A fabulous place: 8 decorative elements that will transform any garden

A fabulous place: 8 decorative elements that will transform any garden

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You should not throw away old things that have served their time. A few clever tricks will help create a unique place in your garden for gathering with friends and relaxing from the bustle of the city.

Blooming bath

An old bathtub is a great place to create a luxurious flower garden. It is very simple to make it, but there are little tricks that you cannot do without. You will need drainage, potting mix, flowers, and waterproof paint.

First you need to choose a place to install the bath. The future flower garden should organically blend into the surrounding landscape. Plants are selected taking into account the illumination of the place. The best option is unpretentious and hardy varieties of annuals and perennials - so that the flower garden will delight you with beauty all season.

The second item is the decor. You can paint the bath from the outside in bright colors, decorate with mosaics or paintings. If the suburban area is decorated in the Provence style, then you need pastel paint. You can decorate the space around the bath with pebbles, stones or planted flowers.

The next step is to provide a secure footing. Under the load of earth, the bath will sink into the ground, so you should put tiles or bricks under its legs.

After that, you can start arranging the flower garden. Place a drainage layer on the bottom of the tub, and fill the remaining space with potting soil. The landing site is ready.

Decorative pond

Another creative option to quickly and originally decorate the site is to create a decorative pond. An artificial pond should harmoniously fit into the landscape.

However, we must not forget about the illumination of the site. The future inhabitants of the pond, coastal and aquatic plants, need the sun, but in too sunny places they die. The best would be an area illuminated by the sun in the morning and in the afternoon, at lunchtime it should be in the shade.

Any old container dug into the ground and filled with water can be turned into an artificial reservoir. For this, the inner walls are covered with waterproof dark paint, or decorated with mosaics. At the bottom, you can also arrange decorative lighting, which will look very impressive at dusk.

The pit for the container should repeat its shape, only 10-15 cm is added to each side. At the bottom of the pond, a drainage layer of compacted sand with a height of 5 cm should be laid.A gravel can be added to the drainage cushion, onto which the container is lowered. The remaining voids must be filled with sand. And last but not least, add water.

For the decoration of the coastal zone, stones, pebbles, clinker, wood are used. Materials should be in harmony with the paths or finishing of the country house.

Flower stream

A flower bed in the shape of a stream is a spectacular way to liven up the landscape, moreover, it does not require special expenses. For the source - the base from which the flowers will flow, you will need a container - a large vase, saucepan, bucket, basin, wooden barrel.

The base of the flower garden is covered with colored waterproof paint for a decorative effect. If the base is made of wood, then it should be treated with a special impregnation that protects the wood from dampness.

The channel along which the trickle will flow is chosen taking into account the illumination, soil moisture and relief. The mouth is placed on a hill for a better visual effect. The dug channel is lined with an anti-weed material, on top of which the soil mixture is laid.

For this type of decor, annual and perennial undersized and ground cover plant species are suitable. They can be selected in different tones or shades of the same color.

Funny train

For a fun flower train you need wooden boxes, a small plywood sheet, and fasteners. And besides - impregnation to protect wood from dampness, paint, film, drainage, soil and plants.

The choice of box trailers depends on the flowers that will be grown in them. Low-sided boxes are suitable for plants with roots close to the surface.

For plants with a long root system, deep wagons are needed. The train grows not only garden flowers, but also fragrant, spicy herbs.

Flower bed in a boat

A flower bed in a boat is an original and practical approach to creative space design. It looks especially impressive in areas located near open water bodies. But, if this is not about your site, and the boat is available, using simple techniques to make it an organic continuation of the space.

To do this, you need to slightly dig in the bottom of the boat, as if it plows not water, but earthly spaces. Or - tilt it to one side and secure it with cobblestones or pebbles, as if the ship was thrown ashore by a mighty wave.

Fishing tackle, old oars and other marine-themed elements introduced into the surrounding landscape will help enhance the effect.


A flower rack made of wooden stepladders is a spectacular part of the exterior, which is easy to make yourself. You will need a wooden stepladder, a bar to fix the legs of the stairs. In addition, you need varnish or paint, boards or pieces of plywood in case of modification of the steps.

The flower ladder allows you to compactly place a large number of plants. It fits perfectly into the landscape in the style of minimalism, eco, eclecticism, vintage, ethno, Provence.

Flower garden in a bag

The advantages of such a solution are compactness, mobility, original appearance and ease of implementation. You will need an old bag, in which you need to make several small holes to drain the water.

Then lay drainage on the bottom of the bag, cover with soil and plant flowers. An impromptu flower garden can be decorated with burlap, patchwork pieces of fabric. Or use a different fabric finish that fits into the overall space.

