TD Lawn grasses, lawn grass seeds, grass mixtures, fertilizers and soils

TD Lawn grasses, lawn grass seeds, grass mixtures, fertilizers and soils

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Lawn grass seeds from leading manufacturers

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We offer:
1. Seeds of lawn grasses of Russian breeding
2. Herbal mixtures DLF Trifolium (DENMARK)
3. Mineral fertilizers.

Herbal mixtures DLF Trifolium (Denmark)

Seeds of lawn grasses of Russian breeding

Mineral fertilizers

We will select the right grass mixture specifically for your purposes. Our assortment includes products from only trusted manufacturers of lawn grass mixtures.

The goods in our warehouse are in stock and are always available for delivery to your home or suburban area.
Special conditions for construction organizations and landscape workers!
Pickup from the warehouse: Mon-Fri: from 9-00 to 18-00
Delivery within the city and the nearest suburb from 300 rubles.

We are engaged in wholesale and retail sale of goods for landscaping and landscaping.
The basis of our assortment is lawn grass seeds from leading international and domestic producers.
We also offer lawn mixtures developed by the company's specialists, taking into account the wishes of the client, based on the climatic and soil conditions of his particular site.

Along with seeds, we also offer the necessary related products: soil and soil mixtures, fertilizers and herbicides for lawn grasses.
The main emphasis in our activity we place on the selection of materials suitable for the harsh conditions of the North-West region.

Our motto is "All the best for your lawn"

Lawn mixtures taking into account climatic conditions and customer wishes

North classic:

40% Rump, 20% Meadow timothy, 25% Festulolium, 15% Red fescue

Northern extra:

30% Festulolium, 10% Meadow fescue, 50% Red fescue, 10% Meadow bluegrass

Southern classic:

20% Festulolium, 20% Meadow fescue, 40% Reed fescue, 20% Red fescue

Southern extra:

40% Reed fescue, 20% Red fescue, 20% Red Danish fescue, 20% Rigid red fescue

For reclamation (Far North):

10% Meadow timothy, 10% Meadow fescue, 10% Red fescue, 10% Meadow bluegrass, 30% Rump, 30% Festulolium

For reclamation (Siberia):

10% Meadow timothy, 30% Festulolium, 20% Meadow fescue, 10% Red fescue, 10% Meadow bluegrass, 20% Rump

For reclamation (Center):

25% Timothy meadow, 15% Annual ryegrass, 20% Pasture ryegrass, 25% Hedgehog, 15% Meadow fescue

North classic

Multicomponent classic mixture for creating lawns in the northern regions of Russia. It is characterized by rapid development, high resistance to adverse conditions.

The grass mixture is winter-hardy, durable and unpretentious, has frost resistance, drought resistance, undemanding to soil fertility.

The mowing height of the grass stand is 6-8 cm, the seeding rate is 4-5 kg ​​per 100 m 2.

Northern extra

Lawn grass mixture is used to create thin-leaved highly decorative lawns in northern latitudes.

The lawn is resistant to drought and frost, grows well in shaded areas.

Takes out a short haircut. Mowing height 2.5 - 4 cm. Seeding rate 2-4 kg per 100 m 2.

Southern classic

A mixture of lawn grasses is suitable for creating practical lawns in the hot, arid climate of the southern regions. The lawn will not be afraid of a lack of irrigation water and a soil poor in mineral nutrients.

Thanks to a well-developing powerful root system, it is possible to obtain a dense, elastic turf layer of the lawn, capable of performing its difficult functions.

For normal development, it is recommended to sow 3 to 4 kg of a mixture of herbs per 100 m 2.

Southern extra

The grass mixture can be used in areas without additional irrigation in arid places. It tolerates large doses of solar radiation, the lawn remains green throughout the hot season and does not fade. Salt-resistant mixture, feels good on soil with a slightly alkaline reaction of the environment. Great for landscaping southern Russian cities.

The mowing height of the grass stand is from 4 to 8 cm, the seeding rate is 3.5-5 kg ​​per 100 m 2.

For reclamation (Far North)

The soil of the Far North of Russia requires special attention. The most effective way to improve the soil is its reclamation.

The most effective way of land reclamation is sowing seeds of a grass mixture, thanks to which a suitable plant soil cover is formed.

For reclamation (Siberia)

The grass mixture for reclamation is specially designed for the extremely difficult weather conditions of Siberia, where the soil usually requires special attention. It can be effectively used both in spring and autumn. In the first season, it is possible to get a positive result.

For reclamation (Center)

The grass mixture for reclamation is specially designed to restore the productivity of fertile lands. This mixture can be used both in spring and autumn. In the first season, it is possible to get a positive result.

Horse and cow dung

Manure is a natural fertilizer that contains a large number of microorganisms and nutrients.

Introduced in the summer season:

      • in spring (before planting plants in the ground in 3-4 weeks)
      • in the summer as a top dressing
      • in the fall after harvest.

A large amount of trace elements is found in horse manure, such as: Nitrogen, calcium, phosphorus and potassium.

Advantages of horse manure:

      • Active interaction of useful microelements.
      • It retains moisture well and loosens the soil.
      • Improves the physical properties and chemical composition of the soil.
      • Protects plants from adverse climatic conditions and diseases.
      • Provides optimal soil temperature.

