Grilled tuna and winter vegetables - A recipe

Grilled tuna and winter vegetables - A recipe

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Grilled tuna and winter vegetables, it's beautiful, it's good, it's not expensive!

I could have called this recipe grilled tuna and red vegetables or grilled tuna and root vegetables…. Grilled tuna and winter vegetables because it's open, you'll cook this recipe with whatever ingredients you have on hand, but this parsnip, beetroot, carrot and potato proposal… works well!
In fact, everything starts from the tuna. I wanted to make a quick and easy recipe with canned tuna, not especially because I missed it, no, but just because a can… Basic… This "industrial" ingredient had been on my counter for a while….
I was looking for how to use it and accompany it. I had some vegetables on hand, some parsnips, some beets, some orange and yellow carrots… And some potatoes. Vegetables that I had bought from a young organic vegetable producer in a small market the day before. Well can we really speak of a market, there were, in all and for everything, 2 merchants, all 2 greengrocers ... One organic producer, therefore, the other vegetable seller ... Normal (the seller). What is interesting among organic vegetable producers is the variety and originality of the varieties ... Exactly! Obviously, you shouldn't be afraid of the earth and you have to accept, even appreciate, sometimes irregular vegetables… But as an amateur gardener, you know that well and… You like it.

So I started cooking vegetables, a little original, a mixture of English cooking followed by cooking to lightly grill the vegetables, all in continuity, in the same sauté pan… Huuuummmm!

Recipe type:

• Dish

Number of persons :

• Recipe for 4 pers.

Preparation time :

• 15 min.

Cooking time :

• 10 min (English cooking) + 5 min

Ingredients for the grilled tuna and winter vegetables:

• Parsnip: 2
• Potatoes: 6
• Beets: 2 small
• Carrots: 4
• Shallot: 1
• Sage: 8 leaves
• Lemon: 1/2
• Natural tuna: 2 boxes
• Olive oil: 5 Tbsp
• Freshly ground pepper: a few turns
• Salt: A few pinches.
• Coarse Salt: 3g (1/2 Tbsp)

Utensils needed for the recipe:

• 1 sauté pan or saucepan with lid
• 1 frying pan
• 1 salad bowl
• 1 fork
• 1 large knife
• 1 peeler
• 1 cutting board
• A dressage circle.

Making the grilled tuna and winter vegetables:

English cooking vegetables ... Then grab

• Put 300 ml of water to boil in the sauté pan.

• Wash the vegetables and peel them.
• Cut the beets into 5mm slices then cut them in 4.
When the water boils:
• Add the coarse salt,
• Add the beets and cover. (medium heat)
• Cut the rest of the vegetables into quarters.
• Chop the shallot and set aside ...
After 5 min of cooking:
• Place the rest of the vegetables (except the shallot) in the sauté pan with the beets.
In the meantime…
• Drain the tuna.
• Place it in the bowl
• Add the shallot.
• Add 3 tablespoons of olive oil and mix well.
• Salt and pepper.

After 8 minutes of cooking the vegetables:
• Uncover the sauté pan and let the water finish evaporating.
• When all the water is out, add the rest of the olive oil and sauté gently for 4 to 5 minutes.
• Squeeze the lemon juice just before serving!

One-sided cooking of tuna:

• Heat the pan over high heat.
• Place the dressage circle.
• Place the tuna-shallot mixture in the circle 1/4 tuna per circle.
• Tamp well with the back of a spoon.
• Remove the circle gently (And without burning yourself!)
• Repeat the operation 4 times.
• Add the sage leaves.
• When the tuna is well seared, grilled… Finish with a tiny pinch of salt on the crispy sage!
• It's ready !!

Wine pairing for grilled tuna and winter vegetables:

The way the vegetables are cooked keeps and even enhances the flavors. In particular, beets will disseminate their taste in potatoes, carrots and parsnips. Then by grabbing them a light caramel will form ... The lemon deposits a slight tangy taste that counterbalances the slightly sweet taste ... You will see, it's not bad at all !!! To accompany this dish, I suggest a tangy white wine, which will stand out and enhance this grilled tuna with winter vegetables!

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Cheers, in moderation and bon appétit!

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