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Topping: definition and meaning

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There topping is a textile finishing process which consists in cutting the fluff of the fabric on finished pieces. Hair trimming has different purposes, depending on the surface on which it is applied and the height at which the hair is cut.

  • equalize the level of the pile in order to make it uniform, it is applied after a fabric has undergone the raising operation, a process that extracts the pile and makes the fabric soft.
  • complete elimination of the hair to obtain smooth fabrics, if repeated by a named machine at close range, with the total removal of the down of the textile fibers, the weave of the fabric is highlighted.
  • creation of the pile of the velvet, in the preparation of the velvet the yarn of the warpof hair is cut to create the velvety surface. Operation carried out as the velvet is woven, once by hand using an accessory called bartacks today automatically by a blade that divides the two layers of the double fabric connected by the warp of hair.

The pruning machine is a machine equipped with a rotating cylinder equipped with spiral blades, called male, and a striker knife. The fabric is made to flow into the machine at 15/30 meters per minute and the cylinder blades cut the fluff at the programmed height, a suction system collects the cut pile. The cylinders, with a diameter between 8 and 10 cm, can be up to four.

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