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Abiga Peak - contact action fungicide, used in the fight against diseases (both bacterial and fungal) of fruit, vegetable, flower, ornamental, industrial crops. Also in case of diseases of forest plantations, medicinal plants and grape vines.

Fungicidal preparations for plant protection are presented on the market in a large assortment. The classification of fungicides will help to find the right product.

Depending on the chemical properties

In terms of chemical composition, fungicidal preparations are:

  • inorganic - agricultural products containing copper, sulfur and other elements
  • organic (contain mainly heterocyclic bonds with nitrogen-containing derivatives).

Depending on the action on the pathogen

According to the mode of action on the pathogenic microflora, fungicides are divided into prophylactic and therapeutic.

The first type serves to prevent infection, is used for early spring disinfection of plants and pre-sowing soaking of seeds.

Fungicidal treatments target the phytopathogen outside and inside the plant body.

By purpose of use

The use of fungicides involves solving various problems:

  1. Disinfection of land for planting. For decontamination of greenhouses, fumigants in cans are better suited, but powders and liquids are also effective.
  2. Disinfection of seeds, tubers before sowing, as well as seedlings before picking. The seed must be treated with preparations for root rot.
  3. Preventive treatment at a stage when crops are actively growing. Protective drugs are used to prevent infection.
  4. Control of overwintered pathogens and pests. Contact fungicides are used mainly in the phase of the absence of green mass in spring and autumn.

Depending on the nature of distribution within plant tissues

The active substances of agricultural preparations can remain outside or enter the tissues and cells of the plant. According to this principle, they are distinguished:

  • Contact fungicides. The preparations form a protective cover on the surface of the plant culture, without getting into the plant organism. Contact of the agent with a phytopathogen leads to its destruction.

The duration of exposure depends on the weather, since the effectiveness decreases with precipitation.

  • Systemic fungicides. The active substance enters the vascular system of the pathogen, destroying it. They work after a couple of hours and are effective regardless of weather conditions.

Both groups can be used for the prevention and treatment of diseases.

Advantages and disadvantages

Fungicide Topaz has a wide spectrum of action. The instruction recommends using it on almost all types of horticultural and horticultural crops. Topaz is also suitable for protecting stone fruit trees and shrubs (plums, cherries).

According to the instructions for use of the fungicide Topaz CE, its main advantages are:

  1. Low concentration of pesticide used in the composition of the product.
  2. Wide temperature range at which the fungicide remains effective.
  3. The ability to process crops regardless of the level of humidity and precipitation.
  4. The product is quickly absorbed into plant parts.
  5. Long period of protective action.
  6. Topaz has no toxic effect on insects and warm-blooded animals.
  7. It can be used on fruit and vegetable crops, regardless of the age and development of the plant.
  8. Not dangerous when processing fruits.
  9. The fungicide can be used in conjunction with other fungicide and pest control products.

The manufacturer warns in the instructions that the pesticide used as an active ingredient can accumulate in the soil with frequent use. Consumers attribute this property to the disadvantages of the drug.

The pesticide "Skor" can get on the skin and mucous membranes of the eyes and mouth, but does not cause severe irritation or burns. The tool does not affect the psyche and consciousness of a person in any way.

The hazard class of the drug is low, but when working with it (as with other pesticides), it is imperative to observe precautions. To do this, you should:

  • work in special protective clothing (dressing gown, hat, gloves)
  • before spraying, you must wear a respirator, glasses (so that the substance does not penetrate the respiratory tract and eyes)
  • avoid contact of the composition on open areas of the body (the drug does not cause burns, but can provoke an allergic reaction)
  • do not allow children, bees, pets to be in the treated area
  • it is better to use the drug in an area located at a distance from residential buildings, schools and kindergartens, apiaries
  • sometimes the processing procedure should be excluded from smoking, eating, drinking.

Spraying indoor plants is carried out in closed rooms. After completing the procedure, the room is closed for three hours so that there is no access to fresh air, then thoroughly ventilated.

If the composition gets into the eyes or mouth, then you should rinse the mucous membranes or take three tablets of activated carbon, drink plenty of water and consult a doctor.

Upon completion of work with the drug, it is recommended to take a shower and change into clean clothes.

Preparation of the solution

Preventive treatment is recommended in early spring, when the first leaves begin to bloom. During the whole season, the fungicide can be applied no more than 4 times for fruit trees and a maximum of 2 times for vegetables.

It is undesirable to store the working solution of the Raek preparation, so it is mixed before the procedure. For this, the required amount of emulsion is dissolved in a small amount of water. Then, stirring vigorously, gradually add liquid to the required volume. For convenience, it is better to prepare the solution immediately in the sprayer tank.

The consumption rate of the drug is selected separately for each culture based on the instructions.

Fruit trees

Fungicide Raek protects plums, apples, pears and other fruit trees from moniliosis and scab lesions. To prepare a working solution, you need to dilute 2 ml of emulsion (one ampoule) in 10 liters of water.

With the arrival of spring, the first two sprays are carried out with an interval of at least 12-14 days. This must be done before the leaves bloom and buds form. If there are visible signs of infection, the crop can be treated again, but after the trees have faded.

The consumption of working fluid per hectare of planting averages from 700 to 900 liters. And for one fruit tree from 2 to 5 liters.


The Raek drug effectively protects:

  • potatoes, tomatoes and cucumbers for septoria, klyasterosporiosis, curl
  • onions against downy mildew and powdery mildew
  • beets from cercospora and other ailments.

For the treatment of vegetable beds, an increased concentration of the fungicide Raek is required. According to the instructions for use, the emulsion is diluted in water in a ratio of 1 to 1. For spraying a vegetable garden with an area of ​​100 m 2, it is necessary to prepare about 5-6 liters of a working solution. And for one hectare of planting, an average of 400-500 liters of ready-made liquid is required. Pulverization should be carried out at intervals of two weeks.

Processing can be started after the first shoots appear. Plantings are sprayed in calm weather in the morning or evening, even if rain is predicted at night.


To protect indoor and garden flowers from various diseases, you need to dilute 0.5-1.5 ml of fungicide in a liter of clean water. It is desirable to carry out processing in the morning or in the evening, when there is no wind and direct sunlight.

To reduce the likelihood of adaptation of pathogenic fungi to the active substance of the Raek preparation, it is alternated with the Quadris fungicide.

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