Contributions from the Chamber of Commerce also for farms

Contributions from the Chamber of Commerce also for farms

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There are more and more financial aid that farms can request. Today we talk about contributions of the Chamber of Commerce.

The contributions of the Chamber of Commerce we are talking about are those that are part of the PID project, Punto Impresa Digitale.

THE Digital Enterprise Points are service structures located at the Chambers of Commerce dedicated to the dissemination of the culture and practice of digital dissemination in the MPMI (Micro Small Medium Enterprises) of all economic sectors.

The goal of the new business is to provide SMEs, in relation to the various issues in which the company can be involved in innovation 4.0, the following services:

  • Activity of training (enabling technologies, main applications in the various sectors, specialist skills);
  • Information (available incentives, Industry 4.0 network services);
  • Technical assistance (assessment of the degree of digital maturity of companies and support to companies in identifying priority areas of intervention);
  • Mentoring (assistance of a mentor expert in digital technologies);
  • They financially support SMEs in digital transformation processes (Digital Vouchers;
  • They orient businesses, for i services more specialized, towards i Competence Center and i Digital Innovation Hub;
  • Stimulus and support to companies in carrying out industrial research and experimental development projects;
  • Digital services for all businesses.

Currently the agricultural sector is experiencing a period of severe crisis due to the great impact of events "extra ordinary" meteorological and expenses management that the company must deal with periodically.

In addition to that, the issues concerning the energy saving, the efficient use of natural resources is pollution, factors that affect both human health and the well-being of the entire natural environment, are increasingly integrated in the interest of agricultural businesses.

In this regard, read our article on pollution.

It is therefore believed that that management strategy, generally recognized under the name of "precision agriculture", can be a valid support for the company's agricultural activity.

Even in agriculture, in fact, as in any economic reality, it is it is essential to keep up with the times: agricultural management is increasingly complex and cannot ignore professionalism, specialization and the ability to seize the opportunities offered by technological innovation.

Monitor the productions and intervening in the appropriate ways and times becomes a necessary condition for obtaining quality, quantity but most of all continuity of production and income.

Also in agriculture it is essential to keep up with the times: agricultural management is increasingly complex and cannot ignore professionalism, specialization and the ability to seize the opportunities offered by technological innovation

Accessing the contributions is very simple. At the Chamber of Commerce of your province, the presence of the announcement must be verified.

If this has not expired, it is possible make use of an agronomist or an accountant so that the application can be concluded.

Once completed, it must be sent by certified mail to the Chamber of Commerce competent for the territory.

The Chamber of Commerce will verify the actual congruence of the information and technological innovation of the project.

Once this is done, it will form a ranking of those who have won the call in chronological order of receipt of the application.

The ranking may have:

  • Questions admitted and financed (winners of the call);
  • Questions admitted not financeable (which exceed the minimum threshold for admission but not funded due to exhaustion of the resources available to the Chamber of Commerce);
  • Questions not allowed.

The questions admitted not financeable due to the exhaustion of available financial resources, they can be subsequently financed if, within 90 days from the date of approval of the concession determination, resources are released following renunciation or approval of forfeiture of the grant granted. In this case, the scrolling of the ranking will be approved.

Do you think the information in this article is incomplete or inaccurate? Send us a report to help us improve!

We remind you that there are some opportunities to obtain contributions / tax credits for the expenses incurred for health security in the company, necessary to deal with the Covid 19 emergency.


A tax credit is envisaged for the costs of sanitizing the workplace to the extent of 50% of the costs of sanitizing the environments and work tools, as well as for the purchase of individual protective devices (masks, etc.), incurred and documented up to a maximum of 20,000 euros for each beneficiary.

At the moment, the implementing decrees of this fiscal measure are pending.


The Lombardy Region financed a call for the measure "Safe-Working - I Safe Reopen". Non-repayable contributions are envisaged (60% or 70%) for the adoption of safety measures for "Phase 2", including temporary structures and furnishings, PPE, sanitation tools and equipment, etc.

Companies active in the retail trade and public businesses sectors can participate (bars and restaurants), including agritourisms with catering (Nace Code 56.10.12)

The call will be managed by Unioncamere Lombardia and will be opened approximately on 22 May. CLICK HERE for updates.


