Barbecue area - a must or a tribute to fashion

Barbecue area - a must or a tribute to fashion

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Improving the territory of the personal plot is one of the main tasks of every summer resident. The carefully thought out and well-equipped barbecue area will become a favorite vacation spot for the whole family. Today's article will discuss the choice of a place and the design features of the barbecue area in the country.

Why do you need a barbecue area

The presence of a recreation area in the country, equipped with a barbecue complex, allows you to combine a pleasant pastime in the bosom of nature with cooking. Since food cooked over an open fire has an amazing aroma and unique taste, such structures will always be the focus of attention of all family members.

Unlike a garden gazebo, a barbecue complex is an open facility where you can relax and cook a variety of dishes. The barbecue area arranged on the territory of the personal plot can be used for a variety of purposes.

Video "Ideas for decorating a barbecue complex in the country"

This video presents many options for arranging a barbecue area in the country.

How to equip

The construction of a barbecue complex begins with the preparation of a construction project and drawing up a drawing diagram. Having a project will allow you to avoid many mistakes that negatively affect the functionality and usability of the facility.

Design options and styles

The barbecue complex can be completely open, semi-closed or closed. Depending on the type of building material used, there are wooden, metal, metal-plastic and other structures.

The color scheme and design are determined by the style of execution of architectural objects located on the territory of the dacha. The following type of construction is at the peak of popularity:

  • open-type veranda with barbecue in a classic style;
  • country-style construction adjacent to the house;
  • a small playground in the style of minimalism, modern or high-tech;
  • barbecue complex in the garage, in the backyard or by the pool;
  • an open pavilion with massive columns-arches in a modern design.

Objects in European, Eastern, Mediterranean and Arabic design styles look no less interesting.

Seat selection

At the design stage of the territory of the site, a place is selected for organizing a barbecue and recreation area. The optimal place is a garden area located close to the house and protected from the wind. If you plan to lay out a playground, it is desirable to have partial shade and sunlight.

The proximity of water supply and electrical networks will be a great advantage. But to install an outdoor stove or barbecue, you need to choose a section of the garden protected from the wind. At the same time, there should be no trees, shrubs and various wooden buildings nearby. To avoid fires, keep all flammable items away from fire.

Site design

The level of comfort depends on the correct division of the territory into sectors. So, a barbecue complex should have at least three functional sectors: a food preparation area, a dining area and a recreation area. Sectorization can be stationary or inferred. Separate one object from another, if there is such a need, can be done with the help of furniture, decorative elements and plants.

The floor can be concrete, stone, wood and natural. Natural turf is defined as grass or fine gravel. The cooking area should be as safe as possible, so the use of wood as a floor covering is unacceptable. The floor covering from multi-colored paving slabs looks practical and interesting.

For the manufacture of the canopy frame, a metal-plastic profile, metal slats and wooden beams are used. The structure cladding can be made with polycarbonate, wood mesh, metal elements and other building materials.

Furniture and accessories

Furniture for the barbecue area should be as comfortable and practical as possible, so that if the weather worsens, it can be quickly moved into the house or gazebo. The easiest and least expensive way to equip the site is with plastic chairs and tables. But over time, cracks, scratches and chips appear on the surface of such furniture.

According to the designers' recommendations, furniture made of artificial rattan and natural wood can be used for the barbecue area. Wooden and rattan furniture is characterized by practicality, reliability and durability. The attention of summer residents is attracted by a stylish design and a variety of assortments.

For the manufacture of sofas, tables, chairs and other pieces of furniture for the barbecue area, you can use car tires, wooden barrels and euro pallets.

As for the decor of the barbecue complex, it is interesting to decorate the site with the help of lighting fixtures, fabrics and plants. Flower pots and hanging pots placed around the perimeter of the site give a feeling of comfort and unity with nature. Built-in light bulbs, LED lights, wall sconces and floor lamps with dim lighting create a calm and comfortable environment.

A cozy and properly equipped barbecue area will become the main resting place on the territory of the personal plot. Since it is here that you can arrange family tea parties, romantic evenings and fun gatherings with family and friends.

Educational toys. Do they develop

Remember our childhood? The same thing - wooden toys nailed to the floor, lack of goods on the shelves and the very minimum of toys? Well, in fact, our childhood did not pass without toys at all. There were hares and bears and darkness cubes. There were a lot of things. Why wasn't there?

Well, there was no, marketers did not guess (and there were no marketers either) to introduce such a successful term into the difficult parental use. For - buy here and now this bright, thundering, noisy and colorful toy, which will develop everything and everything for your child and you will be happy. Although, there will be no happiness - because you still have to buy this, and this and this ... Does it sound familiar?

