When To Prune A Desert Willow – Tips On Pruning Desert Willows

When To Prune A Desert Willow – Tips On Pruning Desert Willows

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By: Teo Spengler

The desert willow is not a willow, although it look like one with its long, thin leaves. It’s a member of the trumpet vine family. For information about desert willow pruning, including tips on pruning desert willows, read on.

About Desert Willow Pruning

Desert willow (Chilopsis linearis) is a native U.S. plant, growing in the American Southwest as well as Kansas and Oklahoma. The little tree has slender, willow-like leaves, but it is actually a flowering shrub. Desert willow produces flowers that are extremely ornamental. They fill the tree in spring, but can keep appearing sporadically all year round.

These trees grow in dry regions and can provide shade in arid landscapes, but in order for the plants to be attractive in your backyard, you’ll have to start pruning desert willows early and regularly.

When to Prune a Desert Willow

If you are wondering when to prune a desert willow, trimming a desert willow can begin in late winter or early spring. In fact, a good time to prune this deciduous tree is the end of February or you can cut back desert willows in March. They are still dormant during this period.

Tips for Pruning Desert Willows

Pruning can keep these trees from getting leggy as they mature. If you want to cut back desert willows, first decide the shape you are looking for.

You can create a tree with a single tree and a canopy at the top. You can also do desert willow pruning to create a multi-branched shrub with a canopy that reaches the ground. Once you cut back desert willows to your preferred shape, annual desert willow pruning keeps the trees looking good.

If you decide on a single-stemmed tree, select a main leader to become the trunk. Cut back other competing leaders, but retain side branches to fill in the canopy. If you want a multi-branched shrub, start trimming a desert willow when it is young. Cut the main growing tip, allowing several strong leaders to form.

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Desert willows are also notorious for attracting bees, birds, and hummingbirds. This is important to note in case anyone in your family has severe allergies to any of these animals, or the pollination that the bee’s create. Other than a few frequent critters, the desert willow is entirely pest free, which eliminates the need for you to monitor it closely, looking for insects harmful to the plant.

In terms of appearance, these trees, with their many roots and branches, are intended to grow and look uniquely. Other than some light pruning every now and then, these trees don’t require much upkeep.

Q. Why is my desert Willow losing all of its leaves? The leaves have brown spots on them.

Over half of the branches are bare of leaves. the plant is definitely not thriving.

I would suspect that your heat/drought conditions and appropriate deep watering should be your first consideration.

Desert willow trees are know to be relatively resistant to pests and diseases, but there are some possibilities for disorders:

Verticillium wilt

Environmental disorders:
Mineral deficiencies
Nutrient and mineral excesses
Poor water management

Vertebrates: gophers

It is not possible for us to give a definitive diagnosis without more information on growing conditons and management. You may need a site visit from a local consulting arborist or university extension service advisor.

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