Information About Skunk Cabbage

Information About Skunk Cabbage

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Skunk Cabbage Facts: Growing Skunk Cabbages In Gardens

By Anne Baley

The skunk cabbage plant may be unusual, and stinky, but it is also quite interesting and uses for skunk cabbage in the garden could actually be beneficial. Read here for more skunk cabbage facts.

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How to Grow Lysichiton Plants

Lysichiton are hardy perennial bog plants that reach from 60 cm to 1.2 m in height.

They have a very primitive look with yellow-green flowers atop of a spadix, which is surrounded by a white hooded spathe.

One of the common names for the Lysichiton plant is Skunk Cabbage.

Lysichiton americanus - Yellow Skunk Cabbage by Sandy__R.

Wild Leeks Nutrition Facts

Wild leeks are loaded with nutrition. For instance, they contain many of the same sulfur compounds as garlic, including allicin and kaemperol. Other sulfur compounds present in ramp extracts include cepaenes called alpha-sulfinyldisulfides and allyl-containing cepaenes known as 2-propenyl 1-(2-propenylsulfinyl) propyl disulfide.

Wild leeks also contain a large amount of antioxidant content, especially polyphenols, vitamin A, vitamin C, and selenium. They are sources of protein, fiber, and carbohydrates, as well as other nutrients like iron, chromium, calcium, folate, and choline.

Unfortunately, there is not a lot of comprehensive data readily available on all the nutrients in wild leeks, likely because it is not a common vegetable. That being said, there are some figures out there. The following is a nutrition chart with information for a cup of raw wild leek, or 89 g of the vegetable.

Nutrient Amount Daily Value
Calories 54 N/A
Carbohydrates 13g 4.00%
Protein 1g N/A
Fiber 2g 8.00%
Total Fat 0g 0.00%
Iron 0.8mg 11.00%
Calcium 50mg 6.00%
Vitamin A 270ug 31.00%
Vitamin C 16.2mg 28.00%

* N/A—Not Applicable

Watch the video: Nature Moments: Warm-Blooded Skunk Cabbages