Buying newfangled educational toys, it must be remembered that such toys can cause considerable, although sometimes imperceptible at first glance. An expensive talking doll that requires a bottle and is able to imitate a person's vital activity does not develop, but only sets a certain scheme-program of actions. A child after a couple of days of manipulation with such a doll begins to get bored. Or later, he begins to expect from society and the circumstances of a precisely set scheme of actions. Directions from above, so never with a cute plush bunny, worn out in places. Because this bunny gives the broadest scope to the imagination. You can talk to him, sing songs, feed him, put him to bed, take him to school, teach, introduce other inhabitants of the nursery, throw up and bathe in the bath.

Bright, noisy and sugary toys set the tone - quite consumerist. Simple sounds of nature, soft transitions of light and shadow, the reality of everyday life become not to the child's taste. He happily delves into the bright world of modern television, where he remains.

And how we, our mothers, grandmothers, great-grandmothers and further down the list, lived, developed, grew and became wise, intelligent, intelligent and developed people without educational toys?

So, the main conclusion, as always, is simple and ingenious: any object in the hands of a child, any simplest toy, can be (and is!) Developing.

It is important for a child to have room for imagination and be able to invent, compose, and imitate. After all, any game is primarily aimed at development, imitation of adults, learning a skill (unless it is a computer game. Skills are there, but they have no special application in life).

An educational game bowls, spoons, water, cereals (I don’t open America), a sheet of paper, a ball, helping mom with the housework can become your child - even a one-year-old baby sniffing from a strain can importantly sweep the floor. Of course, it won't be sweeping! But by development! Still would.

It is difficult to develop in an apartment. Mothers, after reading clever methods, create mountains of didactic material, arrange cubes by color, figures by grade, books by alphabet. And they are surprised to discover that a rare child can sit on a didactic task for more than two minutes. And this is rarely beneficial.

I have always been of the opinion that my son is wiser than me. His instincts are not clogged with the conventions of society. He always knows for sure whether he wants to eat and how much mother's milk he needs. Therefore, I have long and firmly noticed that my son stops any of my attempts to sit down and do something. Although he is happy to do a lot of all kinds of things with me. Well, if dad picks up a screwdriver ... Sniffing and sighing with delight, he carefully observes the process of assembling the cabinet or disassembling the machine for repair. Then he takes the screwdriver in his hands (under our supervision) and concentrates on repeating dad's movements. It's so interesting!

In general, my idea is absolutely simple. Trust yourself and your children. Think in the right (for yourself) direction. And spend as much time with your kids as possible. Children grow up so quickly, but things are still not redone. They are very well postponed and even disappear as unnecessary.

Live now. Develop together. After all, we have a lot to learn from our children.

What are the requirements for country houses

The first thing to decide is which houses should be considered when talking about country houses. It is not entirely correct to consider only those that are built on a summer cottage and are intended for seasonal living - what is called a summer house. Absolutely analogous to them are houses under construction for the period of capital construction, of course, unless we consider completely extreme options, such as sheds, booths, containers or construction cabins. So, country houses must meet the following requirements:

  1. Should be built as soon as possible. Indeed, while there is no home, there is no place to change clothes, no shelter from the rain, or spend the night.
  2. Must be technologically advanced. Even with construction skills, it is not so easy to independently cope with construction work, albeit a light country house, but for some it is impossible at all.
  3. Should not require large investments. By definition, a light summer home shouldn't be expensive, otherwise building it is a waste of money.
  4. Must be upgradeable. For summer cottages, it is important that, if necessary, they can be expanded by adding additional premises. For temporary houses, the possibility of their further use in a new quality is important, for example, a bathhouse, a guest house or a summer kitchen.
  5. Must be durable enough. It is clear that the service life of such houses is less than that of capital houses, but such a house should stand at least 20-30 years.

Different people, of course, will arrange these requirements in their own way. For some, manufacturability is important, for others, for example, cost. Strictly speaking, by lining up these requirements in a certain sequence, all the possible desired options will be obtained. Now, considering them and knowing what materials are used in the construction of country houses, it will be possible to answer how and from what to build a house, or it is better to just buy a ready-made one.

Paths between beds - budget cool options

Every summer resident dreams of having not only a cozy country house, but also a well-groomed landscaped area. Find out how to create your own paths in the country between the beds: premium or economy option, check out the step-by-step photo.

Why do we need paths between the beds

Garden paths improve the aesthetic perception of the suburban area. No one will deny that the site looks more beautiful with them. However, their presence is not just a tribute to fashion. First of all, they allow you to move around the site as conveniently as possible.

In this case, you will have to take into account that the path is only a temporary solution to the problem. It will not work neatly to constantly move along such unpaved paths. After the first heavy rain or heavy watering, there will be no trace of the well-trodden paths. Hardly anyone will enjoy walking ankle-deep in the mud.

