How to make garden paths from unnecessary things - 10 ideas

 How to make garden paths from unnecessary things - 10 ideas

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There is no limit to the creative ideas of summer residents. And for their implementation, only a little free time and unclaimed material is enough. So, well-trodden paths can be turned into real works of art using unnecessary things.

Plugs and caps

Tracks made of corks and plastic bottle caps look exotic. The only difficulty is the accumulation of these things, you may have to call for help from relatives and friends. Interesting patterns are formed from materials of different colors.


Original tracks can be made from PVC pipes of any diameter, cut into equal parts. The trims are bolted together to form a kind of tape.

Remains of ceramic tiles

In addition to solid tiles, the use of its fragments is allowed. In the cement mortar, the material is laid out randomly or in mosaic patterns. The resulting seams are filled with a special grout.


Flat polished stones are often used in landscape decoration, it is possible to use them in the transformation of paths at a summer cottage. Pebbles do not have to be laid out in cement, it is allowed to use sand on compacted soil. Over time, the stones themselves will settle under the weight of the steps.


Wooden pallets, treated with a protective solution, can replace paving slabs or stone, they can be used to make an interesting solid path. Pallets are placed on leveled soil, their installation does not require the use of complex tools and skill.


Brick paving is a classic, timeless way of decorating city sidewalks and summer cottages. It is not necessary to buy new material, it is allowed to use defective leftovers.

Bottle glass

For laying out a garden path, it is advisable to use multi-colored glass bottles. Bottle glass has sufficient strength, the main thing is to dig the material into the ground as deep as possible so that only the bottom protrudes above the surface.

Old tires

Tires cut into strips can be used in decoration together with other materials. For example, rubber strips are digged into the ground, and the space between them is filled with pebbles.

Carpet runners

Scraps of old carpets can be used to lay out country paths or paths between the beds. However, such a product on the street is short-lived: it will quickly deteriorate under the influence of moisture and dirt.

Plastic containers

Plastic containers or bottles are a budget material for arranging a summer cottage. It should be noted that plastic does not withstand heavy loads, so it can only be used for a walking area.

This style is perfect for the design of a small garden and vegetable garden, where every piece of land counts. In the Dutch style, it is important to plant flowers not in large glades, but in small islands, which can differ significantly from each other. This will make your flower beds look like a bright patchwork quilt. You can also plant flowers by painting or creating compositions.

It is very fashionable to set aside space for conifers on personal plots, which saturate the air, and just look great. But, in order not to be in the shade of tall pines and firs in the future, it is better to dwell on dwarf variants of familiar trees that can be ordered in nurseries. Such mini-trees look very impressive, despite their modest size. For example, how you can fit them into garden and garden with their own hands, photo which you see above, the design of a flower bed is shown on which dwarf cedar pines grow, on the ground around which crushed bark and wood are poured. Having planted such a "garden" with your own hands next to the terrace or barbecue area, you will lay the foundation for your future comfortable rest in the country.

As we have already said, and in a fairly small area, you can make a beautiful flower bed, which will become a real decoration for the entire site. As an example pictures of the garden and garden with their own hands, which can be brought to life on the territory of any, even the smallest summer cottage, you can bring a photo of a garden path, undersized ornamental plants are planted on both sides with bark. Here the beauty of the plants and the decorativeness of the path itself play a role, which is deliberately made not straight, but wriggling like a snake. Thanks to this, you get the opportunity to walk along it a little longer in order to see the surrounding beauty. Such a path should not be placed anywhere on the central axis of the site, but it is better to make it separately in the far corner or along the fence.

Crafts for the garden and garden with their own hands

For garden and garden diy crafts, photo one of which you see above shows how easy it is to arrange a garden for vegetables and herbs using ordinary wooden boxes. You can knock them down from new or from old, already used boards by looking at the drawing and assembly diagram on the network. They represent a wooden stable rack, in which horizontal shelves-boxes are one above the other at a certain height. You fill the boxes with soil and make drainage holes, and then plant the plants. For a miniature garden and hfcntybz, it is worth choosing miniature ones, fortunately, there are a lot of their varieties now. In addition to tomatoes and peppers, greens, salads, and herbs can be successfully used in boxes. The beauty of such a rack is that? taking up very little space, it can accommodate quite a lot of vegetable crops and you can put it next to a summer kitchen or home, so as not to search all over the garden where parsley or basil grows. If you want to make DIY crafts for the garden from scrap materials, then you can use unnecessary wooden boxes or pallets, and put inside not wooden boxes, but plastic dishes or empty packaging that remain after food.

