Propagation of dieffenbachia by dropping the apical shoot, rooting in water

Propagation of dieffenbachia by dropping the apical shoot, rooting in water

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Plant propagation

In our family, Dieffenbachia has become a "transitional pioneer banner." Or rather, a flower as an inheritance. My husband's mother brought it, tortured, from relatives who did not know what to do with Dieffenbachia. They have grown under a meter in height, and then broke almost at the base of the trunk. The mother-in-law felt sorry for the poor flower, and she brought it home. She called me and we found out that Dieffenbachia can be rooted precisely with the apical shoot with leaves. And we had practically a whole flower. She dug him in and waited.
In gratitude for the salvation, Dieffenbachia quickly and well rooted. The new sheet, however, was not released soon - almost six months later. But the effect was that she had to spend strength on rooting. In addition, this whole story happened in the fall, when the vegetation is no longer so active in flowers.
And on March 8, we presented the mother-in-law (and Dieffenbachia) with a new spacious flowerpot.
Why did I tell all this ... Dieffenbachia is one of the plants that easily lends itself to reproduction and rejuvenation in several ways. Let's consider each of them separately.

Reproduction of Dieffenbachia by dropping the apical shoot

As my experience has shown, Dieffenbachia can be propagated by dropping the apical shoot... Thus, by the way, quite adult Dieffenbachia are usually rejuvenated, which grow more than a meter in height and at the same time remain practically without lower leaves. Therefore, if she lives with you for a long time, she has lost some of the leaves (this is her natural behavior), it's time to rejuvenate.

For this, the top - the part of the shoot that has a growth point - is cut off. And then it's up to you: either we put it in the water so that the stalk takes root, or we immediately drop it into the ground. I remember that my mother-in-law dug right away, because she didn’t want to cut the stalk, how much the trunk of the owners broke off, so much dug into the ground. And Dieffenbachia is the same grass, just damp earth is enough for rooting.

In a word, so as not to get confused, there are two options:

  • we put the cutting in the water, wait until the roots appear, and then we root it in the ground;
  • or we dig the stalk into the ground, water it, wait until it takes root.

If you decide to plant directly in the ground, then you need to take into account that a young Dieffenbachia does not need such nutritious soil as an adult plant. Choose a substrate made from peat and sand. And already a cutting with roots, which has taken root in water, can be planted in a mixture of fertile humus and peat greenhouse soil.

Do not be alarmed that a plant dug into the ground sits “without movement” for a long time - new leaves do not appear on the plant. This is a rather long process. The roots of a cuttings rooted in the ground usually appear after 2 months. And the first leaves in 4-6 months. Dieffenbachia "sat" with us for half a year, and in winter, and nevertheless took root.

If your apical shoot is small, then it can be covered with a film, thus arranging a greenhouse.

If you put the shoot in water, the roots will appear after a month. To prevent the water from becoming rotten during this time, immediately put activated carbon in it.

And the rest of the stem can be cut and try to propagate dieffenbachia by cuttings. Quite simply and easily everything turns out.

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