Sowing calendar for 12.02 - gardeners and gardeners

Sowing calendar for 12.02 - gardeners and gardeners

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February 2021

February 12, Friday, 1-2 lunar day. The waxing moon is in Pisces


Fish is a favorable sign for sowing, planting and transplanting any plants, but on the growing moon, crops that give ground fruits and greens best of all germinate, grow and develop.

This sign also favors the sowing of flower plants, and the planting of seedlings on the garden bed.

You can water and loosen the ground, weed, thin out and sprinkle seedlings, spray plants on the leaves with a solution of mineral fertilizer.

Plant the cuttings for rooting, vaccinate.


Sow and Plant:

  • cabbage - white cabbage, red cabbage, Brussels sprouts, Savoy cabbage;
  • peas, beans and peanuts;
  • eggplants, tomatoes, sweet and bitter peppers;
  • melons and pumpkins.

You can sow watercress, chicory and dill, parsley, horseradish and celery.

At home, plant aquarium greenery: hornwort, Vallisneria spiral, Cryptocoryne and Kabomba. From indoor plants, plant bryophyllum, odd ripsalis, and any type of orchid - cymbidium, cambria, or dendrobium.

Not recommended

Do not spray plants with toxic chemicals.

Do not prepare earth mixtures.

Don't prune shrubs and trees.

Do not use the budding method for vaccinations.

The fertilizer solution for spraying plants on the leaves should be weakly concentrated.

When watering, control the water flow: it should be from moderate to poor.


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