometimes also takes the definition of "gazebo"; substantially with this term we want to indicate the same function, however the structure changes. The gazebo can be formed by a sort of curtain, supported by a structure that can be made of wood, or iron, but also plastic, which creates a fairly large square space of shade, with the same fabric cover. It is a 'fixed' garden umbrella: this means that it cannot be closed or disassembled but is placed in a space in the garden and must be left there.

Gazebo as a garage

Restaurants often use an entirely plastic cover, and the same model is used, during the winter, as a parking space. This model is firmly fixed to the ground but nothing prevents it from being disassembled and reassembled the following year for the winter period.

Evolution and other variants

The garden umbrella evolves to contribute to an increasingly complete outdoor furniture. We can also find it in the version with curtains: it is a fixed umbrella that can be closed laterally by means of curtains that roll up if necessary, to create a more intimate environment but also to possibly shelter from insects. The fabric of the curtains can be simple and very cheap but also very precious and chic: sometimes there are also models of garden umbrellas with veil curtains, as if they were mosquito nets.

Choice of the appropriate model

The choice presupposes the knowledge of the specific characteristics of each model. To do this, it is important to orient yourself in this sector by first making a general examination and then also deciding on the basis of the type of garden you want to create, because it is important to remember that the garden umbrella, given its grandeur, gives a strong imprint to the space in which it is placed. The garden umbrella is as solid as it is elegant in each of its models and has also been designed to be placed inside the garden table by means of the hole in the center, thus transforming itself into a single element that blends with the nature.

Garden umbrellas: garden furniture: Evolution over time of umbrella models

The outdoor umbrella is among those furnishing accessories that have been completely transformed over time.

The first models faithfully reproduced the model of the lifeguard umbrella, they were often placed in the central hole of the garden tables and did not have a supporting structure.

The first models of outdoor umbrellas were designed to recreate a living room environment, mainly for eating in the garden in a cool and sunless area.

With the evolution of the outdoor furniture market, with the acquisition of the value of the garden, the outdoor umbrella began to be thought of as a functional piece of furniture to create a shadow area.

Garden umbrellas

Discover our wide range of sale of outdoor umbrellas for your garden and terrace!

We at Ombrellificio Guidetti offer you items to give style to your outdoor spaces, to relax and fully enjoy your garden or terrace!

The garden represents the relaxing and pleasant place par excellence

Taking care of your garden with passion and enhancing it with a cool and comfortable area will make it even more functional and beautiful!

Create your relaxation corner with garden umbrellas classic or more modern shapes. We offer umbrellas of many different sizes and shapes from the classic round to the more particular square or rectangular. We use materials such as aluminum, wood and steel and covers in cotton, polyester and acrylic as needed. The pole can be central or lateral depending on how you want to furnish your outdoor area ... And don't forget our bases for garden umbrella.

You can choose our super-classic Venezia model and in cotton or the Follonica in steel and polyester with a more modern look and among many other proposals that we invite you to find by browsing our catalog.

In our collection you will find prices of garden umbrellas for all budgets! Always take a look at ours too offers garden umbrellas!

Outdoor umbrellas: the outdoor umbrellas

In our collection you can find many outdoor umbrellas suitable for your dehors!

Terrace umbrellas for a classic style, in wood with central pole or more trendy in aluminum with central or side pole. Or, for smaller spaces, our classic steel umbrellas with cotton or polyester cover in many colors and shapes to best adapt them to your outdoor area.

For the outdoor area of ​​your bar, restaurant or any activity aimed at the public, we always have the best solution, focused on your budget and your space and style needs.

Our umbrellas and accessoriesoutdoor furniture they are made of sturdy, quality materials and have a unique design!

The umbrella is a precious ally in the garden, in the courtyard, on the terrace and even on a simple balcony. It can have different shapes and sizes and must be carefully fixed to a suitable base (be careful because not all models are sold together with a base, but it is an accessory that can be purchased separately in DIY, hardware or furniture stores for outdoor). Almost all garden umbrellas on the market are easy to open and close using a practical crank or knob.

As a mobile element, the parasol can be easily stored in winter to protect it from the elements. Alternatively, it can be covered with a special case so that it lasts several seasons.

Decentralized garden umbrellas with led, arm, with slats and much more

When the warm season arrives, there is nothing better than being able to enjoy the atmosphere of your garden, or outdoor space at its best: a 3x3, 3x4 or 5x5 garden umbrellas It will certainly help you furnish your outdoor space in the best possible way.

And if you have a business, attracting new customers by granting them the shelter of the shade in the outdoor spaces will be an excellent investment for your local pub, bar, restaurant or horeca facility of any kind: among the many outdoor umbrellas in the catalog, choose the model with the features that are closest to your needs. A arm umbrella rectangular or square with off-center fabric allows you to use the space below to the fullest while garden umbrellas with led it will make light for summer evenings.

On the San Marco online catalog you will also be spoiled for choice between models of square shaped garden umbrellas, rectangular and round: San Marco umbrellas satisfy even the most difficult tastes!

The terrace umbrellas with slats are designed to create meeting and gathering spaces for your guests or friends, who will thus be able to enjoy the pleasure of the shade without giving up the pleasant heat typical of the summer season.