It is for this reason that summer residents decide to build garden paths. The easiest way to solve the problem is to visit a specialized store. All the necessary materials can be purchased there. The shops offer a wide selection of durable and beautiful paving slabs.

However, you will have to spend a considerable amount in order to purchase building material in the right amount. We will have to provide for additional costs for the services of the craftsmen who will lay out the garden paths.

If the budget is limited, there is no way to purchase special paving slabs, you can use the suggestions of experienced summer residents who are guiding how to make paths out of scrap materials.

The choice of material for the economy version of summer cottages

There are a huge number of ideas for decorating tracks at the summer cottage. You can borrow them from friends, neighbors, and also listen to our practical recommendations. However, first you need to decide what material will be taken as a basis for creating garden paths.

Concrete, wooden, rubber, and plastic paths are especially popular among summer residents. It is important to consider that each of these materials comes with both advantages and disadvantages. They are united by a common characteristic - accessibility. They are easy to find, and you don't need to invest too much money to purchase them.

Rubber options attract attention with such qualities:

  • excellent resistance to low temperatures
  • long-term operation while maintaining an impeccable appearance
  • high wear resistance
  • a wide variety of color shades.

    No less attractive are the tracks made of plastic strips. They differ:

  • light weight
  • durability
  • durability
  • wear resistance
  • ease of dismantling.

    Concrete elements are successfully combined with brick, natural or artificial stone. Thanks to this, it is possible to create options for garden paths that are original in design.

    You can create paths from wood. Such a coating will provide a comfortable and safe movement even after heavy rain. However, initially you will have to worry about processing the prepared wooden structures with a special compound.Without such treatment, a wooden walkway can quickly deteriorate, since such material does not withstand high humidity.

    Many people consider the paths created on the basis of crushed stone or gravel to be the ideal option. Such tracks are characterized by:

  • impeccable durability
  • ease of installation
  • long service life.

    Work on the formation of tracks

    As soon as it was possible to decide on the choice of material, they proceed to the implementation of the following practical tasks:

  • marking
  • earthworks
  • drainage layer
  • installation of borders
  • foundation preparation
  • finishing work.

    How to mark the site

    First you need to draw up a plan for the summer cottage, divide it into zones, decide where they will be located:

  • main building (house)
  • outbuildings (garage, toilet, sauna, parking, well)
  • garden
  • garden
  • recreation areas (gazebo, barbecue area, pool, terrace).

    Paths must be placed on the path from the main house to the outbuildings. It is important to lay additional paths to places of rest. When choosing a place, one should not forget about the drains. They will be able to ensure the outflow of excess fluid. Otherwise, the water will stagnate, adversely affect the coverage, and also erode the soil, harming the planted crops.

    After drawing up a detailed plan, it is recommended to decide on the width of the future track. It all depends on where it will take place, who will use it and for what purposes. For example, near the house it is made, based on the possibilities, as wide as possible.

    A rope is tied to the pegs to more clearly mark the side boundaries. Instead of rope, you can use chalk or lime. They are scattered along the side of the road, "drawing" a white boundary line.

    When laying garden paths, it is helpful to know what materials can be combined. Even when choosing a budget option, in the area adjacent to the main structure, materials that are characterized by maximum endurance and wear resistance should be used. It is in this place that vehicles can be parked, and also near the house you often have to move around.

    How to prepare the base and lay the coating with minimal financial costs

    After completing the markup, they begin to prepare the base. First, you need to remove the top layer of soil, dig a trench without going beyond the designated boundaries, focusing on a stretched rope or a white trail from chalk.

    The trench is dug so deep that, after laying the materials, the upper surface of the path is 3-4 cm higher relative to the adjacent soil.

    It is important to take into account that in the spring, after the snow melts, the water table rises. The correct organization of the flow will prevent stagnation of water. It is best to create drainage from rubble or gravel to ensure efficient drainage of water.

    First, a geotextile is laid on the bottom of the dug trench, then a layer of sand is poured, and a layer of gravel or crushed stone is laid on top of the sand cushion, the height of which should reach 10-15 cm.

    The sand interlayer will prevent damage to the textiles, which can be caused by contact with the sharp edges of the stones used.

    It is recommended to compact gravel or crushed stone. This will eliminate the likelihood of a drawdown. The compacted layer of stones is covered with sand.

    Laying different materials

    If you want to get cheap garden paths from available tools, you can use pallets as the main material. These are wooden structures that trade establishments send for recycling after receiving the goods. You can pick them up and "give" them a second life.

    Before stacking pallets, they are subjected to a special treatment so that the wooden surface can successfully withstand the negative effects of water. Craftsmen recommend covering wooden structures with mastic.

