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Dobry Sad Plants Online Store - Ornamental, Medicinal, Fruit Plants and Large-sized Plants

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8 (499) 653-77-68

Internet-shop of plants "Dobryi Sad", growing and selling decorative, medicinal, fruit plants and large-sized plants


Main office:
Moscow, Novaya Basmannaya, 9, building 1, tel .: 8 (499) 653-7768, 8 (800) 500-2758
Additional office: Kotelniki, 2nd Pokrovsky proezd, 3, tel .: 8 (499) 653-7768, 8 (800) 500-2758

About the Dobry Sad plant nursery

The nursery produces hundreds of types of seedlings and large-sized fruit and ornamental crops. We supply seedlings with both open and closed root systems, container type for long distance transport and planting in the summer months.

We grow mature plants from five to twelve years of age, with the root system enclosed in an array of soil (lump). The lump is reinforced with a metal mesh, which is removed from the plant during planting. During the entire period of growing a perennial plant, it is transplanted annually, which allows you to keep the root system in a compact state.

All planting material, whether a seedling or an adult tree, meets all accepted quality standards, which is achieved by strict adherence to all technological instructions for growing each specific crop

Our production

The production of planting material is not only a technically complex process, but also a business in which many people are involved. A seedling is a living organism that requires careful and careful handling. Field preparation, plowing, planting wild birds, budding or grafting, measures for comprehensive plant protection, weed removal, top dressing, watering, formative pruning, annual replanting - this is just an incomplete list of actions necessary to achieve a decent quality of planting material.

We strive to ensure that every plant we grow, be it a one-year seedling or an adult ten-year-old tree, meets the standards and requirements adopted in nursery and, ultimately, takes its rightful place in the plant community of your garden.

We offer plants for sale:

- trees
- shrubs
- vines
- herbs
- trees
- shrubs
- herbs
- trees
- shrubs
- vines
Large size:
- decorative
- medicinal
- fruit
- decorative
- medicinal
- fruit

Services offered in the nursery:

Consultation of a highly qualified specialist is:
- selection of the optimal number of plants for the garden (most often people want to plant more than the area allows)
- selection of species and the optimal combination of varieties for full fruiting
- recommendations for choosing a planting site for different crops
- recommendations for the care of plants and large-sized plants.

Planting and guaranteed planting of plants
The cost of planting depends on the age of the plant.
- Planting seedlings
- Planting large plants
- Planting shrubs
- Planting hedges (shrub up to 2 meters)
- Planting perennial and annual flowers

The list of works and materials included in the planting planting works with a guarantee:
- Preparation of seats
- Loading, unloading and delivery of plants
- Planting works
- Installation of fixing devices, if necessary
- Treatment with stimulants, if necessary, medicinal preparations and fertilization
- Monitoring the state of green spaces
- If necessary, fertile soil
- Stimulants, fertilizers and, if necessary, medications
- Covering materials, if necessary
Landing cost with a guarantee of 50% of the order value

Plants delivery and payment

Delivery of plants in Moscow, the region, regions of the Russian Federation, to far and near abroad is carried out in any way convenient for the customer: by Russian post, EMS, our transport company or the customer's transport company.
Payment is possible using:
- bank card;
- Sberbank receipts;
- payment terminals;
- electronic wallet "Yandex.Money";
- bank transfer (for legal entities);
- in cash

Where is the best place to buy plant seedlings and seeds

There is no way to check on the spot whether, for example, what is stated on the fertilizer package, or in a bag with a growth stimulant, corresponds to what is actually in it. The situation is similar with checking seedlings in such dubious places of sale - in addition to the lack of confidence in the viability of a particular seedling, the question also arises of the correspondence of the biological plant species written on the price tag to what it really is.

Replacing expensive plants with cheaper ones in such places is a fairly common phenomenon, since it is almost impossible to determine whether a seedling belongs to a particular biological species, even for specialists with appropriate education, not like amateur gardeners.

For this reason, it is better to buy planting material and related products in large plant nurseries or garden centers - in places where they value their reputation.

