Plants to give: 10 gift ideas for green apartment thumbs

Plants to give: 10 gift ideas for green apartment thumbs

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The plants to give as gifts they are perhaps one of the most appreciated gifts when you want to make a present that touches the world of interior design.

The touch of green and color that they manage to bring into an environment, their scent, the flowers that bloom, are certainly aspects that are able to make our most welcoming homes bringing that pinch of nature that never spoils in the home.

Giving a plant means make a gesture of love: it is decided to entrust the well-being and existence of these small crops to someone, perhaps discovering sides of oneself that have never been explored until now.

Furthermore, the plants to give as gifts give an infinite number of possibilities in terms of variety: there are many crops that can be donated according to people's tastes, according to their gardening skills or, simply, based on what strikes you most during the search (in nurseries or buying them online).

In this article we have selected 10 plants to give perfect for indoor spaces: these are plants with flowers, greens, leaves and of various sizes that, without a doubt, will be able to bring a very exotic touch to the home of those who receive them.

Let's begin!

Sanseveria: the plant to give to less experienced green thumbs

Sanseveria, also known as “mother-in-law's tongue” is the perfect gift for those who know very little about gardening.

It is a plant that needs very little attention, but which manages to make a beautiful contribution to the home both in aesthetic and functional terms.

In addition to its beautiful appearance, in fact, the senseveria is a plant that cleans the air of the house from pollutants, making it a very valid addition especially for the bedroom: it gives a more relaxed sleep with this wonderful plant.

Plants can be given as wonderful objects for design and decoration

Monstera deliciosa for a super cool gift

There monstera deliciosa it is certainly one of the most popular plants at the moment: if you browse any newspaper dedicated to home furnishings, you will surely find it in many environments, ready to make them trendy and welcoming.

This plant with an exotic and tropical style, in fact, makes any environment extremely welcoming while requiring very little care.

In addition, even in this case, we are talking about a plant capable of making the air in our homes better: it is capable of absorbing about 80% of pollutants present in the air.

One of the plants to give to lovers of the latest trends.

Dracaena marginata: the apartment palm

There dracena margianta always falls within the group of plants which, when placed in a closed environment, are able to purify the air very effectively.

Its trunks and the shape of its leaves makes it a real apartment palm in a reduced format.

Caring for it is simple - watering it once a week is sure to do most of the work.

Aloe vera: a gift with a thousand uses

Aloe vera is a plant with a thousand uses and properties everyone knows: its soothing effect, in fact, is perfect for treating burns, insect bites, sunburn and many other skin problems.

That's why it is one of the best plants to give to anyone who cares about herbal products: by giving one of these plants, in fact, you can give them the opportunity to directly extract the gel from the leaves, making all kinds of packs and homemade products.

Aloe vera needs only one thing to grow well: light. For the rest, it is a very easy plant to care for and manage.

The dwarf banana

The dwarf banana it is one of those crops that can definitely change the appearance of your home.

It is a perfect plant for any room that will not fail to give that exotic touch much appreciated and warm to the home of those who receive it.

Growing it is simple, but be careful: too much sunlight is not good for it.

The azalea cannot be missing

The azalea is a beautiful ornamental plant that is ideal as a gift because of its very colorful and bright holes.

Needless to say, they will give one extraordinary touch of color at home.

In addition, they can also be kept on the balcony, creating a small green and relaxing environment even in the midst of the concrete of our cities.

Not just succulents: flowering plants are also a beautiful gift to give

Anturio, for all red gifts

The Anthurium it is a plant with red flowers perfect to give to those who live in an apartment.

The scarlet red color of the flowers it will certainly make the environment that hosts them more lively, matching perfectly with any type of furnishing style.

This is a very easy plant to care for, so why not give it to some green thumbs in the beginning?

Calathea is also one of the most beautiful plants to give as gifts

The calathea is a plant that puts an extraordinary joy thanks to its fantastic orange flowers.

Again, its beauty is accompanied by one very important purifying function: it manages, in fact, to retain the impurities present in the air and transform it into oxygen.

Orchid, a flower of rare beauty

The orchid it is an extremely elegant plant that will make any environment chic and delicate.

It is one of those plants to give only and exclusively to people who have the time and desire to take care of it: unlike the other crops mentioned in the article, the orchid needs a lot of attention to grow well.

In this article you will find all the secrets to take care of it better.

The very fragrant lavender

Lavender is also an absolutely welcome gift for all the people they like to have a colorful and fragrant house or terrace.

Also perfect for less green thumbs, it should be watered only when it is dry and does not require special care.

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Plants to give at Christmas

A plant is always a great Christmas present. Choose with us the most suitable ones for this party

You're starting to think about Christmas Gifts? Why not choose a symbolic gift, thought and surely appreciated as one plant? Whether it has flowered or not, it will make all green thumbs happy and will help even the less inclined to create the unmistakable party atmosphere. Seeing is believing.

For the holidays, shops and nurseries offer a wide range, even already packaged and ready to give as gifts. But which one to choose? In order not to be mistaken here 6 plants that will definitely make you look great.

Another classic holiday plant is undoubtedly the mistletoe. It is a small evergreen shrub whose twigs are filled with round and shiny during the winter season white berries, perfect for creating compositions and decorate the house for Christmas.