Horse dung is useful for such plants as: potatoes, pumpkin, cabbage, cucumbers, tomatoes, beets, zucchini, roses, strawberries, raspberries and many other plants.

Advantages of cow dung:

Cow dung contains many essential trace elements such as potassium, magnesium, nitrogen, phosphorus, calcium and sulfur. It is especially effective when applied to dry, loose and light soils, as well as cold-resistant plant cultures.

Cow dung has the following beneficial properties:

      • Contains all the essential nutrients for plant growth.
      • Magnesium and potassium are excellent at lowering soil acidity.
      • It reliably protects plants from various pests and diseases, and also provides an optimal temperature regime for the soil.

Cow dung is useful for plants such as potatoes, pumpkin, cabbage, cucumbers, tomatoes, beets, zucchini, roses, raspberries, as well as fruit trees and shrubs.

Advantages of Horse-Cow manure:

The composition of this mixture includes such components that provide optimal nutrition for plants, improve the properties of the soil and its structure. It increases the natural fertility of the soil, the plants receive a sufficient amount of moisture and air.

Horse-cow manure has useful properties:

      • Contains a large number of beneficial elements for plants.
      • Potassium and magnesium reduce soil acidity.
      • Reliably protects plants from various pests and diseases.
      • Active interaction of all microorganisms.
      • It loosens the soil well, retains moisture.
      • Improves soil properties.
      • Provides optimal soil temperature.

This manure mixture is suitable for almost all crops.

Bagged Lawn Seeds - Benefits Only

Herbal mixtures are classified into categories, which allows you to create a "natural carpet" in different conditions: for landscaping construction and roadside sites, for sowing agricultural and park areas, for decorating sports and children's lawns, as well as forage land for pastures.

The products are sold in bags of 25, 50 and 1000 kg. The price depends on the composition of the herbal mixture, which, in turn, is determined by its purpose: for example, seeds for sowing slow-growing and shade-tolerant lawns are, as a rule, more expensive than seeds of universal herbs, since they require less attention during care and last longer.

What lawns are there?

Lawns fall into three main categories:

  • Universal. They allow you to quickly and cheaply plant greenery in urban and private areas, farmland and road shoulders, airfields and large park areas.
  • Functional. They are distinguished by resistance to trampling and other mechanical influences, high density and long service life. They are usually used on sports and playgrounds.
  • Decorative. Their main function is to create an attractive appearance for a personal plot or residential area.

This classification is already enough to select the right lawn grass seeds. Other selection criteria are such characteristics as the resistance of the lawn to drought or, on the contrary, heavy rainfall, climatic and weather conditions of the region, the required germination rate, etc.

Herbal formulations at low prices

The VV-Stroy GK catalog contains not only cheap seeds of clover, sweet clover, alfalfa, bluegrass and other individual plants, but also grass mixtures for use in different conditions. All the compositions presented are created taking into account the climatic characteristics of a particular region, the vegetative abilities of herbs and their appearance.

It should be noted that most modern lawns are unpretentious in maintenance - most often it consists in regular watering and regular mowing of the grass. Meanwhile, the natural green "carpet" has a lot of advantages - it not only performs an aesthetic function, but is also very practical: the dense turf cover perfectly absorbs sounds and retains street dust.

Looking for where to buy inexpensive lawn grass seeds? Contact the VV-Stroy Group of Companies - we will help you make the right choice and deliver products anywhere in Russia.

By calling VV-Stroy GK by phones: (495) 77-200-77, 545-76-98, 741-99-69, you will receive free qualified consultations from professionals in their field!

And by visiting our office, you can familiarize yourself with a huge number of various relevant and stylish lawns presented at us!

Fertika Leaf POWER 50g. for Root crops x50

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Cash on delivery is possible - payment for the order is made at the time of receipt.

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We deliver orders across Russia and the CIS... Sending is carried out through:

  • courier services Boxberry, CDEK, DPD, etc.
  • Russian Post
  • transport companies Business Lines, PEK, KIT, Energia, Ratek, Zheldorexpedition, Baikal-Service
  • EMS Russian mail.

Attention! Delivery is calculated after placing an order, taking into account the product and your address, as well as the purchase amount.

Delivery to Transport companies in Penza we carry out free of charge.

Free shipping from the amount of goods:

Seeds in amateur packaging less than 500 g, in retail quantity without discount (quantity 1-5 pcs of each item) - free delivery from 2000 r with 100% prepayment.

Flower seeds in professional packaging weighing less than 500 g - free delivery from 10000 r with 100% prepayment.

Weighted seeds, professional vegetable seeds, lawn grass mixtures, green manure and over 5000 r - discount on delivery. Calculated individually.

Other goods - calculated by weight according to carrier tariffs.

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Signs that the pear has gotten sick with rust is the appearance of yellow, rusty spots on the leaves, which germinate in "horns" by August. These spots are called aetiums. Bursting, aecia secrete spores that can infect junipers. There rust can be recognized in the spring by the characteristic yellow masses of telii and teliospores. On them, the stage of the fungus is formed, infecting the pear. Small thickenings and proliferation of tissue form in the affected areas.

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