Common calamus is a spectacular garden perennial for creating a spatial decor in garden beds. The plant is ideal for decorating ponds, the background and foreground of flower beds, planting in containers. Ornamental cereal grows best in the sun, winters at -25 C. It is very convenient to order ordinary calamus in the online store, planting material perfectly tolerates long-term shipment.

Common calamus: description

Common calamus is not only a spectacular ornamental plant that does not require special care, this cereal has healing properties - dosage forms made from herbs and rhizomes can help with diseases of the gastrointestinal tract.

Calamus grows to a height of 25-50 cm, xiphoid green leaves grow from a powerful rhizome with a fibrous root. If necessary, the plant can be propagated by dividing the rhizome.

Calamus blooms from May to July, small spikelets with yellow-green small flowers appear between the leaves.

Benefits of calamus

  1. Undemanding culture - growing calamus is not difficult, even a novice gardener can easily handle it.
  2. Ample opportunities for decorating the garden landscape with calamus.
  3. Good winter hardiness - the plant can withstand frosts down to -25C.
  4. Resistance to adverse weather conditions and good resistance to infectious diseases.

Planting calamus for decorating flower beds is always a positive result.

Onion Sevok Amphora

  1. The goods are complete and the packaging is saved
  2. All accompanying documents are saved (confirmation of payment, order form, copy of the Inspection Certificate, which is issued at the office of the Transport Company)
  3. A claim for the quality of the goods is submitted within 14 days after its delivery to the destination (New Mail, UkrPoshta offices) or from the moment the goods are received by the buyer in the case of targeted delivery.

Please pay attention to the notes:

  1. Only the cost of the goods is subject to compensation. Shipping costs, commissions on payment are not reimbursed.
  2. If the item was received on a free shipping basis, the cost of such shipping will be excluded from the refund.
  3. The amount of payment for the goods upon return is transferred to the account or by money transfer within 14 days from the date of receipt of the goods by the online store.

Onion sets. Onion sets Amphora is a late ripening variety bred in Holland. Most of the onion sets grown in Holland come from this variety. Because of its beautiful shape and color, Amphora onions are very popular with packers and exporters. It produces a good harvest of high quality, golden yellow round onions with a firm skin and medium neck. These bulbs grow, weighing about 190 grams. Amphora can be grown in any type of soil. Stored from harvest until March.

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When is the best time to sow viola seedlings in 2021?


  • 1 Information about pansies
  • 2 When to sow viola seeds for seedlings
  • 3 Preparatory activities
    • 3.1 Soil mixture for sowing viola
    • 3.2 Selection of container for seedlings
    • 3.3 Selection and preparation of seed
  • 4 Step-by-step guide to sowing viola seedlings
    • 4.1 Sowing option No. 1
    • 4.2 Sowing option No. 2
    • 4.3 Sowing option No. 3
    • 4.4 Sowing option No. 4
  • 5 Seedling care
    • 5.1 Pick
    • 5.2 Planting seedlings in a flower bed
  • 6 Viola: growing from seed in soil
  • 7 Watching a video on how to grow viola seedlings from seeds

Viola or the better known name for pansies are incredibly beautiful and amazing plants that can decorate any balcony, terrace or flower bed. Delicate flowers are loved for their unusual pattern, which contains three bright shades. The tricolor viola is an annual and biennial plant, but growing flowers begins with sowing seeds.

Transparent Orchid Pots

For some types of plants, it is necessary to select a pot, taking into account the characteristics of their growth. This is especially important when choosing a pot for orchids, because the roots of orchids are involved in the process of photosynthesis. The best pots for orchids are pots with holes in the bottom of the pot, aerators, holes in the sides of the pot, and a notch for air circulation in the bottom. A transparent pot allows you to see the condition of the roots. When the roots rot, there is time to react in time and save the plant. In plastic pots, the roots of the plant dry out more slowly, little salt accumulates on the walls, and hypothermia of the measles system is unlikely in the winter months.

For orchids in purchased plastic pots, you can use decorative pots made of glass, transparent plastic, ceramics with holes.

Watch the video: How To Purchase A Healthy Citrus Tree. Green Acre Nursery Visit #buytheperfectcitrus


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