Candy Crisp Apple Info: Learn How To Grow Candy Crisp Apples

Candy Crisp Apple Info: Learn How To Grow Candy Crisp Apples

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By: Amy Grant

If you love sweet apples like Honey Crisp, you might want to try growing Candy Crisp apple trees. Never heard of Candy Crisp apples? The following article contains Candy Crisp apple info on how to grow Candy Crisp apples and about Candy Crisp apple care.

Candy Crisp Apple Info

As the name suggests, Candy Crisp apples are said to be as sweet as candy. They are a ‘golden’ apple with a pink blush and a shape very reminiscent of a red delicious apple. The trees bear large juicy fruit with a terrific crunchy texture that is said to be sweet but with more pear rather than apple overtones.

The tree is said to have been a chance seedling founded in the Hudson Valley area of New York State in a red delicious orchard, thus thought to be related. It was introduced to the market in 2005.

Candy Crisp apple trees are vigorous, upright growers. The fruit ripens in mid to late October and can be kept for up to four months when stored properly. This particular hybrid apple variety does need a pollinator to ensure fruit set. Candy Crisp will bear fruit within three years of planting.

How to Grow Candy Crisp Apples

Candy Crisp apple trees can be grown in USDA zones 4 through 7. Plant seedlings in the spring in well-draining soil that is rich in humus in an area with at least six hours (preferably more) of sun. Space additional Candy Crisp or suitable pollinators around 15 feet (4.5 m.) apart.

When growing Candy Crisp apples, prune the trees in late winter to early spring when they are still dormant.

Candy Crisp care also includes fertilization. Feed the tree with a 6-6-6 fertilizer in the early spring. Keep young trees consistently watered and as the tree matures, water once a week deeply.

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Honeycrisp apple trees are known for bearing unique apples with a crisp bite and sweet, tart flavor. Typically grown in cooler climates, this tree is perfect for the gardener located in the Midwest and Northern regions of the United States.

In this guide, we’ll discuss what a Honeycrisp tree looks like, how to grow and maintain this type of tree, and where to buy a Honeycrisp apple tree.

Honeycrisp Apple Tree Overview

Characteristic Description
Characteristic Description
Fruit size At least three inches in diameter
Fruit uses Fresh eating or cooked in a recipe like an apple pie
Fruit color Red blushed and yellow skin, white flesh
Fruit texture and flavor Crisp and juicy texture sweet, tart flavor
Region North and Midwest
Hardiness zones 3–7
Growing season The tree blossoms in April, with apples ready to pick in September
Resistance Scab disease
Susceptibility Fire blight, fly speck, sooty blotch, bitter pit, and mildew


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Beni Shogun Fuji

A crisp juicy & very sweet tasting fruit. One of the few Fuji varieties that will actually ripen in our cooler PNW summers. Beautiful red coloring, outstanding flavor & ripens almost a month before Fuji, in September. Available in Dwarf sizes (10’-12’). Needs a pollinator.

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