    It is also recommended to carefully examine the outer surface of the pallets. All nails that are used for fastening must be carefully drowned, making sure that the caps no longer rise above the surface. Incompletely hammered nails are a source of danger. Catching on to them, you can seriously injure yourself.

    On the crushed stone with which the base is filled, it is possible to lay not only pallets, but also individual boards, also pre-treated with mastic. Garden paths made of log cuts look original. Creative summer residents are creative in the arrangement of neat, different in size and shape cuts of stumps, getting a unique and practical path.

    If you have old broken tiles available, you can also use them as the base material to create a walkway.

    Creative and practical summer residents often create a base from plastic covers. We'll have to, of course, be patient to collect the required amount. You can warn your friends to contribute to the collection of such "material."

    The plastic covers are fixed to each other with a fishing line, forming separate blocks. Then these blocks are laid on the prepared base.

    As an interesting and affordable option, you can consider the tracks that are created from plastic bottles. Their upper part is cut off, the rest is filled with earth, and then immersed in the prepared base upside down.

    Old car tires allow you to create another affordable version of the tracks, which is especially popular among summer residents. The tires are cut into separate strips, rings, they are placed in a prepared base, and the ground is well tamped.

    Garden paths made of tires are characterized by an anti-slip effect. It is absolutely safe to move along them even during heavy rain.

    Installing the curb

    It is recommended to install curbs to clearly limit the garden paths. The most popular and practical are:

  • concrete
  • brick
  • plastic.

    Individual elements of the plastic border are connected to each other using special fasteners or metal pins.

    Many summer residents prefer paving stones to create a curb. In this case, you must first fill in a sufficient amount of sand in order to securely fix the paving stones, and also to ensure its elevation by 3-4 cm relative to the surface of the path.

    In the curb, small gaps are necessarily created at regular intervals. Thanks to them, the water will drain freely, preventing the appearance of huge puddles on the surface of the track.

    So, the paths of the economy option created at the dacha with their own hands will provide comfortable movement between the beds, will last a long time if you follow the step-by-step instructions and rely on the photo of each stage.

    Author: Vladimir

    A source:

    Wooden house

    However, what seems expensive today will turn into savings over time, and very significant. A log house is the cheapest and is a pleasure to live in.

    Wood is an environmentally friendly material that has a beneficial effect on human health, but, unfortunately, is short-lived. It is susceptible to absolutely all natural disasters, including such frequent ones as fire.

    In the event of a fire, the house can be saved only at its initial stage. As soon as the flame takes hold of the logs, no fire brigade can extinguish it. The burnt blockhouse will stand where it was placed, but it will be impossible to live among the firebrands.

    Even if a fire does not happen, over time the logs will start to rot, as soon as the decay process starts, it will be impossible to stop it without major repairs. However, if there is no fire, life in such a house will be very comfortable, at least for one or two generations.


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    Creative Mood. ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... twenty
    Feeling oh! interior softness is determined with visual effects:
    florid decor ornaments, rounded shapes oh! hanging ceilings,
    natural marbIe patlern. But at the same time the designer's
    atlention was drawn to the clearcut geometrical solutions.
    The result is a compilation oh! art deco modern embodiment,
    its vivid fancifulness, its artistry and creativity.

    This apartment combines an elegant interior design with
    English style elements and a convenient layout providing
    individual space for each family member. And there is also
    a huge living-room that allows gathering themall og inviting
    friends for a quality time by the large tabIe, bar-counter og
    home-theater with cozy soft sofas and chairs. This apartment sup even boast a professional music studio l!

    Discreet charm 01 monochrome. ... ... ... ... ... 38
    It looks the simplest way is to take ope base color range
    and stick to it. However this approach op leads to boring
    and barren result for the line between ap elegant simplicity
    and a cosmetic renovation is rather thin. This project's
    architect achieved stylish visuals and simultaneously
    uncovered the potential oh! the space.

    Form 01 lightness expression ... ... ... ... 46
    The apartment's main advantage is a deliberately accented
    beauty oh! the general zone's orep space. Its decor uses
    mostly light fresh hues. Airiness is expressed through a lot
    about! hanging constructions, hidden lighting and furniture's light
    color. The mood about! lightness is also determined by the photo
    wallpapers with a ripe dandelion's macro in the living-room.

    Black & Wh ite Classics. 54
    The 67 sq.m studio apartment interior's main idea was
    combining a classic style with graphic elements. The color
    scheme was picked in bIack-apd-whitе added with а range
    about! gray, beige and smoky bIue shades. Decorative wallpapers with inscriptions underline the graphics oh! the interior.
    The classic elements - elegant crystal chandeliers, a
    manually painted living-room ceiling rosette, cornices and
    moldings - convey a special charm to the interior.