Invitalia has published the announcement "Safe Company", for the reimbursement of expenses incurred for the purchase of Dpi, aimed at containing and contrasting the epidemiological emergency from COVID-19. The reimbursement concerns expenses incurred between March 17, 2020 and the date of submission of the application.

For details you can consult the website of Invitalia.


With the Call for "Contributions for smart working and for the digital enterprise" of the Brescia Chamber of Commerce, it is possible to receive contributions for various types of investments including the purchase of new technological hardware equipment (notebooks, smartphones, accessories), equipment for washing dishes, equipment for cold (refrigerators, cold rooms, freezers, freezers, blast chillers, and the like) for professional use, equipment for heating limited to electric or microwave ovens for professional use.

The investments must be made and paid in full, as well as installed (in the period 1.1.2020-31.12.2020), at the registered and / or operational headquarters in the province of Brescia, where the activity is carried out. The grant that can be granted is equal to 50% of the cost incurred (net of VAT) in the period 1.1.2020 - 31.12.2020 (minimum expenditure 1000 euros - maximum contribution from 5 to 20 thousand euros depending on the measures)

CLICK HERE To consult the details of the announcement.


Since 1996 - the year in which the Business Register became operational - farms and direct farmers must transmit the main documents relating to the life of the company to the Chamber of Commerce. Information that forms the basis of chamber databases that can be consulted in real time throughout the national territory, and beyond.

But being recognized as agricultural entrepreneurs is not enough, it is also necessary to promote the specific business characteristics, the market segments that the company occupies.

Through the Rea - Economic Administrative Directory - operators can give greater visibility to their structure by providing information on the activities, on the characteristics of the crop, on the number of employees, on the productions, on the investment programs.

Registration in special registers, lists and roles held by the Chambers also allows entrepreneurs to make public their suitability for the exercise of specific activities and professions. A real guarantee mark to protect the consumer.

The success of an agricultural company on domestic and international markets is also measured by the ability to make its products competitive, to enhance and protect their specificity and denomination.

Quality thus becomes the starting point for designing adequate production and marketing plans, in response to the requests of an increasingly large and demanding user.

Through special internal commissions, the Chambers of Commerce certify the denomination of controlled origin (DOP) of olive products and some dairy products. As for the wines, the chambers of commerce are able to recognize the denomination of controlled origin (DOC) and the typical geographical indications (IGT).

Other products, on the other hand, are subject to Community recognition regulations: from the protected designation of origin (PDO) to the protected geographical indications (PGI), to the certificates of typicality relating to the processes. Certifications, partly controlled by the Chambers of Commerce, partly by other bodies or consortia.

Twenty-eight chamber chemical-commodity laboratories, supported by four sample acceptance desks, offer businesses and consumers analyzes and tests for individual products. The goal is to support its quality, in line with legal specifications and voluntary regulations.

Although linked to the productive vocation of the respective provinces, the chamber laboratories are linked together and integrated into the national network.

This allows, on the one hand, to offer companies not only the tests of the single center, but also those active at the other structures, on the other hand it allows the simultaneous execution of analyzes in several points of the territory. The certificates issued by the laboratories have international validity.

To complement the network of laboratories, the chamber system has set up a certification body for the sector, called Agroqualità, and a network of technology-oriented branches. While the first is based in Rome at Unioncamere, the second, coordinated by Dintec (Dissemination of technical legislation information), currently has twenty-seven centers in as many Chambers of Commerce. Tools capable of encouraging and promoting certifications in the sector and offering information on self-control systems for food processes, technical regulations, technological innovation and financing opportunities.

The call for 100 thousand euros with the package of contributions that the Chamber of Commerce makes available to micro, small and medium-sized agricultural enterprises in Varese.

The proposals, also for 2019, are diversified: these range from resources allocated to the purchase of newly manufactured machines, plants and equipment as well as computer programs to those for the transformation and sale of agricultural products projects. There is no shortage of resources to help businesses in agricultural product qualification and food safety projects as well as in the cost of underwriting annual policies and purchasing or installing solutions for crop protection. A help appreciated by companies: at the last edition of the call, there were 85 applications, an increase compared to previous years. Applications from companies particularly interested in the measure relating to investments for business modernization.

Going instead into the detail of the call 2019, support in investments related to primary agricultural production translates into contributions up to a maximum of 2 thousand euros for a 40% reduction in purchase costs related to a minimum investment of one thousand euros. Contributions that rise to 60% and up to 2,500 euros of the expenditure in the event that the investments are made by young farmers.