Not only can a vertical flower bed perform useful functions, but it can also become a chic decoration. You just need to put not vegetables, but flowers in it, and the brighter and more magnificent they bloom, the more impressive the whole composition will look. The ideal plants for such a craft would be marigolds, petunias, pansies. You can cover not only the soil, but also the nutrient substrate that is specially designed for such vertical structures.


The name is serious, but in reality everything is simple: an ordinary braid. For the base, strong threads are often taken, then the rug will live longer. But you can make it from the same strips of fabric, it will also work out well.

Need a woven rug? Easily!

See what happens in the end: on the left, threads are taken as a basis, on the right - strips of fabric.

Color combinations depend only on your preferences

To create rectangular rugs, you will have to build some kind of a loom: make a wooden frame, drive small nails into the upper and lower planks. The closer the nails are to each other, the more warp threads, the denser the canvas will turn out. And for round rugs, you can do with simpler options: attach the warp threads to a gymnastic hoop or cardboard.

If there is no machine

Lovers of large textures will surely like these options. And if each of the strips is filled with padding polyester and sewn along the edge (of course, before weaving), the rug will turn out to be much warmer and softer.

How do you like this braid?

A very simple and pleasant way: everyone will be able to weave a pigtail, and you can connect them in various ways: sew by hand, sew on a sewing machine, glue to the base.

Braids can be sewn by hand, on a sewing machine, or glued to the base

Some rugs are so good that you want to repeat them exactly. It's a shame, but it's unlikely. Admiring the riot of colors, for some reason I remembered that psychologists advise in the gloomy winter months to specially add warm colors to the interior for a good mood.

Bright rugs for a good mood

Old towels and bathrobes may well find a second life with your help. Just look what wonderful rugs are obtained from terry cloth! And how pleasant it is to step on them with bare feet! Ideal for a bedroom or bathroom.

Soft towel rugs

Other options

Sharing ideas on creating garden decorations can take a long time. Craftsmen create creative figures from slabs, birch blocks with branches and polyurethane foam, quite competing with traditional garden gnomes. From old basins and buckets, flower beds or cool decorative ponds are built.

For the construction of most crafts, drawings are not needed, just look at the photo.

Of course, many of these items are clearly inferior to industrial designs in functionality. However, their uniqueness and creativity more than pay off all the flaws.

The main requirement is not to be afraid to experiment, using your imagination. Interesting ideas are sometimes born literally out of nothing:

  1. An elementary lawn for grass on a personal plot can be broken using the same tires. Then arm yourself with a paintbrush and get an original decoration.
  2. Plastic containers are sometimes not even altered, they only paint or draw some cartoon characters.
  3. Several logs, fastened together, turn into a sculpture of a garden horse pulling a cart with flowers, the functions of which will be performed by a fruit box with nailed wheels (log cuts).

Since more always starts small, here are some examples of useful crafts for the garden and vegetable garden that you can do with your own hands with a minimum of tools.

Decorative well

The dimensions of the craft depend on the size of the site on which it is supposed to be installed. Various materials are used for manufacturing:

  1. The bowl of the well is built from 2-3 old tires, installed one on top of the other, and at the very top, you can break a flower bed.
  2. From several pieces of timber or logs, support columns of a well and an upper lintel are constructed, for which slots are made in the tires. The columns are driven into the ground.
  3. The roof is made from sheets of slate, polycarbonate or lining. You can cut a few curved strips from another remaining unclaimed tire.
  4. A small basket of flowers is hung from the bar as a bucket.

When the structure is ready, arm yourself with paints (always oil paints that adhere well to rubber) and apply a pattern to the tires that imitates brickwork. Please note that the drawing will need to be updated once a year.

Palms-flower bed

True gardeners love to create flower beds in the most bizarre shapes. A pair of hands made of rubber gloves looks original, holding green plants in the palms.

The craft is made as follows:

  1. A fast-hardening sand-cement mortar is poured into whole gloves in a ratio of 3: 1. The consistency is liquid sour cream. The sand is required to be clean and very fine.
  2. After pouring the solution, the gloves are given the required shape using cardboard, sand and rags.
  3. When the solution hardens, the gloves are removed. The workpiece is cleaned, putty, covered with primer and painted.

The craft should be placed in the garden, poured fertile soil in the "palm" and planted flowers.

