How to recognize a cactus from a succulent plant

How to recognize a cactus from a succulent plant

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How to recognize a succulent plant from a cactacea

Recognize a cactacea, i.e. a succulent plant belonging to the family of Cactaceae from an ordinary succulent plant belonging to another family, it is very easy. In fact, while in families other than cactaceae the thorns develop directly on the tissues of the leaves or stems, in the Cactaceae they are formed within particular formations called areoles, in practice small whitish pads scattered on the stem from which they originate: the down, the thorns, the ramifications, the leaves and the flowers. Also if you try to remove a plug from one Cactacea no injury is caused to the plant as the thorns are not connected with the underlying tissues, as opposed to what happens in other succulents such as Aloe or Agave where if you try to remove a thorn, the underlying tissues are affected.

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