Tradition has it that bring good luck, and not just in love - have you ever heard the old superstition of kissing under a sprig of mistletoe during the holidays? - and even if its berries are poisonous it is now customary to give a branch to loved ones.

It may not be a traditional Christmas plant but it is perfect as a gift during the holidays. In fact, it blooms in the cold months and is also suitable for less green thumbs. Also it is easy to find, Rather cheap and there is also the variant with red flowers. What else do you want?

It is perfect to give as a gift during the holidays for hers red berries very decorative which, combined with intense green and dark leaves, almost give the impression of being in front of small Christmas trees in miniature. This plant is also traditionally auspicious, able to bring prosperity and joy to those who receive it as a gift. Better than this.

What better flower to give than the one "Christmas rose"? If its delightful corollas weren't enough to convince you, the great variety of colors, or the fact that it blooms even under the snow, do you know that legend has it that a shepherdess brought it as a gift to the newborn Jesus?

And the christmas flower to give to those you love. Its red heart-shaped leaf is not accidental, theanthurium it has always been associated with the highest feelings such as love and friendship and for this reason it is one of the most gifted flowers on special occasions.

Gift ideas for her

Do a gift to a woman? It is often a difficult undertaking. Whether it's your girlfriend, a friend, mom or sister, this year's most popular 2020 Christmas gift ideas appear home accessories and for relaxation, without ever forgetting a look at the trends.

If your girl lovestrendy decor, what better occasion to give her a glamorous gift? A velvet armchair, for example, it is the most original idea for the woman who loves a refined and trendy home style.

There table it is always a great inspiration for gift ideas, because it continues to represent a strong symbol of family union and warmth. Choose a trendy dish service, in Christmas style or designed for the everyday table, as long as with trendy details.

The Relax is a great inspiration for Christmas 2020 gift ideas. To create the perfect atmosphere at home, give your girlfriend one jar or tart with its burner or candle holder. The scent of Christmas, characterized by spicy and relaxing notes, is a guarantee with the Yankee Candle candles. Their fragrance gives the home environment a persistent and welcoming scent.

Climbing plants: perfect as a fence or as a ground cover for the wall

Have you ever thought about turning your fence, barn, pergola and wall into a green wall? Climbing plants are the solution to give your garden green and extra color even in height. Among climbing plants, ivy is often thought of, but there are many other beautiful climbing plants that can play this role beautifully. We have prepared a list of the best climbing plants for you.

To start, let's take the world famous ivy. Ivy is one of the few climbing plants that adhere independently. Just a push in the right direction and then it will continue on its own. Make sure the ivy has a good surface to adhere to. It can be a wall, a rack or a fence. As long as the ivy has room to grow, it will remain in its juvenile stage and continue to climb. By taking the cuttings in good time, it is possible to keep the plant in its youthful stage forever. As soon as the ivy can no longer find any support, it will enter the adult stage. After that the plant will change in appearance and will flower again in the fall every year. Do you want to know more about ivy? Then read the following article.

Ecological gifts: mini USB greenhouses gift idea for green thumbs… and virtual ones!

Do you know friends who have a passion for gardening but can't grow it? Here is the gift for them!

Plants and technology have never rhyme ... Never until today and until you were aware of this wonderful USB greenhouse. Suitable for all those who spend most of the day in front of a computer monitor. What better gift to give color and a pinch of joy to your friends' desks?

The greenhouse is equipped with a special natural light that will favor the growth of the seedling and through the USB power supply, the temperature will also be adjusted to the best for the needs of the mini office garden.

The USB mini greenhouse is sold with one bag of potting soil, seeds, the appropriate usb cable (average length 1.5 meters) and a cd-rom. The cd-rom is used to install the drivers and inside there are also all the instructions for sowing! An audible alarm will indicate when it's time to water. In short, everyone can become expert gardeners, don't you think?

If you want to know all the details of the USB mini greenhouse click on the official website of Dreamcheekyand you will find many original and new ideas for your Christmas gifts!

But in addition to virtual greenhouses, what are the Christmas plants? Which ones plants to give as gifts for a traditional and classic Christmas? Follow Gardeners for Rent and you will discover them all!

7 green and easy to care for indoor plants that will make your home look green!

The indoor plants which will also make the home of who is not a born gardener: here are the 7 green plants simpler to grow into flat!

A touch of green it will certainly make your home more welcoming: even for those who have their heads in the clouds and forget to take care of their plants, there are some that require very little care and grow very green more than ever! Here it is 7 plants from interior very easy to care for, which will make even black thumbs happy!

It requires very little care, just remember to water it when the soil dries up!

Tronchetto of happiness
Place it in a bright area of ​​the house, away from drafts and heaters. In winter, just water it once a month!


It seems delicate, in reality you just need to be very careful where you place it: away from drafts and it will grow stronger than ever!


With its drooping habit, it is the plant that will make your home look like a corner of the jungle!


Very green and with a bubbling bush that immediately brings joy. They only ask for a little humidity around them: vaporize their leaves every two days and it will be very green!


There is no simpler plant to grow! It grows well in the shade and if you forget to give it for a while, it will survive!

Aloe vera

This plant also has no particular needs: it just asks for a little light and a pot in which to grow!

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