Garden umbrella 3x3Materials
Best ever
aluminum and polyester fabric See Price
Best value for money
steel and polyester fabric See Price
My garden M0445-21
Best cheap 3x3 garden umbrella
aluminum and polyester fabric See Price

1. FP-TECH FP-YX4214M - Best overall

Materials: aluminum and polyester fabric

If you are looking for a luxury decorative piece for your garden without having to spend too much, this practical and beautiful 3 × 3 parasol will be the most suitable for you. In addition to offering you 2 different colors to choose from, in fact, its square design will give a special and elegant touch to your patio. It is large enough to sit down for breakfast with the family or have tea with friends without the sun blinding and bothering you.

One of the favorite features of many is that its base can be tilted and rotated 360 °, which, in addition to giving a sophisticated view, makes it adaptable to give shade at any time of the day. The opening system guarantees incredible ease of use since just turn the lever, while the waterproof fabric is perfect to effectively cover you from the sun and rain. In our opinion, the best 3 × 3 garden umbrella of 2021 is the FP-TECH FP-YX4214M model.

Why buy the product?

Swivel base: to cover you from direct light or rain, in any position where the sun is, the garden umbrella will protect you without having to move it. The base, in fact, can be rotated 360 ° and easily tilted according to your needs.

Closing system: opening or closing it will be as easy as saying it. On the base, the 3 × 3 sunshade has a swivel mechanism that will allow you to fold it quickly without making too much effort, which will help you save space or protect it from damage caused by strong winds. Therefore, the great user reviews make it clear how easy the product is to use.

Waterproof fabric: thanks to the polyester fabric of which the umbrella is made, the drops of water will slide along the edges, ensuring you reliable protection against the rain.

Robust construction: the base is in thick aluminum, while the structure that supports the polyester sheet is made of steel. This set of materials allows you to enjoy a truly resistant and long-lasting 3 × 3 garden umbrella.

Luxury design: will give a very nice touch to the pool or terrace. The unique square design, the light colors and the tilt system give it an extremely attractive luxury look, perfect to suit any style.

Various colors: you can choose from any of its 2 colors to suit your set of tables and chairs. The color of the parasol fabric varies, in fact, between white and light beige, while the frame can be white or dark gray.

What do we dislike?

Wind sensitive: in some reviews, users argue that the resistance to strong winds of the FP-TECH model is not the most outstanding, if we compare it with other products.

Anchor not included: to keep it standing, the base must be fixed to the floor, preferably with concrete tiles, a procedure that must be paid for, as it is not included in the purchase.

2. Yellowshop - Best value for money

Materials: steel and polyester fabric

Elevate the style of your garden or terrace with this beautiful elegant 3 × 3 parasol that will shelter you on sunny or rainy days! Enjoy a pleasant chat with friends on the patio without being interrupted by the weather. The polyester fabric is water repellent, giving you maximum protection from climate change. On sunny days you can relax without the risk of burning yourself, thanks to the fabric that protects against UV rays.

The decentralized base pole offers maximum space to place tables and chairs under the shelter of the 3 × 3 garden umbrella, and the steel and aluminum structure guarantees excellent durability. The cross tube at the base gives extra support and stability in strong winds, so the product doesn't break. Finally, it is a device that ensures you the most excellent value for money of 2021.

Why buy the product?

Maximum protection: do not let yourself be damaged by sunspots or excessive tanning. The fabric of the garden umbrella offers maximum protection from the sun's rays, as it contains protection against UV rays. Plus, the water-repellent polyester cover will keep you dry on rainy days.

Strong structure: the base pole is made of steel to give excellent stability and resistance against environmental agents. The structure that supports the 3 × 3 sun canopy is made up of 8 high quality aluminum bars, a material highly appreciated in the opinions of users.

Quick opening: you do not have to worry about making extreme maneuvers to open or close the umbrella. The opening mechanism it uses consists of a practical crank that must be turned.

Elegant design: in addition to being a functional object, it is also an attractive and elegant decorative piece, thanks to its design and luxury finishes. It is a 3 × 3 umbrella ideal for adding a touch of style to the garden, balcony, terrace and any outdoor area. Furthermore, it is the device that guarantees you the most interesting value for money of 2021.

Ease of assembly: the cross base gives immediate support. However, to avoid any inconvenience it is preferable to fix the garden umbrella completely to the ground, placing concrete slabs.

What do we dislike?

Does not rotate: in some opinions, users claim that the umbrella remains static in one point and does not rotate. It is not possible to set it in different positions, which can be a bit inconvenient in some cases.

3. My garden M0445-21 - Best budget 3 × 3 garden umbrella

Materials: aluminum and polyester fabric

Advantages and disadvantages described in the buyer feedback

How to know if a parasol has passed the windproof test? Or what if it looks good? Or what if it's easy to manage in the winter? Easy: just read the reviews online! We did, and here are the most common pros and cons that users report after purchasing garden umbrellas.

  • Resistant materials.
  • Windproof design.
  • Style with attention to detail.
  • Possibility to close it with band included.
  • Little wind resistance.
  • Difficulty finding the right base.
  • Too heavy to move.
  • Lack of instructions in Italian.


During the summer, we like to spend time in the garden. We welcome friends, family and children for lunch, aperitif or dinner outside, as spring approaches. It is also pleasant to take advantage of the good weather under umbrellas or pergolas that combine comfort and beauty

So you can receive everyone to share the moments outdoors.

Toulouse | 3x3m aluminum garden pergola, sliding awnings

ELUSA | Pergola 3x3m - Elusa - Gray canvas - Pergola with curtains, garden awning, gazebo

ELUSA | Pergola 3x3m - Elusa - Mole canvas - Pergola with curtains, garden awning, gazebo

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