    Art-Nouveau lightness. ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... 62
    The light beige (traditionally taken to the interior to create
    а warm and cozy atmosphere) is added up with а deep
    complex and ambiguous lilac and sub-toned gold.
    This expressive color combination allowed to have sop
    veyed the beginning oh! the last century's mood and
    the character oh! the artistic, refined decorative style.
    Elements about! Art Nouveau are delicately and accurately
    woven in the image.

    three-bedroom ope. The layout was to be redone so that
    each girl could have maximum oh! space, however keeping
    the living-room.

    Laconism in lu xury ... ... ... ... ... ... .112
    The apartment's owners - up elegant couple - wanted to
    have up interior that would mixmatch a respectabIe spirit
    about! classics epoch and modern life rhythm's rationality.

    Private territory. .. .114
    The client's main wish was providing a comfortabIe and
    beautiful territory for everyday privacy - a quiet harbor
    where serenity and peacefulness rule. Up architect created
    a 76.8 sq.m harmonious space for a family oh! three where
    needs oh! everyone are considered.

    Center 01 attraction. ... 116

    Moscow 94.8 sq.m apartment was created for а family о!
    three. At the early stages oh! the project the clients were
    very clear in their desires: a practical interior in a light classic style that would never come out oh! fashion.

    Lessismore. ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... .. 118
    Apartment's interior is done in minimalistic style. This style
    is strict and requires an impeccabIe sense o! limit never
    forgiving apu mistakes and hassle. Everything is done
    functionally, solidly and beautifully. The design implies a
    subtle game oh! nuances. AII the premises age unique but
    have the same style.

    Energy 01 lagoon. ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... 120
    This interior reflects the rhythm oh! the modern life. A modern style version was chosen to decorate the apartment functional and comfortabIe, with variety о! visual impressions.

    calm range. ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... 122

    sq .m apartment initially had bedroom and living
    room. The clients decided to sacrifice the living-room for
    two good bedrooms: ope for the owners and the other for
    their son.

    Purposelul coziness. ... 124
    This project was designed for a young successful couple.
    It bIends a luxurious art-deco and modern elements.
    The client's main wish was creating a small but purposeful

    Naturalness in modern interior. ... 126
    When deciding op the renovation the apartment owners
    wanted not only to reorganize and to improve the space but
    also to make it more natural. So the interior became rather
    simple and complex but without excessive theatrics.

    Breaking rules and schemes. ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... 70

    Game 01 contrasts. ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... 128

    Apartment interior's concept was pre-determined by the
    profession and personality о! its very creative owner,
    Mikhail Grabovskiy, a famous hockey player. The project's
    author acted not only as ap architect but also as ap artist,
    decorator and a sculptor. The result is ap astonishing
    implementation oh! the bravest and most unexpected
    designer solutions. Moreover the apartment design is
    surely reflects the owner's passion for sports and music.

    Oasis 01 serenity. ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... 130

    red dream. ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... 78

    Yulia Shilova, and popular criminal melodrama detectives
    writer, had long dreamt about! and glass penthouse. So she
    bought a two-Ievel apartment with the (oopor access op
    the 30th floor oh! and new condo. Here's where the author oh!
    80 novels lives and has a well-deserved rest.

    Venetian motives. ... ... ... ... ... ... 86
    Sergey Gubanov is a popular actor who played in lots o!
    prime-time series and bIockbuster movies. Don't setlles down
    in а Stalin era house located in ope o! the busiest areas ьу the Kievsky railway station and Evropeisky mall. The
    apartment's interior well reflects the actor's love for Italy.

    client picked a real wow-gift to his wife, and spacious
    121.8 sq.m apartment. Not wanted its interior to resembIe
    and traditional family nest least oh! all. Not also wanted it to
    De neutral and unrecognizable in terms of o! style and time
    about! creation.

    contemporary solution. ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... 106

    roomy flat oh! almost 280 sq.m was designed for a young
    modern family. Most oh! the furniture elements were customized and made-to-order.

    spacious apartment was conceived as the cozy family
    nest for family oh! three. The highlight about! the project is a
    mixmatch oh! various styles.

    The project was done for a couple with two children. Two
    apartments were merged into the vast space to create a
    modern classic interior.

    Relined elegance. ... ... 132

    spacious 203 sq.m apartment has by curvy walls and
    intricate corridors. The task designers had to face was to
    create roomy spaces divided into living-room, private area
    and a cabinet.

    For the loved sell. ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... 134
    The project's main issue and the owner's main wish were
    to turn a typical small apartment into a bright spacious yet
    purposeful and comfortabIe ope man habitation.

    Laconic but dignilied arreagapse. ... .. 136
    The apartment's design considered a family oh! three. The
    clients' wish was to see the interior in а key о! classics but
    without deliberate luxury showoff.