Mini-rock garden

A mini-rock garden is an effective way of zoning a space, which helps to create a cozy atmosphere for relaxation. To create it, you will need flat slabs, bricks, river sand. Drainage can be made from rubble, broken brick or expanded clay. The soil for plants can consist of sand, peat and nutrient soil.

When planting flowers, you need to consider the following rules: each plant must be visible from different angles. Flowers should not be placed too close to each other. The space between the plants should be sprinkled with sand, small pebbles or pebbles. The appearance of the rock garden should resemble a mountain landscape.

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Street decorations for the New Year

In good January weather, the garden can look charming. White snow creates unusual compositions on trees and bushes, and the lawn shines like a fluffy rug with silver thread. Unfortunately, the winter months can be whimsical too - gray, humid and lackluster. Then you should take special care of the New Year's decoration of the garden and breathe a little witchcraft mystery into it. Christmas decorations can be perfectly used outdoors, bringing festive magic to every corner of the backyard.

Where to begin?

A small plot of land on which several flower beds are grown. Among the tall stems of roses or tulips, bright toy gnomes with ever-smiling faces lurk. Probably, something like this looks like a decorated garden in the representations of people absorbing images from American films. In reality, oddly enough, everything is much more interesting and varied when it comes to jewelry, especially those that you can make yourself.

The beauty of homemade crafts is that you don't need large investments to create them. Moreover, original and aesthetic elements are often realized from improvised items that you have long considered trash. Old logs, worn tires, plastic bottles are used - some of these materials will definitely be found in the pantry in the country.

Decorating a garden is not decorating an interior. There are no strict stylistic and compositional rules here. But this can only complicate the task, since you will have to rely on your own sense of beauty, while managing not to overdo it with the decor. Still, plants are the protagonists of your territory.

However, you need to take into account the general style of the site, as well as the construction of the house. For example, even a colorful bouquet of roses will look inappropriate around a minimalistic building with a geometric composition, not like sculptures from plastic bottles. But for a cozy wooden house, you can take a walk, creating cute crafts.

Pay attention to the palette of the flower garden. If the earth is replete with bright buds, then it is better to choose decorations with more restrained colors - this way they will not merge with the background or will not look too colorful.

Which items fit into the space depends on its size, your tastes and requirements. After all, filling a garden can fulfill not only an aesthetic function, but also serve practical purposes. In any case, if you wish, you can always find plenty of interesting solutions!

Using frames in decor

Real hanging gardens that can decorate not only an apartment, but also an office.

Now you will always have order on your table!

With such a stand, it will become more difficult to lose the remote control.

A couple of old lamps and a frame - and the bedside table is ready!

By combining the two frames, you can get a great place to store menus or magazines.

A massive frame can be used to decorate the kitchen.

Wall as art? Create your own masterpiece!

Wire and clothespins - and your original photo frame is ready!

She even found a place on the ceiling!

With a little effort, you can bring empty space to life.

On such a board, friends will definitely want to leave you a note or a wish.

I just want to play the game!

You can use the frame to create your own collection.

A wonderful canvas on which you want to leave your favorite quote or message!

A scenic option for flora lovers.

Frame shelves are ideal for readers who love art.

Who would have thought that dried twigs could look so stylish!

We hope you not only received a charge of inspiration, but also noticed several options that you will certainly bring to life. Share this article with your friends, maybe the creative impulse will capture them too!

Handmade decor elements

All of the above applies to natural decorative elements. But a person is also able to transform the winter appearance of a garden, turning it into a real fairy tale. First of all, due to lighting. The day is short in winter, and elegant garlands of lamps will make the garden truly magical. And how wonderful the bright New Year's Christmas balls, hanging here and there on the branches of trees, look!

Christmas balls bloom the garden. Photo by the author

Make snowmen with children, arrange a competition for the best "sculpture". If winter happens to be frosty, they will decorate your garden until spring.

In the frosty winter, snowmen will liven up your site until spring. Photo by the author

Even utilitarian conifers can beautify the garden in winter. Sometimes they can be mistaken for fabulous gnomes who came to visit you and froze in the frost in mute admiration.

Winter fairy tale with gnomes. Photo by the author

Hang feeders on the trees. They will not only add originality to the garden, but will also be extremely necessary for wintering birds.

Feeders will help the birds survive the winter. Photo the author

In conclusion, I want to say that now, in the long evenings, is the time to think about how to make your winter garden more decorative. Think about how you can improve the structure of the garden, what textured plants should be planted, which can add color to the strict range of the snow-covered area. And then make a plan of action and planting for the spring, guided by these goals.

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