Glowing stumps

Sometimes in the country you want to build a small place for evening gatherings. It is not necessary to build a gazebo, you can fence a small area, install a table and chairs. To make the recreation area look creative at dusk, instead of the usual chairs, it is better to install log stumps, covering their tops with fluorescent paint. As a result, you will become the owner of a fabulous corner.

Before painting, the surface of each stump is cleaned of burrs and carefully sanded. Then paint is applied and allowed to dry. You can apply paint to the entire surface of the log seat, then it glows entirely in the dark, illuminating the entire area.

Rag flower pot

If a little cement has been preserved in the garden and there is an unnecessary floor cloth (preferably a whole one), it would be a good idea to make an original flower pot:

  1. Cover the bucket with a rag.
  2. The falling ends on the floor are smoothed out, giving them the appearance of plant petals.
  3. The entire structure is coated with a cement-sandy slurry and allowed time to harden.

After hardening, the cloth turned upside down by "petals" takes the form of a decorative flowerpot of an unusual shape with a rough surface of light colors.

Flowers from wire and bottles

Although there are plenty of real flowers in the garden, artificially made flower crafts are also useful. Even winter frosts are not terrible for them. There are many options for crafts that fit well into the landscape.

Here is a brief instruction for making chamomile from three white plastic bottles:

  1. Cut the bottles in half. Chamomile needs three blanks, each 1 cm higher than the next.
  2. In the blanks, we cut out the bending petals, after which we put all three on top of each other. The workpiece with the neck turns out to be the topmost one.
  3. We unfold the petals, placing them evenly.
  4. Screw the yellow lid on top.

Having drilled a couple of holes in the cork and threaded a wire through them, the chamomile can be attached to the stem - a piece of thick wire, thin tube or metal bar.

Crafts for the garden

For many people, a backyard or summer cottage is a favorite vacation spot. After all, in nature it is best to relax and take a break from the hustle and bustle of the big city. To make the site beautiful and diversify the landscape, use a variety of crafts for the garden and vegetable garden. This lesson will allow you to fully realize your creative abilities. And do not forget to involve children in making them - they will surely love it!

Of course, you can buy ready-made garden decorations, which are offered in specialized stores. But each owner of a personal or suburban area can independently make original and interesting crafts for the garden. You can also draw great ideas from all sorts of old things, so don't rush to throw away unnecessary gardening tools, baskets, containers and other items. All of them come in handy when you decide to do crafts for garden decoration. After all, homemade crafts are the best decoration, as they reflect your personality and taste.

Wooden crafts for the garden are considered the most common and uncomplicated, of course, this is so, but by showing imagination, original things can be made from any materials. For example, if you want to have a body of water on your site, it is very simple to do this. To do this, you need to take a container that is suitable in size (old basins, bathrooms, buckets, etc. will do), dig it into the ground, reinforce the edges with cement and decorate with decorative stone. Various figures placed around the pond look beautiful, as well as plants, they should be planted in a carefully thought out order.

We do simple crafts for the garden and garden with our own hands

There are many ideas how to make crafts for the garden from improvised means. And, as we already said, the easiest way to make wooden crafts for the garden is to use the trees growing on the site, the stumps that remained after cleaning the garden, or logs or driftwood of various sizes. Plant climbing plants near them, decorate with bright ribbons or paint with colorful paints.You can draw a funny face or portray a forest dweller - a goblin.

Simple garden crafts can not only serve as decoration, but also be useful. So, you can make an original hanger for garden tools. The ideal material for her is a driftwood of an unusual shape, nails are stuffed on it and you can place small garden tools. A garbage container decorated under a well will also look beautiful and original. To do this, you need to make a small well, for example, from wicker branches or logs fastened together.

Crafts for the garden are very common, which are used to decorate flower beds, decorative paths, as well as compositions of stones and plants. A flower bed in an old garden cart will look beautiful and unusual, on the sides of which you need to plant climbing plants, they will help to close the ugly parts of the cart.

If you decide to decorate the garden with your own hands, crafts are the most optimal solution, since this is how you can achieve a unique and inimitable design. After all, crafts for the garden are not only flower beds, ponds, decorative elements and beautiful paths, but also original gazebos, hammocks, illumination, etc.

If you decide to decorate the garden with crafts, do not postpone this thought, but immediately get down to business, involve all family members, including children, do not be afraid to experiment and, perhaps, you will get the most beautiful and unusual garden crafts that will delight you and surprise your guests.

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