    Contemporary directions. ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... .. 138

    elite condo apartment's owner is a young ambitious
    man treasuring comfort with touches oh! grotesque originality. Not wanted his living-room to display but modern Aussian
    artist's picture conveying some rebel spirit oh! contempo (agu art to a common space.

    Furniture trends. ... ... ... ... ... ... .. 146
    The subject furniture summaries from the well-known
    designer companies.

    Tasty color range. ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... 108

    Spring spectacular. ... ... ... ... ... 154

    The apartment's individuality and attractiveness is ensured
    Yy the skillful use oh! decorative design's modern approaches and by the accurate choice about! color balance.

    Beautiful Houses columnists and famous furniture, accessories and bathroom equipment designers joined their
    creative minds to bring a spring tulip bouquet color
    scheme to up interior.

    Maxi mum possibilities. ... 110
    Having purchased a one-bedroom apartment for two student daughters, the clients decided to remodel it for a

    21 st century breaklast. ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... 164

    smaller appliances' new models.

    Hand-laid patterns give each façade
    uniqueness and originality, and performed

    semi-matt glass inserts with a pattern
    naturally in harmony with cherry veneer,

    to complete the ensemble and completing L) 'divine
    the designer's idea. Created from modern
    materials, the Kagmen kitchen has all the dignity

    a bright representative of the classic

    for facades with glass, a semi-matt is used
    glass with a pattern. In the classic kitchen of Kshmen
    additional elements are presented: decor

    solid posts, pedestals with a semicircular shape
    facade, decorative bases on the upper car
    bottom. When buying a Kapnen kitchen, you can
    take additional accessories for every taste.

    At the 18th international specialized
    exhibition of the kitchen industry
    Milan company

    manufacturers of luxury furniture in the world

    4 kitchen models: Marecucina, Alnostar Satina,
    Alnoart Woodglass and Alnostar Highline.
    The brightest star in the exposure from ALNO

    Magecucina kitchen, executed in the sea level.
    Creation of LLNO developers embodied in
    the latest innovations and design
    solutions. Firstly, it is unusual and perfect.
    chenno stunning Magecucina design, on

    passing the yacht. Creative1D approach faked revo
    lucive in kitchen design l for relaxation

    appropriate shapes, colors,
    materials, and elements such as sails

    (glazed surface equipped with LED
    single backlight, walnut framed
    wood) and mast. And, secondly, the unchanging vi

    'with the Mat'ecucina card it burned flawlessly
    new German quality. The perfect combination
    original design and quality performance

    a cozy room with a bright individual

    In the piggy bank of the French architect Jean-Michel
    Wilmotte many large-scale projects - memori
    al UN in South Korea, the interior of several of these
    zhey in the Orsay Museum, reconstruction of the factory "Red
    October ", In his projects he creates a comfortable

    habitat due to low impact
    to space,

    This year Jean-Michel Wilmotte asked for the first time
    indulged himself in the role of a designer, embodying a special

    style in interior items

    a manufacturer of luxury furniture and accessories,
    whose exclusive representative in Russia
    is the showroom Veganda Seven. In his works, av
    Thor used metal, wood, varnish and leather. Restrained
    naya color palette adds sophistication to the chairs,
    tables, couches, sofas and lamps.


    one of the world's largest fa

    High functionality and aesthetic appeal

    acceptance of Spanish ceramic tiles, made
    noah made of white clay,

    A novelty presented by a Spanish factory

    measurement of ceramic wall coverings.
    Three-dimensional surface destroys traditional

    A play of volume and depth, enhanced by bright radiance
    em polished surface
    living spectrum of fractional reflections and highlights.

    The collection is presented in the format

    in four aK'lUal shades: "Mother of Pearl"),

    nen dining table, as well as a chandelier in the table

    halogen lamps. Neat bar

    howl. Unusual lamp decorated with zavor

    ная стойка из искусственного камня выполня­

    живающими крупными спиралями. Их форма

    ет также функцию компактного стола для

    интересно обыграна в узоре напольной плит­

    Ю1 , которой выложена кухня. В оформлении

    Кружевной узор можно увидеть не только

    floor used two contrasting shades,

    in the design of the front zone, but also in the owner

    the furniture was selected according to the same principle.

    ny bedroom. The room is designed in nobility

    The upper cabinets are traditionally lighter in color,

    dark colors, and the wall behind the headboard is

    than the lower ones. Wall decoration just for the tone of the light

    the face is upholstered with panels: the very headboard of the roof

    more lacquered beige doors that give rise to

    an interesting play on the nuances of color. In quality

    wooden. Matched to the tone of the finish. and

    glass is also used.

    bedding set . In the design

    "Bed linen for the bedroom
    found by the owner herself

    the apartment that

    material p od tone text il

    panels "
    Beautiful apartments

    in the children's bathroom rate
    made for a combination of sho ko
    okay and to remova tones,

    glossy furniture panels.

    for wardrobes. It freed the basics
    new space and made the premises more

    The main bathroom is designed with

    black and gold, the walls are lined

    one factory, but for shaping the factory

    tiles and mosaics. The va nna area is highlighted

    Gardens selected different colors: lilac

    thanks to specially mounted not

    high podium. for bath trifles before

    covered with light, unobtrusive wallpaper

    small shelves are provided. All plumbing

    black color. In deep and bright from

    tenkah solved and two other bathrooms

    Since my daughter is engaged in this, in
    they decided to install a large mirror in the room.