Turning to the "transformation and marketing of agricultural products" measure, the contribution is also in this case of a maximum of 2 thousand euros for the reduction of 40% of the purchase costs related to a minimum investment of one thousand euros. The contribution, on the other hand, rises to 50% of the expenses incurred, for the last two measures: “Insurance coverage and defense instruments” and “Qualification of agricultural products and food safety”.

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Wine tourism

The Emilia-Romagna Region, recognizing the importance of wine tourism, as a cultural and economic phenomenon capable of offering various advantageous opportunities also for the growth of the entrepreneurial realities of the region, pursues:

  • the enhancement of areas with a high vocation for winemaking and wine production in the regional territory,
  • the qualification of hospitality as part of an integrated tourism offer,
  • the promotion of wine tourism as a form of tourism with a specific identity,

The definition of enotourist activity appears for the first time in Law no. 205 of 27 December 2017, in articles from 502 to 505.

With the Decree of the Ministry of Agricultural, Food, Forestry and Tourism Policies of 12 March 2019, the minimum quality requirements and standards for the exercise of wine tourism have been established.

The Emilia-Romagna region with Resolution 2355 of 22 November 2019 adopted the guidelines for the exercise of wine tourism and with Resolution 1229 of 24 January 2020 it established the implementation criteria.

What is wine tourism

Visit the vineyards and cellars, learn about the cultivation and production tools, taste and buy the wine produced on the farm, participate in demonstration and educational activities related to wine production, learn about wine in the place of production, this is wine tourism .

What wine tourism offers

  • Training and information activities concerning the wine production of the territory and the knowledge of wine, in particular PDO and PGI, such as for example guided visits to the vineyards, cellars and exhibition places of the tools necessary for cultivation and production as well as history and practice of wine making in general, including the didactic harvest.
  • Tasting and marketing activities of the company's wine production, also in combination with foods to be understood as cold agro-food products prepared by the company itself, even manipulated or transformed, ready for consumption, with the exclusion of the administration of food and wine preparations that would constitute a service catering.

Who can carry out the activity

The agricultural businesses referred to in art. 2135 of the Italian Civil Code who carry out agricultural activities of cultivation of vines or who carry out the transformation of wine products and the subsequent marketing of their own productions and agro-industrial companies that carry out processing and marketing of wine products through the prevalent acquisition of raw material from third parties.

Companies that only carry out wholesale and retail marketing are excluded from the possibility of carrying out the activity.

The owner, family members, employees and external collaborators, equipped with adequate skills and training, can be involved in the activity.

The aforementioned activities can also be carried out by agritourism and educational farm operators, in which case the procedures governed by regional law n. 4 of March 31, 2009.

Where it can be done

Operators use dedicated and adequately equipped environments for wine tourism activities, compliant with current regulatory instruments.

The rooms or environments where the tasting takes place and any room where the food is prepared and stored, must have the health and hygiene requirements prescribed in terms of food hygiene.

What needs to be done to carry out the wine tourism activity

Entrepreneurs must be registered in the Business Register of the Chamber of Commerce and be registered in the regional register of farms.

Entrepreneurs must also have adequate skills and training also on knowledge of the characteristics of the territory.

To start the activity it is necessary to present the Certified Notification of Start of Activity (SCIA) to the competent municipality by connecting to the unitary access portal.


Posted By: Web Redaction 5 November 2020

Even farms that practice connected agritourism activities of catering or accommodation can participate in the new announcement of the Chamber of Commerce of Padua forassignment of a contribution for the reduction of interest for companies in the tourism sector.

The subsidy is aimed at companies that have obtained a loan aimed at facing the financial difficulties related to the COVID-19 emergency.
Only the enterprises belonging to the tourism sector, which also include activities with the following Ateco code:

56.10.12 Catering activities related to agricultural holdings

55.20.52 Accommodation activities related to agricultural holdings .

The announcement and the forms are available at the following link.

The deadline for submitting applications from 9:30 of 9/11/2020 to 19:00 of 30/11/2020.

Applications can be uploaded, and the basic model generated, only starting from November 9th at 9.30 am.

For assistance on telematic practice, please contact the number: 049 - 20 15 215.

Grant requests can be sent up to 31 October 2015 (applications will be accepted following the chronological order of submission). The announcement is published on the Caserta Chamber of Commerce website.

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