Autumn Revolution Bittersweet Info: Learn About American Autumn Revolution Care

Autumn Revolution Bittersweet Info: Learn About American Autumn Revolution Care

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By: Darcy Larum, Landscape Designer

When planting for all seasons, there is no doubt that spring and summer have the advantages because so many plants produce amazing blooms at these times. For fall and winter gardens, we sometimes have to look for interest besides blooms. Colorful fall foliage, deep evergreen foliage, and brightly colored berries draw the eye to the autumn and fall garden in place of blooms. One such plant that can add splashes of color to the fall and winter garden is American Revolution bittersweet vine (Celastrus scandens ‘Bailumn’), more commonly referred to as Autumn Revolution. Click on this article for Autumn Revolution bittersweet info, as well as helpful tips on growing Autumn Revolution bittersweet.

Autumn Revolution Bittersweet Info

American bittersweet is a native vine in the U.S. that is known for its bright orange/red berries which attract an array of birds to the garden. It is important to note that while these berries are an important food source in autumn and winter for our feathered friends, they are toxic to humans. Unlike its non-native cousin, oriental bittersweet (Celastrus orbiculatus), American bittersweet is not considered an invasive species.

In 2009, Bailey Nurseries introduced the American bittersweet cultivar ‘Autumn Revolution’. This American Revolution bittersweet vine cultivar boasts having large, bright orange berries which are twice the size of other bittersweet berries. As the orange berries ripen, they split open to reveal fleshy, bright red seeds. Like other American bittersweet vines, Autumn Revolution bittersweet has deep, glossy green foliage in spring and summer that turns a bright yellow in fall.

The most amazing attribute of Autumn Revolution bittersweet, however, is that unlike the common dioecious bittersweet vines, this bittersweet is monoecious. Most bittersweet vines have female flowers on one plant and require another bittersweet with male flowers nearby for cross pollination to produce berries. Autumn Revolution bittersweet produces perfect flowers, with both male and female sexual organs, so only one plant is required to produce an abundance of colorful fall fruit.

American Autumn Revolution Care

A very low maintenance plant, not much American Autumn Revolution care is required. Bittersweet vines are hardy in zones 2-8 and are not particular about soil type or pH. They are salt and pollution tolerant and will grow well whether the soil is on the drier side or is moist.

Autumn Revolution bittersweet vines should be given a strong support of a trellis, fence, or wall to attain their 15-25 foot (4.5 to 7.5 m.) height. However, they can girdle and kill living trees if allowed to grow upon them.

American bittersweet vines require no fertilization. They can, however, become sparse and leggy near their base, so when growing Autumn Revolution bittersweet, it is recommended that the vines be grown with full, low growing companion plants.

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The American bittersweet vine (Celastrus scandens) adds a festive fall air to landscapes and dried arrangements. Hardy in U.S. Department of Agriculture plant hardiness zones 3 through 8, its main attraction is yellow-orange fruit capsules that split to reveal brilliant red fruit. Those capsules depend on a healthy crop of blossoms. Understanding and meeting bittersweet vine's needs will help get this native vine flowering and bearing colorful ornamental fruit.

American Revolution Bittersweet Vine - Growing Autumn Revolution Bittersweet In Gardens - garden

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American Autumn Revolution Care

A et meget lite vedlikeholdsanlegg, det kreves ikke mye amerikansk Autumn Revolution-pleie. Bittersøte vinstokker er hardføre i sonene 2-8 og handler ikke spesielt om jordtype eller pH. De er salt- og forurensningstolerante og vil vokse godt enten jorda er på tørrere side eller fuktig.

Bittersøte vinstokker med høstrevolusjonen bør gis en sterk støtte av en espalje, gjerde eller vegg for å oppnå en høyde på 4,5 til 7,6 m. Imidlertid kan de belte og drepe levende trær hvis de får lov til å vokse på dem.

Amerikanske bittersøde vinstokker krever ingen befruktning. De kan imidlertid bli sparsomme og spente i nærheten av basen, så når du vokser Autumn Revolution bittersøt, anbefales det at vinstokkene dyrkes med full, lavtvoksende ledsagerplanter.

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