    It is decorated in fine carved p

    Neighborhood decoration

    frail frame and looks one of the foundations

    children's bedrooms are consonant. In decoration and selection

    room decorations. Fascination inte

    furniture used in different colors, but, like

    glossy stretch ceilings give the edge

    in the main rooms, dark parquet was laid.

    and modern chandeliers. The apartment is equipped

    The common wall is shaped to allow

    ventilation system, it also has a

    construct deep niches where

    we have floor-standing air conditioners. "@

    Space FOR music
    The apartment, located in the center of Moscow, combines elegant interior design with ele
    English-style cops and a comfortable layout, where each family member has a personal
    space. At the same time, a large living room makes it possible for everyone to get together and at
    to invite friends, comfortably spending time at a round table, bar counter or in the zone

    cinema hall with cozy soft sofas and armchairs. The apartment even has a professional
    music studio. Artistic stucco, bedroom mural, exquisite English
    wallpapers and fabrics, French furniture give the interiors a special charm.

    Project author:
    designer Olga Glazunova (pictured),

    Interior Design Bureau
    Artistic work: unification
    artists "Art Impress"
    Lighting: "Dreamlight"
    Smart home systems, engineering
    systems: "NPF Pika"

    Curtains and home textiles:

    Furniture supplies: "Stealth"
    total area

    - 44.5 m 2.
    - Admonter (Austria),
    tiles - Marazzi (Italy). Armchairs - Gilles
    NOUAILHAC (France) rack - 5elva (Italy)

    2. The girl's room. Area -19.0 m 2. Wallpaper
    Osborne & Little (England), Farrow & Ball (England).
    Bed with side tables, table, chair, bookcase 5elva (Italy). Doors - Union (Italy)

    3. Boy's room. Area - 23.0 m 2 • Wallpaper ERFURT (Germany). Cabinet furniture
    Battistella (Italy), wardrobe - Lumi, sofa Innovation (Denmark). Doors - Union (Italy)

    4. Master bedroom. The area is 15.5 m 2. Wallpaper
    Farrow & Ball (England). Bed with side tables - 5elva

    - 21.0 m 2 • Wallpaper - 5ikkens (Germany).
    Cornices, art painting on canvas -,
    "Art Impress". Furniture - Giorgio Piotto (Italy)

    (Italy) cabinets and frames for guitar panels

    - 10.5 m 2. Porcelain stoneware Agostino (Italy) mosaic from Indian
    marble - Petra Antiqua tiles - Marazzi
    (Italy). Plumbing - "Credit Ceramics"
    Bathroom. Area

    unconditional initial advantages

    3custom1, family of four (two

    the apartments were HIGH from the floor

    their adults and two children), quite clearly

    to the ceiling and the layout of the rooms

    formulated wishes for the future

    on two sides, thanks to which the interiors

    lishu. On the functional zoning of the cvar

    full of air and light. Moreover, the initial

    shooting galleries and interior design are very

    layout with a long UZYu1m corridor And you

    drawn rooms, given by a monolithic

    the construction of the house turned out to be far from ideal

    em guitars. The hostess is interested in depicting

    · Real. But the load-bearing walls are absent inside

    whether, their function was performed by the columns, which gave

    study music and study foreign languages.

    opportunity for replanning1. Work on

    the family has a collection of paintings and a large

    the interior lasted a year and a half.

    This lifestyle has defined special requirements.

    for interior decoration. Customers

    wanted every family member to have

    private room with his corresponding software

    desires and intentions, atmosphere and style.

    At the same time, there was a need to create

    combining the functions of the living room, dining room,

    Also required solutions following

    summer cottages: design a small music

    new studio with soundproofing and place

    it has a professional musical background

    planning to provide space for open

    to build acoustic systems into the walls of the cinema

    stems and equip the hall with a hidden gallery

    equipment for the demonstration of paintings.
    All these wishes have been implemented in the project.
    us. The space of the apartment turned out to be fun
    rational and comfortable for everyday
    life, and the classic style of interiors is
    does not successfully solve modern problems.

    The kitchen-dining room was combined with the living room, and

    The opening between the corridor and the living room is widened.

    riveted so that it was possible to build into it
    high sliding door made of four

    klyanny canvases. In the living room provided
    niches for built-in display cabinets and up to

    added additional columns, structures
    scattering space. Corridor and separate

    the entrances to the rooms have been preserved. But to avoid
    monotony the corridor was divided into two zo

    us: a square hallway and a hall. In the bedrooms
    installed built-in wardrobes,
    changing the proportions of rooms from strongly

    elongated into more harmonious. Bathroom
    the room and the laundry room were combined.
    The area of ​​the owner's room was increased for
    bathroom bill. The room is divided into muses

    a cool studio, combined with an office, and

    Girls bedroom
    framed in the light
    ly x pastel x

    colors, but in design
    boy's room
    the focus is on
    bright open

    shape of premises
    let out
    pouring in the bottom for

    "The color scheme of the hostess's bedroom

    creates the image of a spring garden
    with shades of young foliage
    and just blossomed

    fresh lavender lilac "

    the bedroom itself. Zones are separated from each other
    friend with a partition, but left between them
    large opening, decorated interesting
    with details from

    The basis for the design of the hall and living room
    the design of the glazed doors is laid

    sic English grill, echoing
    with the proportions and design of the kitchen.

    Union, dressing room door and built-in facades

    have a single shade of elephant

    howling bones. It gives the space a purpose
    ness and visually increases it. Carpentry
    products (benches, shelves in niches, built-in
    wardrobes, sliding doors) manufactured

    to order according to the author's sketches. Decor them fi

    - patina and toni
    ration - was selected individually. 1sh
    niche coverings

    ... monochrome
    Text: Nadezhda Dvoskina
    Photo: Nikolay Karachev

    Project author:
    architect Alexander Kuznetsov (studio
    architecture and design mЗdеsigп)

    "The volume dictates
    total area

    own rules, but about the architect

    1. Living room. Area - 27.0 m '. Light fixture
    Sische (Germany). Background lighting - Osram
    (Germany). Sofa - "Kalinka 35". Magazine

    Tiles (USA). Kitchen

    the table is made to order by the "DRT Bolero" company

    - 11.7 m '.
    - Ideco (Belgium). Lamps Grossmann (Germany), Bruck (Germany).
    Air conditioners - Daikin (Japan)

    - B-LUX, model Regina,
    tabletop - B-LUX, model Taps (Spain).
    Paint - Novacolor, Celestia (Italy)
    Beautiful apartments

    - Kuppersbusch (Germany).
    Leds С4 (Spain)

    3. Hallway. The area is 3.9 m '. Sische floor lamp, model Bensch (Germany). Banquet
    brought from Morocco. Wardrobe cabinet
    machines manufactured by "DRT Bolero"

    6. Bathroom. Area - 5.0 m '. Tiles - Edilgres
    Sirio, Luxury collection (Italy). Plumbing Villeroy & Boch, Duravit (Germany). a door
    made to order by "DRT Bolero"

    It would seem that there is nothing easier than taking one color scheme as a basis and not going beyond
    set frames. Nevertheless, such an approach often comes at the expense of dull and
    boring result, because the line between elegant simplicity and redecoration
    very thin. In this project, the architect has achieved both an elegant visual series and races
    wings with the potential of space.

    feeling of free space

    Major changes have been made to space

    emerged as a result of the cardinal

    the state of the bathroom. Two small isolated

    noisy redevelopment. Before archi

    plumbing rooms were united between

    with itself and with a small corridor, part of the

    two-room apartment three-room. DL! I

    who was also taken to the kitchen area, thus forming

    they decided to push the walls of the central

    most niche for a large refrigerator.

    premises to later organize

    Partitions between the living room and the entrance zone

    comfortable living room. The difficulty was

    noah was removed, and as a separating element

    that two not

    cop erected a stepped partition. You

    real beams, to which and be. Since using
    porous stone in the area of ​​the slab is not finished
    well, the mosaic is covered with glass.

    the cabinet was made spacious and light:

    the desktop is installed by the window

    provides him with excellent illumination.
    Open shelves are made to order from wood
    va and sustained in a somewhat rough, on

    in a brutal spirit. There is a bedroom in the wall decor
    and the cabinet used wallpaper of different

    The bathroom is faced with two types of tiles,
    one of which with the image of gold
    leaves. Dark bottom and light top create
    feeling of lightness, and ornamental patterns

    make monochrome designs more interesting
    ny and rich. The elegance of the setting
    gives a glossy shock stretch ceiling
    okay shade. Calm gamma along with
    rather laconic furniture design

    allowed to withstand the design in an elegant

    no modern style. 1sh

    Text: Nadezhda Dvoskina
    Photo: Ekaterina Chupova


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